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Find the most pretty and comfortable nightdress and nightgowns for your little fairy and little men. Your child must sleep in a relaxed and soft night suit, and Sophia's Style has just the right pick for you. Explore a range of pretty nightgowns, pajamas, sleepers, peignoir nightgowns, 2-pc pajama sets, or belted robes. We carry both sleeveless and long sleeves night dresses. Shop now and avail of huge discounts.
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Snoozing in the right clothes can improve your life tremendously, and for babies, toddlers, and busy-bee kids, having the right sleepwear is the best way to put them to sleep.

Many people spend more time shopping for other pieces of clothing and pay no attention to their girl’s sleepwear. Going to bed can be done in any outfit, but if you want comfortable and relaxing sleepwear for girls, this is the time to shop at

So what girls' sleepwear does Sophia’s style offer?

Sleepwear for girls can be worn for a special occasion, and at Sophia’s Style, we have something for that season. 

Does your little girl have a sleepover birthday party to attend? Wow, we love parties, and this beautiful birthday sleepwear for girls is just the perfect piece for fun and sleep.

Easter is another special occasion many families enjoy together. When the events of the day continue until late in the evening, it is only fair to sleep in a comfortable sleepwear. Well, if your little girl isn’t too tired to partake in the holy ceremony, she will need a baby girl's sleepwear for comfort and freedom.

What do you wear on Halloween night to bed? We have an answer for you and if you need sleepwear for girls, check out our collection. Our selection includes dresses, nightgowns, and pajamas in your kid’s favorite cartoon characters and in various colors. 

Whether they choose to be Moana, Elsa, Anna, or Mickey Mouse, there is something for you girls.

Need girl’s sleepwear for a special event? Choose from our Disney character 2-piece pajama set for a comfortable night's rest. You can choose from two categories – free sewn to allow airflow and proper ventilation or pajamas with bands at the wrists and ankles.

What are your favorite Christmas colors? If you said red and green, you are absolutely right. With that said, we have cute pajamas for bedtime during the Christmas holidays

We also understand that the Christmas season is cold, so check out our sleepsuits girl’s sleepwear to keep you cozy and warm despite the weather.

Girl’s sleepwear on Sophia’s Style

Nightgowns are the most comfortable, breathable, and cozy sleepwear for all weather and seasons. It does not matter; our nightgowns come in cotton, fleece, and soft lace that slide softly on their skin without any irritation. 

You will find them with ruffle hem, long sleeve, short sleeve, and short dress in Disney cartoon characters that your girls will love.

Do you want something unique in sleepwear for girls? Do you love the handsome Justin Bieber? This is your lucky day. We have a 2-piece pink and blue shorts and tank top for that princess of yours.

Are you trying to improve the sleep quality and overall health of your girls? Then browse through our pajama collection. Do you know that diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are signs and symptoms of poor quality sleep?

So what have pajamas got to go with it? Pajamas are 2-piece sleepwear that enables you to enjoy quality sleep. What you wear to bed matters a lot and will either make or mar your sleep routine. 

Our pajamas collection includes long-sleeve and short-sleeve cartoon character tops with pants, short jumpsuit pajamas, overalls, and three pieces with short, pants, and a top.

If you have a baby, a pajama is a good option for a comfortable night's rest. Try it and see an incredible difference.

Are you the type of mum that allows their baby to enjoy some me-time after bathing? Then a robe is necessary because it is cozy and soft and will keep the baby warm until you are ready to dress them up. 

Additionally, robes are an easier way to train kids to cover up themselves. They are better than towels and are easy to use too. So no matter the reason, robes are the perfect modern addition to every young girl’s wardrobe.

Want multipurpose sleepwear for girls? 

Check out our 3-piece Hello Kitty nightwear. It consists of regular pajamas and short for hot days and is available in soft pink; it will put a lasting smile on her face when asleep.

Bedtime is rest time. 

One way to get it right is with the right sleepwear for girls or boys. If you are trying to cut costs, go through the girls' sleepwear on sale for something your little princess would love.

Tips for choosing the right sleepwear for girls

Girls are not like boys. Even as babies, they like certain things. Choosing sleepwear for your little girl depends on a few factors, including flammability, comfort, fabric, and design.

If your girl is picky, visit our category page on sleepwear for girls and find just what they want.

Color and design

Girls love pink or outfits with pink, but we have gone all the way to stock up on sleepwear for girls in 11 different colors and designs. Many of our sleepwear for girls features well-known cartoon characters and Disney animation movies, including Moana, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, and more.

There is a plain nightgown for parents who want something simple; we have plain sleepwear in all colors and fabrics. There is no mention of sleepwear for girls without mentioning the brand.

Some brands on our websites are 1D, ABC brand name, Angry Birds, Disney, Disney Junior, Dreamwave, Dreamwork, Emoji, Hasbro, Hello Kitty, Jojo Siwa, Justin Bieber, Laura Dare, Nickelodeon, Peanuts, Pegasus, Secret Santa, Shopkins, and Unicorn.

We have chosen these brands because of their high quality, fabric texture, and price, which are the most significant factors when buying sleepwear.

Body type and size

Our sizes range from 2 to 24 months for babies and 3 months to 2 years to accommodate your little girl’s growing body. While our sleepwear for girls will fit any body type according to their age, we also have plus-size sleepwear for chubby girls. The sleepwear for girls must be loose, comfortable, and soft on the skin.

Want premium-quality sleepwear for girls without breaking the bank? Well, you are here, so scroll through our collection and find one suitable for that little princess.

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What is girls nightwear called?

The term 'girls nightwear' is also referred to as sleepwear or nightclothes which includes pyjamas, nighties, top and shorts, chemisoles, nightgowns etc.

What is the purpose of sleepwear?

The purpose of sleepwear is to improve sleep quality, while keeping the wearer comfort in mind

What is the most common sleepwear?

Pajamas, robes, camisoles, nightgowns, jump suits, and T-shirts are the most common sleepwear

What is the difference between sleepwear and pajamas?

Sleepwear are wearables designed for bedtime while pajamas are a type of sleepwear that comprises of a loose fitting shirt and a pair of pants. Sleepwear can be anything that you can sleep in comfortably such as pajamas, nightgown, camisoles, etc.

Is sleepwear and loungewear the same?

Loungewear are comfortable, attractive, and relaxing clothes that you can wear at home. However, sleepwear are intended more for bedtime.