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Let a quality purse or handbag compliment your look. Sophia's style brings you a stylish collection of handbags and purses that go with any style and outfit you choose to wear.

Our collection includes handbags, Rosetti purses, prom purses, fancy girls purses, clutches, hobo purses, and diaper purses for moms available in several varieties for teenagers and moms. From elegant yet simple purses to embellished variants and more, our collection pretty much has everything that an ideal purse should have.

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Girls Blue Yellow Banana Print Shoulder Strap Roomy Bag (19 X 6 X 14")
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A nice roomy shoulder bag for women and girls, great accessory for your casual outfits. Easy to carry, this bag features rope shoulder straps. Blue color with yellow banana print and tan bottom. Perfect to carry your precious stuff, this...


Purses and handbags are accessories old as time and with so much utility that we need to have a special category for them.

Not only they are indispensable for stylish women, but men wear them too, and now, children.

Cute little purses for little girls trying to look just like their mother, practical handbags for girls that go to school, and great cross-body purses for girls that go to an event are all part of today’s outfit.

With fluffy adornments, glitter, or sequins the fancy purses will make some girls happy. While the dancer's bags are meant to carry a ballerina’s equipment, the handbags are both lavish and useful.

We have all those types of bags for little girls and older girls.

But what are the differences between all these forms of accessories?

And how did they manage to become so popular?

What is their history and what are the latest trends?

Find out now, at Sophia’s Style.

A brief history of handbags

As it turns out, handbags are known to humankind ever since the Ancient Egyptians, perhaps even longer.

The remains of something that could be a bag were discovered in Germany. Dating back to 4200 years ago, all that was left of it was a piece of cloth with dog teeth adoring it. The archeologists are not sure if this was indeed a purse or some other accessory. Fast forward a few thousand years and a real handbag with gold and silver embellishments was found in Mosul, Iraq. This one was thought to be made around 1300 A.D.

Humankind used to wear purses and handbags as ways of carrying things from one place to another. So it’s no surprise that these accessories have been around for this long. What is a surprise, is that bags were a men's accessory, not something attributed to women. The main reason for that is that men were the ones carrying things into the bags.

But times changed and while fashion changed so did their habits. Since men's suits started to have pockets they gave up wearing handbags.

Purses were part of women's emancipation. Having a way to carry money and personal items with them meant the women didn’t need to rely on their husbands.

During the evolution of public transportation in the 19th-century bags changed their purpose. From cute purses in which ladies carried their fans, to the luggage meant to travel with, bags became a sought-after accessory. It was the time that Louis Vuitton began his ascension as a designer of bags among others.

Working women used to wear handbags and suitcases, and after WWII bags became larger and more practical.

These were the times in which different fabrics would become popular. PVC and even straws were used to make bags and designers added different attributes like zippers, pockets, and many other features.

The modern era began for bags of all types, sizes, and forms.

Little girls used to dress in pretty dresses just like their mothers or sisters and have with them the same type of bag as their role model. After a while, both little girls and older ones would wear cross-body bags to school.

Types of bags

There are many types of bags, from handbags to cross-body bags, clutches, purses, backpacks, fanny bags satchels, tote bags, and many more.

We’ll just talk about some of the most popular types of girls' purses.


We know how much little girls love their bags so we included in this category some pretty common types of bags.

Clutch bags are a certain type of bag that is a small, usually flat handbag without a handle or a strap. The little one can hold it in her hand and carry it with her at certain events. She can wear it by holding it like a newspaper, with two hands in front of her body or at the end. Usually, teenagers are very fond of this type of bag when they have to attend fancy events. Our clutches have pretty colors suitable for any style of dress you might choose. Adorned with rhinestones, and glitters, they come in different patterns. Modern clutches with a chain strap will look great even at the prom.

Messenger bags are functional and prettier than backpacks. The little one can carry plenty of things inside a messenger bag and still look fashionable. From books for school to different items for when she’s out with friends, this type of bag is great even when the little one is riding a bike. See in this section what we selected and choose the best little girls’ purses.


Similar in size and shape to a purse, the handbags are more spacious and can be carried in your hand.

Girls' handbags come in many shapes, but most of them are adapted to the little one’s height. In essence, you can say that a girl’s handbag is almost like a miniature handbag for adults.

With zippers and pockets for great access, our handbags for girls have cute prints and great prices.

See here what we selected for you.


As mentioned above, purses have more in common with handbags except for the way of carrying them. While handbags are being held by the handles, the purse will usually go on the shoulder.

We thought about what a young girl might need and came up with a cute collection of purses for girls.

Fluffy red purses with different appliques, holographic with kitty ears, or heart-shaped purses will delight your little one.

For when she’s invited to a wedding or part of a flower girl attire, we also have cute white purses. Satin stylish purses meant to be used as Communion purses will complete the whole First Communion apparel.

Dance bags

Whether she’ll choose a pretty clutch for her first special event, or she’ll need a luggage bag to keep her ballerina costume in, the dance bags are what make the whole experience wonderful.

Having an original and beautifully decorated dance bag will make your little one’s activities more pleasant.

 Check out our selection of dance bags for your girl.

Why should a girl wear a purse?

When they are little, all they want is to be like their mothers, sisters, or whoever they consider a role model. Therefore, if the mother has a purse or a handbag, the little one will want one too.

Preschoolers start to wear a handbag or a backpack to kindergarten and when they start going to school the backpack transforms into a messenger bag, a tote bag, and any kind of bag they like.

So, while having a purse or a bag can have a practical reason at first, girls tend to keep wearing them as part of their attire.

Make sure the bag she chooses is appropriate for her age. You might keep the long straps away from the little girls.

Make sure the fabric and the details are of the best quality.

And make sure, you follow the latest trends. Even little girls know that nowadays we don’t need to match the bag with the shoes.

Check out our entire collection of cute purses for little girls and choose wisely.


What are the differences between purses and handbags?
Both purses and handbags describe the same type of accessory: a bag in which a girl can carry her things. The main difference stands in the size of the bag, a handbag is bigger and has more room to carry whatever a girl might take with her, including her books and notebooks for school. A purse is smaller and can be a great accessory when the little one is attending an event or a special occasion such as a wedding, a baptism, or a party.
Another difference is the way she carries the bag; a handbag has one or two handlers while a purse has a shoulder strap.
For more differences, you can check out our selection of handbags for girls and purses for girls and see for yourself how they can be different.
What can you find in a girl’s purse?

Depending on the girl's age you can find things like a hair tie, chewing gum, napkins and hand sanitizer, lipstick or perfume, or a wallet.

What is the purpose of handbags?

Handbags were more than a fashion statement back in the day. They were a way of women asserting their independence when going out. In recent days, handbags are a means to an end. Little girls, can be about carrying certain types of attires when attending their activities such as ballet, dancing, or sports. For older girls, handbags can be about carrying their things to school and back, but also about fashion and accessorizing their outfits.

What are small handbags called?

Handbags suffered some changes during the years they’ve been around. Some of these changes are related to the transformations they underwent. The small handbag is one of these transformations. They are called micro or mini handbag and are much smaller than the original handbag with the same purpose: to help carry the essentials with you. Usually, these mini bags are the size of a hand and fit only a few things: lipstick, and some money.

How many purses does the average woman own?

If we skip the so many researchers out there we can say that an average woman might have a minimum of 4 purses or bags. A clutch or a purse for special events is one of them. A handbag or a tote bag can be another one since she also needs spacious bags with her during the day. A backpack is great for when she travels or goes hiking. And a mini handbag or a shoulder bag also is a great addition to her wardrobe. However, there’s nothing that can come between a woman and her love for purses.