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Make your little boy look dapper with our exciting selection of boys formal wear from Sophia's Style. Whether you are looking for a tuxedo suit for his birthday or any other special occasion or you want a decent suit for his Christening, we have got it all. Explore a classic collection of jackets, pants, tuxedos, ties, or little boy's suits for Easter or any special event.

Complete your little guy's look with a 5pc trendy outfit with a hat, or get him a dose of sophisticated gentlemen's dressing with a smart and trendy tux. Shop today and avail great offers.

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Whether there’s a party, a formal event such as Christening or a Wedding, a prom or a family gathering, your boy must be prepared. Suits and shirts, ties and bowties, fancy shoes, and even fancier haircuts, are all part of this preparation. Sometimes even boys must undergo these rituals if they want to be presentable.
Perhaps one might ask what is the most suitable formal wear for boys when it comes to certain events. For young boys the clothes don’t vary too much from those grown men would wear on such an occasion. The traditional suit, shirt, or tie paired with comfortable fancy shoes are what goes at almost every formal event there is.
But sometimes things need to be spiced up and depending on the age of the boy the attire will be a little altered from the ones you are familiar with.
Looking back, in history, formal wear for toddler boys as well as little boys’ formal wear was made of a dress, just like the ones girls would wear. Only when they were 7 or 8 years of age they would receive pants. This transition had a name that would go along with it: breeching, from the generic name pants, had those days - breeches. The reasons behind dresses for boys were many, a few consisting of practicality – potty-training or changing diapers made easy and a few regarding the ideology that children were innocent and pre-sexual.
Good thing that at Sophia’s Style we are prepared with some advice about how to dress and a follow-up for how to shop.

Boys Suits

When we talk about formal wear boys our mind associates them with suits. For children, suits have something that makes them special. Perhaps it’s the way that boys tend to look more mature and just like a little grown man, or it’s the way they learn about style when the first suit is bought for them.
Either way, boys' formal wear inspires little men to dress better and have a great style.
There were many traditions back in the day regarding children's clothes and once the boys reached the point where they needed to wear pants, there were several rules that applied no matter what. One of them stated that the boy would not take off his jacket in public and suits were the norm. The little boys had little to no say in what they would wear, as opposed to nowadays when a boy would wear a suit only on special events.
So let’s talk about that special event that warrants a suit. One of them might be a formal family reunion or a dance and even a wedding for little boys.
Good suits are hard to find and seeing as boys will not want to wear them gladly, comfortable suits are almost non-existent. However, at Sophia’s Style, we managed to gather a collection of formal boys’ wear that is both comfy and looks good.
Depending on the event and the theme you can find here an interesting pallet of colors for your boys’ suits: white, black, grey, and blue. Many of them are a 3-piece suit, with dress pants, coat, and vests, or even a 5-piece suit with shirt and tie.
The good thing about this is that you get to take them all from the same place and the whole ensemble is put together regarding a certain theme and with great fashion sense. Now, whatever the event might be, take a look at what we prepared for you in terms of SUITS.

Boys tuxedos

Extra special events ask for a more different kind of attire. Here comes the more interesting formal wear known as a tuxedo.
The history behind the tuxedo is not that complicated. This kind of formal wear was meant to replace the suit men wore all day as they would join the family at dinners and parties.
These days, tuxedos are pieces of formal wear that men and boys will draw from their closets at social events. The etiquette, however, states that a tuxedo mustn’t be worn in the daytime or by youngsters. As a rule, any boy under the age of 15 is not required to wear a tuxedo even when the event is a formal one.
But, as we know, times have changed, and along with them, the etiquette has bent. So we often see little boys wearing a tuxedo at a wedding or a ball when allowed to attend. For those occasions, we have the most amazing tuxedos that your little boy can wear. Black with tail, with a bowtie, or white in a more classic cut with a tie, they will look fantastic on both a teen and a little boy. So, if you ever need a special suit and don’t know what the proper clothes are for teen boys' formal wear, then look no further. Tuxedos are what you need.
See here what our selection of TUXEDOS is.

Boys Christening Suits

Even though little ones don’t require a suit, there are still plenty of occasions that will need for you to start looking for a newborn boys’ formal wear or even for a toddler formal wear boys’ clothes.
One of those occasions is Christening. That special religious moment when your child is being baptized. These suits are often white or ivory, and depending on the age of the child they can even be a traditional Christening dress.
Toddlers and little boys will want to wear a white suit, while with an infant you might stick to tradition and put him in a gown.
In any case, there are plenty of models to choose from on our website.
See HERE what we selected for you and if you can’t find something you like, then use the search bar and just type “babies formal wear boys” for more results.

Boys Accessories

Now that we’ve sorted the issue related to boys’ formal wear, there’s also the one regarding boys’ accessories. Besides having a piece of formal attire in their wardrobe, even the youngest need to have something else: a tie or a bowtie.
We have HERE a great selection of ties for those suits that came without one.
You’ll also find sets of ties and handkerchiefs attached to a smart-looking shirt.
For those who prefer a suit with a vest, there’s also that kind of accessory on this particular page on Sophia’s Style. No matter what the event might be, we have them all reunited in one place, to make things easier for you.
And if this wasn’t enough, when the event calls for a special kind of accessory, we provide ring bearer pillows. This is not an accessory for formal wear, but an event. Still, the young man attending needs to prove his dedication to the importance of the event and come prepared. See here our collection of ring pillows.
Now you know where to find all that matters in formal wear for your little boy, regardless of the event, at Sophia’s Style!


What do boys wear for formal?

Today formal attire means a tuxedo with a bow tie. Traditionally accessorized with a black or white bow tie, tuxedos are popularly worn with matching coloured bow ties and cummerbunds.

What should a 15 year old boy wear to a wedding?

When attending a wedding young men should wear something traditional and be conscious of not underdressing. Boys should wear a suit and exclude any type of denim. Be certain to dress with an appropriate wedding tie.

What guys should wear to homecoming?

High school homecoming events are often formal in nature, wearing a tuxedo is one way to ensure that he will compliment your date's gown. Dress Shirt and Tie. For a semi-formal homecoming dance, wearing a dress shirt and tie allows a teenage guy to look appropriate while exhibiting his sense of style.

How do you measure a boy for a suit?

How to measure your boys for a suit - 1. Measuring chest - measure around the chest and arms with arms by their side. 2. Measuring sleeve - measure from top of shoulder (outer edge) to wrist. 3. Measuring out seam - measure from waist to floor. 4. Measuring shoulder - measure from shoulder seam to shoulder seam straight across back.

What is classed as formal wear?

Formal attire is clothing that is appropriate for extremely formal events, such as weddings, dances, and other special occasions. This type of attire can generally be broken into two categories: white tie and black tie.