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Crystal Rhinestone Royal Communion Flower Girls Tiara Headpiece



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VENDOR: Futuron

Your little girl will feel like royalty in this pretty tiara. This stunning tiara is features a drop cross and is adorned with quality rhinestones and an attached white veil . Attached hair comb for secure fit. Perfect for Holy...

Girls Silver Marquis Pageant Quinceanera Communion Crown Headpiece



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VENDOR: Futuron

Queen for the day in this gorgeous sparkling crown! This stunning silver crown is adorned with quality sparkling rhinestones. A gorgeous clustered center piece and marquis throughout. Perfect for pageants, Quinceanera, wedding flower girls, First Communion or any special day!

Rhinestone Wire Cross Drop Communion Flower Girl Tiara Headpiece



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VENDOR: Futuron

Elegant tradition radiates in this rhinestone cross tiara headpiece any girl is sure to adore. Perfect compliments of a drop rhinestone cross along with shiny wire design bring this piece over the top in the exquisite category. Beautiful headpiece is...

Girls White Rhinestone Satin Bow Special Occasion 24" Veil Tiara



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An awesome hair accessory from Lito will surely get her noticed at the special event. Silver tiara features glitter white solitaire rhinestone accent, satin bows at the back finished with an elegant veil for added style. Comb for a better...


If every girl dreams of being a princess one day, she also dreams about her princess attire. How the dress will look and what kind of shoes she’ll wear. For every single one of these dreams and wishes, there’s also an image that pops up. The sparkly shoes like the ones Cinderella wore are among those. The beautiful princess tulle dress with rhinestones and amazing colors is another one. And the very last thing that cannot miss from the entire outfit is the girls’ tiaras.

A crown will attest to the royalty of the one wearing it, as much as it will complete the image of a princess.

For as long as we remember, princesses and those who celebrated something would try to make themselves prettier by transforming themselves, even if just for a day.

Hair accessories were among those embellishments and they’ve gone through a bona fide metamorphosis throughout the centuries.

Let’s see what is the history of TIARAS, girls love it so much.

Head and hair adornments have always been a symbol of power, even from the oldest times.

The Egyptian pharaohs used to wear headbands with golden threads leading down to their shoulders, while ancient Greeks used to wear diadems. The Romans have upgraded these adornments and put stones in them.

So where does this word, tiara, comes from? Well, the Persian Kings used to wear this type of crown, with little spikes, later on being adopted by the Pope as headwear on ceremonial occasions.

Decorating the head with flowers symbolizes different things for the Greeks. It meant victory and happiness and the flower crowns were made out of laurel leaves.

Romans' brides would wear these beautiful tiaras as a way of showing their purity.

From Medieval times when head adornments were prohibited, to the Renascence period where decorations were in style, and forward to the Napoleon time when tiaras came back in fashion, tiaras were an element of taste and beauty.

Tiaras today

Tiaras had a more upscale origin throughout time until the beginning of the 20th century when society began to equalize.

The social classes were no longer so obvious and besides a few countries where royalty still held the power, the society started to be egalitarian.

Still, tiaras kept their unique charm.

When Art Nouveau started to impact the way people saw jewelry, the design of the headbands changed accordingly. In that period many pieces were inspired by nature and had a unique, modern style. They used to put rock crystals into the tiaras and fantasy run wild.

They meant the tiaras as an expression of the individual and less as a fashion statement.

Among those who created the most iconic tiaras were Coco Chanel, Gianni Versace, and Vivienne Westwood.

These days, tiaras are worn by women and little girls all over the world on the most unique occasions. From young brides wearing them at their weddings to little girls wearing them as part of one. From beautiful women attesting to that beauty in pageants to little ones wearing tiaras as part of their First Communion ceremony. These fabulous headpieces have the duty of making one feel like the most special person around.

Fun facts about tiaras

Having been the privilege of the royals, tiaras have interesting facts about them.

They are reserved for certain occasions and girls under 18 cannot wear them under any circumstances.

The tiaras are given for life, meaning that if the lady gets a tiara is hers and hers alone for life.

From so much movement the tiara can fall from one’s head, therefore, a little strand of hair is sewn on the base of the tiara so that it stays firmly attached to the lady’s head.

Most royals are often given their first tiara on their wedding day or when they become of age. *

Occasions for wearing tiaras

If you are not royalty and still want to wear a beautiful head adornment like a tiara, then there several occasions that allow you to do that. For a woman, these occasions are pretty limited, but if your little girl wants a tiara, then she has many opportunities to wear one.

First Communion

For a little girl, First Communion is a moment of pride and joy. The attire that follows needs to be in a certain way. The white dress, the appropriate shoes, and the veil will tell everyone that the little lady is ready for her introduction to the spiritual part of life.

The little girl can decide she will want to wear a tiara as part of her communion attire. Lucky for you, at Sophia’s Style, we have girls’ tiaras for communion that go amazingly well with the dresses she’s chosen.

With little crystals that shine and small veils attached to them, our tiaras are amazing. We also have special tiaras rhinestones with a veil that is perfect for this religious event.

Choose from many styles and sizes the most beautiful tiaras for girls on Sophia’s Style.


When the bride decides she wants her flower girl to also wear a tiara, you must comply. This is her big day and for the little girl, there’s nothing better than to be involved in the wedding ceremony herself.

So when it comes to girls’ wedding tiaras, we have more than enough pieces to satisfy every taste.

Shaped like a Cinderella tiara with sparkly stones and beautiful design, or looking just like a princess’ crown, our tiaras for little girls have what it takes to make her shine.

Some of them are so demure and delicate that even a junior bridesmaid could wear them and look amazing.

The tiaras hold the hair beautifully and, at the same time, give the entire outfit that royal shine.

See here what we prepared in our little girls’ tiaras for weddings.


Seeing as pageants are competitions that allow beauty to shine, the one accessory that does that needs to be present in the overall attire. Tiaras have played a major part in the whole ensemble of a pageant outfit. Along with the pageant tutu dress, crystal tiaras for girls are something every contestant needs to make sure they look perfect.

And not any tiara will do, beautifully crafted headpieces with pretty stones and great fashion style will work as a statement when the little one is on stage.

So, don’t look for cheap tiaras for little girls, look for the best tiaras you can find.

As it happens, we believe the best ones are at Sophia’s Style.

See here what we selected for you and judge us. We are fairly certain we can come on top.

So, whenever the situation arises, a tiara will make any outfit stand out. Let your little girl shine and give her the most amazing headpiece you can find.

Sophia’s Style offers you plenty of tiaras, silver-colored tiaras, gold-colored tiaras, sophisticated tiaras, and girls’ plastic tiaras. Something for every style or budget.

Reference: *, The Top Secret (And Unexpected) Royal Rules Of Wearing A Tiara


What is the difference between tiaras and crowns?

Crowns and tiaras bring visions of kings and queens. Head ornaments were worn by royalty to represent their authority and status. We often use the words tiara and crown interchangeably but there are very clear distinctions between the two. What makes a crown a crown and a tiara a tiara. The main differences are… A crown is circular whereas a tiara is semi-circular and only covers half the head. A tiara is typically worn by women whereas crowns can be worn by both men and women. A tiara is a type of crown, but a crown is not a type of tiara.

How do you make tiaras?

Making tiaras is a fun and fairly simple project. ... Reference and Draw Pattern. Search for pretty examples & pictures from the internet to use for drawing your pattern. Cut & Trace Pattern then cut it out. Heat Pieces Together. Shape Tiara. Cool melt glue with jewels and adornments. Even add colorful painting. Put It on and Look Awesome!

What's the purpose of a tiara?

What is the purpose of a tiara? Tiaras are worn around the head or on the forehead as a circlet on very formal or high social occasions. Tiaras are frequently used to “crown” the winners of beauty pageants.

What does a tiara symbolize?

In royalty, a tiara is a crown showing royalty without being seen as the actual king or queen. In fashion, the tiara is simply worn as a piece of jewelry by young girls. In debutant balls, tiaras are worn as eye-catching pieces that show who is the ‘center of attention’.

How do you make a little girl tiara?

Fun and fairly simple project. ... Reference and Draw Pattern. Search for pretty examples & pictures from the internet to use for drawing your pattern. Cut & Trace Pattern then cut it out. Heat Pieces Together. Shape Tiara. Cool melt glue with jewels and adornments. Even add colorful painting. Put It on and Look Awesome!