Christening is one of the most important events in your child's life and yours as well. Along with all the rituals, getting your child dressed up in his/her best Christening outfit and dress is just bliss. Sophia's Style brings you ideal and well-designed dresses and outfits that your child will treasure for years to come. Shop for a variety of dresses, bonnets, bibs, tuxedos, rompers, and pant sets, sweaters, or blankets. We also carry Christening gifting sets - all these and more at discounted rates.
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Many of you probably don’t know that Christening and Baptism are not the same. Let us explain more, before moving onto the clothes one will wear during such a ceremony. Christening is a rite performed mostly in the Catholic and Anglican churches. With this ceremony, the infant, or the child, is given a new name, his Christian name. A godparent is present and they will be the spiritual guides of the child throughout his life. Christening is one of the most important events in the life of a Christian child.

Christening is more than baptism, it involves reciting certain words, giving the baby a name, sprinkling holy water on the baby’s head, and therefore welcoming the new human into the Christian faith. This ceremony involving the child, the parents, and the godparents is the promise of leading a life where faith is involved. The god parents’ role is to guide and answer the questions the child will have about religion and faith.

Christening is more than a simple ceremony, it’s the acceptance of faith with whatever it entails. That is why christening dresses for both girls and boys are white and have a special meaning. Once the child receives the baptism, he or she is a Christian, pure and innocent, his clothing must also reflect that.

Short history of Christening clothing

In medieval times babies would not be wearing made dresses at baptism, but they were swaddled in white fabrics adorned with lace or ruffles or simple. This was a practice kept until somewhere in the 18th century when the fabric transformed into a dress.

Then, things changed a bit, once the 20th century arrived and the distinction between boys and girls were made. The clothes were more elaborate. The christening gown would have more frills and embellishments and at the end of the century boys and girls would wear clothes that revealed their gender.

Whether it’s a baby girl christening dress, a toddler christening dress, or a suit for an older baby boy, most of the time they are white or ivory. It is well known that this color symbolizes purity. We all know that some of the positive meanings this color convey are freshness and simplicity and it often represents a new beginning. It’s no wonder that christening dresses for infants are white.

At Sophia’s Style we know symbolistic plays a great part in such an important religious event, therefore we have gathered a collection of christening clothes that you can choose from.

Christening clothes for boys

Back in the day, when suits were something that only adult men would wear, infants and toddlers used to be baptized in a gown much like the dress a girl would wear. Sometimes that gown would be a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. It’s not uncommon to want to make your own christening gown patterns from wedding dress, especially if that wedding dress was also in your family for a long time.

Nowadays, just infants and maybe toddler boys would wear such a christening gown. We have them paired with a special hat and also accessories like shoes, bibs, and socks. Most of the older boys getting baptized would like to wear something different. For them, we selected a collection of great-looking white suits and rompers that are comfortable and traditional looking. Preschoolers can also wear white trousers and shirts accessorized with suspenders, bows, and ties. The effect will be stunning.

Like at so many formal occasions, here too, the boys will need to be dressed to impress even if they are only guests. Therefore, most of our suits come in many colors besides white and they will look amazing on your little one. We have 5-piece tuxedos special christening suits and embroidered rompers for the little ones. The cut and the fabric of these clothes are the best quality because we want your little one to feel as comfortable as possible.

See here what our selection is and prepare to choose from several models whatever you like best.

Christening clothes for girls

When it comes to christening dresses for baby girls things are almost the same as for the boys. There are traditional-looking gowns, long and white, with adorable adornments. Silver embroidery on a white dress, with a special hat and a bib, will complete the christening outfit. Many of the baby christening dresses have a tulle cape and come with a delicate headband or a bonnet. See here what we selected for this age category.

Whenever you need to choose a dress for christening for an older girl, keep in mind they will need to be involved in the picking process. Present her with the options or, better yet, choose yourself first then narrow it down to just a few dresses. That way she will not feel overwhelmed. Here are our options of christening dresses for girls of all ages.

What we love about them is the delicate fabric and how they will transform the whole experience. Beautifully crafted, these dresses will make the day amazing and your little daughter feel at peace. The fabric is of great quality so, if kept in proper conditions, our dresses could be passed down to the next generation.

Older girls will need hair accessories as well as capes or outerwear, depending on the weather. Stockings and shoes will need to fit with the dress. A tulle dress with sleeves will benefit from a pair of ballerina shoes or Mary Janes, while a satin or taffeta dress will need some adorned shoes to make a statement.

Along with a beautiful white christening dress goes any accessory you can think of, so just browse through the categories on our website and see what you like.

Christening clothes for guests

Emotions are running wild on this day for the family and godparents, but they need to set their jitters aside and prepare as well. So, after buying the boys' or girls’ christening dress, after you make sure he or she has everything they need for this special day, don’t forget to take care of your attire too.

What do mother and father wear at a christening? What about the rest of the guests? Things are simple when it comes to dressing as a guest. The only rule you need to abide by is to keep it simple and demure. A knee-length dress with a modest neckline will do just fine at a christening. Another option can be a cocktail dress meant for a formal event, a suit with a skirt or pants, and even a flowy dress just like the one the baptized baby is wearing.

Men in the family would usually wear a suit or, if it’s summer and very hot, a shirt with pants.