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Baby Girls White Floral Lace Tulle Tail Flower Girl Dress 0-24M

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Absolutely stunning dress from Tip Top Kids! The dress boasts a breathtaking floral lace bodice, adding an element of delicate charm and sophistication. The wired tulle skirt with a graceful tail creates a mesmerizing effect as she moves. It's the kind...

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Christening is a very special event that deserves its very own special outfit. Whether it’s for boys or girls, the outfit needs to be festive and match several rules.

Let’s see what those rules are, then we’ll talk you through our great selection of christening outfits for boys.

While Christening is a traditional religious event and some rules apply, in recent days, some of the rules have been bent a little.

The one rule everyone abides by is the color of the boys' christening outfits. Usually, the color is white, but variations are accepted. Another rule was that the boy would be baptized in a gown, however, in recent years the gown was replaced with suits, rompers, bodies, or a traditional outfit.

Depending on the type of christening the godparents and the parents will decide how to dress the baby. In some churches, baptism through immersion is still in place, while in other churches the priest will pour water on the child’s head.

If the church is practicing the immersion baptism, then we recommend you have a spare set of clothes on hand. Also, the clothes you bring need to be as comfortable as possible without extra buttons or zippers, or other elements that will hinder the whole undressing and dressing process.

Knowing these few rules it will be easier to choose a boys' christening outfits and we are prepared to offer you suggestions.

Christening Gown for boys

We start with the most traditional choice – the christening gowns for boys.

It’s a well-known tradition to dress both girls and boys in christening gowns since the 17th century. So, there shouldn’t be a surprise the fact that even nowadays there are churches and people where this tradition is followed.

The good part about wearing a christening gown is that it’s easier to change a diaper, to take it off during the ceremony, to put it back on and it looks amazing in the photographs. Another good part about it is that sometimes a christening gown can be a family heirloom, therefore having a sentimental value on top of it.

You can also create a tradition in your family by choosing to purchase your first christening gown for your little boy and passing it down to the next generation.

See here what is our selection of gowns.

Christening outfits for boys

Christening outfits are a very clever choice since they have all it takes is just one package.

A modern christening outfit for boys is made of a shirt, pants, vest, bowtie or necktie, sometimes a coat or a hat.

The standard color for a christening outfit is all white or ivory and some of them have different kinds of embellishments.  

According to the theme of the after-party, you can dress your little one in a fancy suit, a Charro suit, a romper suit, or an Eaton suit. There are many options when it comes to baby boy christening clothes. Our selection of boys' outfits will give you plenty to choose from.

Christening rompers

While outfits can be lifesavers when it comes to choosing your little one’s christening clothes, a romper can also be a pretty good choice. But what is a baby romper? Well, it’s that specific piece of clothing that fastens between the legs to allow the mother to change the diaper without undressing the baby completely. These are some of the most popular clothes for babies since they are made for comfort and easy access. They are also flexible and comfortable allowing the little one to crawl freely.

Knowing this about rompers, you can understand why they could be a winner in an event like a christening. At Sophia’s Style, we have different styles of baby boys' christening rompers.

From the simple ones that include a bib, to the most sophisticated ones with detailed embroidery.

We also have traditional white rompers and ivory rompers, with or without capes and other accessories. All you need to do is decide which one suits your baby best. See here our entire collection.

Christening Suits

In modern times parents choose to put their baby in a suit for christening. And that is a great option. This type of clothing is great If the christening is performed at an older age and the whole ceremony doesn’t involve the baptism through immersion.

The suit’s color will also be the traditional white or ivory and it could often have special embroidery on the jacket. Our suits come with shirts and bowties or neckties, and some of them even have a vest. A 3-piece suit is no different than a 5-piece suit, therefore it’s just a matter of preference. If you are set on choosing a suit for your little one’s christening, take a look at our selection.

How to choose a style?

While every child is unique and every ceremony has its emotional charge, we can also state that some things are the same. Choosing a style for your boy needs to take into consideration several factors:

The weather

Of course, the season should not be the main criteria for how your baby will dress at his christening, especially nowadays when all the churches have heating. But as a general rule, it will be somehow inappropriate to dress a baby in a short sleeve romper when outside is snowing.

That is why we consider the season to be one of the factors involved in the decision-making process. For a spring or fall ceremony, we would check the thermometer and the weather channel, then decide if it’s ok to dress a baby in a romper suit or an outfit with shorts.

For a winter christening, the best option would be a suit or an outfit with long sleeves and trousers. A summer christening will do with a gown or a fancy bodysuit.

The age

It’s not the same to dress a newborn or a 2-year-old. And many parents will confirm it.

Therefore, the age of the child is important when choosing the christening outfit.

For newborns and boys up to 3 months, we highly recommend gowns or rompers since they are easy to take off. For toddlers and older boys, suits and several types of outfits will also fit great into the ceremony.

Just make sure you have a change of clothes for after the ceremony especially if the little one started walking or crawling.

The kind of ceremony

As we said before, some churches use the immersion method for the christening while others will just sprinkle water onto the child’s head and that’s that.

Make sure you know how it’s done in your church so that you can choose the clothes wisely.

A romper or a gown will be easily removed and put back on the baby if there’s immersion involved.

While a suit will take some time to be taken off the child. And we all know children tend to not sit still for long periods.

What accessories do you need?

We’ve talked about the clothes, but don’t forget there’s also the need for accessories.

What will those be?

Besides shoes, socks, and a fashionable hat there are several items you will need to take with you as part of your little boy’s ceremony bag. It doesn’t matter if the baptism is done through immersion or just with a dash of holy water, you’ll need a blanket to cover him with at the end. Newborns and babies tend to lose body heat fast, therefore you need to cover them after being in the water. Besides the blanket don’t forget to take with you a soft towel.

Another important accessory is a bib. The child will need it, especially if he’s teething and you don’t want him drooling all over his fancy ceremony outfit. Also, pack a teething toy he can chew during the event so he’ll stay busy and happy while the ceremony takes place.

Do a little research for all those important things mentioned before, buy the right outfit, but ultimately don’t forget to enjoy this special day that will be cherished by all your loved ones.

Sophia’s Style is here to help you with beautiful baby christening outfits, boys will love to present to their children once they’ll grow up. Make this outfit part of your own family tradition for generations to come.


What should I wear to my son's christening?

You can choose a skirt or a suit, christening gown and top, or even better, choose a dress with nursing access. At a christening, wearing white is even more prevalent for mothers and godmothers

Why do babies wear white for baptism?

Babies represent innocense and purity just as white is a symbol of purity. Baptism clothing has traditionally been white to honor the Holy Spirit and God.

Is there a difference between baptism and christening?

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, Baptism is one of seven sacraments, whereas christening is the naming ceremony

What Dad wears to baptism?

The father should wear a nice dark suit or tuxedo, dress pants with a dress shirt and tie to look his best. The dad should also wear formal shoes without anything too casual

At what age do Catholic babies get baptized?

There is no age limit when a baby needs to be baptized, although some believe that up to eight years of age might be the appropriate time, while some also believe they should be baptized within the first few weeks of their lives.