Baby Girl Christmas Dresses

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to dress your little baby girl for Christmas? With all the amazing materials, colors and shapes you have a great task ahead: choose the best baby girl Christmas dress.

This holiday will be the best because your baby girl Christmas dress will impress all the guests. Choose wisely the baby Christmas dress to make sure she looks adorable. Sparkly and with Santa and Rudolph motifs, your baby Christmas dress from our collection will be the best!

Browse our Christmas dresses for baby girl and if you cannot find what you’re looking for try the search menu with these words: Christmas dress baby girl. Happy shopping! 


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Lito Baby Girls Silver Black Sash Poly Silk Tulle Flower Girl Dress 6-24M


AVAILABILITY: In stock (6 items)



This dress by Lito comes with the right amount of whimsical and glamour for your baby girl. Featuring a sleeveless poly silk silver bodice and a wide detachable black sash waistband and flower adornment, it is a great flower girl...

Kids Dream Baby Girls Silver Sequin Illusion Tulle Flower Girl Dress 6-24M
Kids Dream


AVAILABILITY: In stock (2 items)


BRAND: Kids Dream

Sweet flower girl dress for little ones from Kids Dream. Stunning sequin bodice with double layered illusion tulle. Dress comes in silver with elegant mesh flower and sash in the back to tighten waist. Perfect holiday dress for infants. Little...

Baby Girls Silver Pleated Floral Jacquard Flower Girl Dress 6-24 Months
Sweet Kids


AVAILABILITY: In stock (99 items)


BRAND: Sweet Kids

Adorable Sweet Kids dress for a real princess look reflects happiness and a good mood. Elegant floral Jacquard with adorned waist comes in silver. Underskirt for added fulness. . ****PLEASE ALLOW AN ADDITIONAL 5 BUSINESS DAY PROCESSING TIME PRIOR TO...

Baby Girls Silver Glitter Tulle V-Neck Rhinestone Brooch Flower Girl Dress 6-24M
Tip Top Kids


AVAILABILITY: In stock (5 items)


BRAND: Tip Top Kids

This festive dress from Tip Top Kids will make your precious baby girl escape into the world of elegance and style. Glitter V Neck Tulle Dress with embellished waist. Lovely shimmering Glitter Dress. Waist is Accented with a Rhinestone Brooch....


Christmas is that special holiday everybody loves. From the smell of a Christmas tree to hot chocolate and listening to carols, each and everyone has something they can adore about Christmas.

Not only does Christmas promotes good spirit and affection, but it is also a holiday that is supposed to bring together the whole family. That is why, most of the time, the baby girls in your family will need an entire wardrobe for Christmas.

And what better way to ensure that they look amazing in those family photos than to be dressed to impress. At Sophia’s Style, we strive to bring in one place all those amazing dresses, accessories, shoes, and coats that will fulfill your event.

So, if you’re looking for those next, amazing Christmas dresses for baby girl, look no further. In this special category, we have a great selection of over 80 dresses that will impress both your guests and your little girl.

Let us tell you more about them and then you can decide for yourself if you’re buying one or more dresses.  For that next family gathering where you need to dress up and look your best, search for the Christmas-vibe dress that will make your baby look adorable. Red is always a good color for any baby girl Christmas dress you’ll want to buy. It’s no wonder that almost all of the Christmas clothes are in that color or something similar. Our dresses are no exception. But we love this trend because who doesn’t love a red little dress with cute embellishments and decorations that will be amazing in Christmas photos.

So, if you ever want to align yourself to the fashion tradition of wearing red on Christmas, here’s our selection of the most adorable Christmas dresses baby girl will own. Completly red, with prints and decorations that symbolize holiday spirit, in fine tulle or with more full fabrics like taffeta or brocard, the classic red dress is amazing. Gold coiled lace bodice, a matte satin pleated dress, or a ruffled floral appliqued skirt are just a few of the dresses you’ll find in our online store.

If you are the type of person that associates Christmas with silver or green, then you’re in luck. We have several dresses that will look delightful on your baby girl. Check out here what we present in green and silver.

If you have programmed a family photoshoot, vivid colors will look amazing on a nice décor. Keep that in mind when buying the clothes for yourself and the little girl. It doesn’t matter what size you need we have more than enough variety to fit all children. For the adorable, almost newborn girls that will need comfortable dresses above all, we have the category fit for baby girl Christmas dresses 3-6 months. If the little girl is already on her way to becoming a toddler, we also provide the category of baby girl Christmas dresses 6-9 months. At one year of life, the little one is surely on the way to walking independently, so the dress she wears for Christmas must not restrict her movement. Check here what our 12-month baby girl Christmas dresses look like. And for this toddler girl we have the most beautiful dresses fit for baby girls Christmas dresses 18 months and more.

Most of the dresses are made for staying indoors and celebrating Christmas around the tree, but if you feel like the little one needs something warmer then you should see our selection of long sleeve baby girl Christmas dresses. Browse the Christmas dresses category or write your query into our search bar for the exact results. It is so easy to be well dressed on holidays now with so many great options at your fingertip.  Christmas has a newfound great vibe when you’ve found the perfect dress for your little perfect girl. At Sophia’s Style, we are committed to presenting you with the best choice and the most amazing dresses of all.


How to dress baby for Christmas?

Christmas is one of the best holidays out there, joyous and sparkly with so much hope. Your baby should also be dressed in beautiful clothes that represent joy and happiness. And as tradition says, Christmas colors are red, green, blue, gold, silver, and white. In recent years babies' clothes have all those Christmas prints on them that make them stand out. A newborn will need a Christmas-themed onesie or romper, while a toddler will need something comfortable and cute. A girl might like a sparkly and tulle dress, while a boy will want a themed costume or red pants and shirt. Depending on the child’s age and preference, Sophia’s Style has an entire Christmas collection right HERE.

What shoes to get with a red Christmas dress for a girl?

Red is a pretty versatile color and a favorite one for Christmas especially. It’s no wonder many girls prefer to wear red dresses for this beautiful celebration. As for shoes and other accessories that go with a red dress we suggest you take a look at these colors: silver, gold, white, timeless black, and also contrasting green. You’ll find beautiful shoes with glitter, sparkle, or different types of rhinestones, beads, or organza flowers on our site. Check our selection HERE.

What is the Christmas color for 2021? (2022)

In 2021 Christmas was all about pastel and light colors. It’s no wonder that for 2022 Pantone has named the color of the year to be Very Peri – a different kind of Blue. So, we’re thinking this one could easily be also the color for this year’s Christmas. Waiting patiently for the end of the year to see.

What is the point of a shrug?

It can be worn during the summer when it’s not very cold, but you feel the need to put something over a dress. Little girls can wear it at church, or even at school.

How to dress up my toddler girl for Christmas church?

We all know toddlers need to move and walk, especially since most of them are already trying to take their first steps. So, going to church won’t be an exception to that. We’ll say she can either wear thick stockings, a cute dress with long sleeves in Christmas colors, or fuzzy boots made for winter. Choose a beautiful dress for your girl here.

Where to buy baby's first Christmas clothes?

You could choose to walk store to store and see what your baby might fit, or you could take the easy way and browse online. Sophia's Style has a great variety of clothes for many special occasions. It doesn’t matter if you have a newborn, a toddler, or an older child, we have clothes that will fit them all. Check out the category of clothes and accessories for Christmas here.