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Summer is here and unfortunately, it's not going to last forever. Take advantage of the great weather and go to the beach with your loved ones. Making sand castles, swimming or playing sports on the beach - they're all are pretty nice activities for kids, regardless of their age.

But feeling comfortable in the summer heat can be a challenge. Find out how to choose the best swimwear for kids and help your little ones have an amazing time on the beach or at the pool.

How to Choose Swimwear for Your Kids

Comfortable swimwear isn't optional, it's essential if you want to have a great time with your kid at the beach. There are big differences between the needs of a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old. A tankini is a perfect choice for a younger girl, but what should you buy for your tween girl?

Find out what are the differences between swimsuits and make the best choice for your little one, depending on your kid's age.

Swimwear for Babies and Infants (3M-24M)

Many parents wonder what their newborns or infants should wear in the summer, especially when going to make sand castles on the beach or to play by the pool. It is pretty popular to leave a young kid to wander around naked, but this it's not a healthy option.

Sunburns are extremely unpleasant and you should avoid exposing your baby to this risk by any means. Always use baby-friendly sunscreen or lotions and don't leave the little one stay too much in the sun without a hat. If you're interested to find out more on this topic, this post from Parents it's a great source.

The bathing suit is also mandatory and luckily, you have many options to choose from. A tankini is the best choice for a baby girl. It protects from sunburns and it is very easy to wear as well. For boys, a pair of shorts and a swim diaper is a practical choice.

Check our special sections with swimwear for newborn girls and swimwear for newborn boys.

Swimwear for baby girls

See more details about our baby tankinis: Candy Dots Tankini, Maui Muse Tankini, Paradise Cove Tankini, Sky Blue Piper Tankini.

Swimwear for baby boys

See more details about boys' shorts: American Flag Mickey Mouse Swim Shorts, Multi Color Pixar Swimwear Shorts, Ninja Turtles Swimwear Shorts.

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Swimwear for toddlers (2-6 y.o)

Toddlers are well-known for their neverending energy. They like to run, swim and play with you and other kids no matter how hot it is outside. It's your duty to make them feel relaxed and protected while hanging on the beach so choosing the right swimsuit is important.

For girls between 2-6, a one piece swimsuit is a great option. After 6 years old, you should consider a two piece suit. If you have a boy, you're pretty lucky because you don't have to worry too much. A pair of comfortable shorts is a universal choice.

Swimwear for Girls

One Piece Swimsuit

See more details about our toddler swimwear: Seahorse Shell Wings Toddler Swimsuit, Pink Daisy Wings Toddler Swimsuit.

See more details about our toddler swimwear: Little Coral Swimsuit Toddler, Color Sunglasses Swimsuit Toddler, Color Daisies Swimsuit Toddler, Maui Muse Swimsuit Toddler.

Two Pieces Swimsuit

See more details about our toddler swimwear: Teal Sun Sand Tankini, Green Paradise Tankini, Aqua Sapphire Sunset Tankini, Green & Pink Fish Tankini.

 Swimwear for Boys

See more details about our toddler swimwear: Captain America Swimwear Shorts, Batman Swimwear Shorts, Minions Swimwear Shorts, Blue Fish Swimwear Trunks.

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Swimwear for Big Kids (7-16 y.o)

Girls become pickier when it comes to their clothes at this age and will want a bathing suit that fits their personality.

Girls between 7-16 years old will prefer two piece swimsuits. A tankini is no longer their first option, and a one-piece swimsuit is now long forgotten. Still, some tankinis may be comfortable to wear so you shouldn't rule this option out without Google-ing for some models first.
The bigger the kids, the higher the wish to dress in a fashionable way.

Luckily, if you have boys, the swimsuit is pretty easy to figure out: a pair of comfortable shorts. Usually, boys aren't as picky as girls when it comes to clothes, so the shopping headaches can be avoided with great success.

Swimwear for Big Girls

Two Pieces Swimsuits

See more details about our big girls' swimwear: Aqua Sapphire Swimsuit Girls, Light Pink Wink Swimsuit Girls, Multi Color Fringe Swimsuit Girls, Pink Island Swimsuit Girls.


See more details about our big girls' tankinis: Aqua Laser Cut Tankini, Black Rockets Tankini, Coral Ruffle Tankini, Multi-Color Sunglasses Tankini.

Swimwear for Big Boys

See more details about our big boys' shorts: Batman Swimwear Shorts, Minions Swimwear Shorts.

UV Protective Swimsuits

UV Protective items are a great way to add some extra protection during the summer heat. These items absorb more UV radiation because of the fabric they're made of, giving your child the liberty to play in the summer sun. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon is a great material for UV protection. Find out more about the sun protective clothing from this great resource.

Swimsuits for Girls

See more details about our UV Protective swimsuits: Multi Color Fringe UV Protection Swimsuit, White Pink Pineapple UV Protection Swimsuit, Blue Tongan UV Protection Tankini, Pink Fringed Detail UV Protection Swimsuit.

Swim Shorts for Boys

See more details about our UV Protective shorts: Lime Green UV Protection Swim Shorts, Mini Shark UV Protection Swim Shorts, Green Turtle UV Protection Swim Shorts, Red Dinosaur UV Protection Swim Shorts.

Beach Must-Haves

Besides choosing the right swimsuit, your little one's gonna need some other things as well. Towels, bathrobes, and cover-ups are just a few of the items you should check on your list before heading to the beach.


Cap Bath Towel


See more details about our bathrobes: Red Ladybug Cap Bathrobe, Pink Bear Cap Bathrobe, Blue Dog Cap Bathrobe, Tan Brown Lion Cap Bathrobe.

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How to choose swimwear for kids

Choosing a swimsuit can be a nightmare for any girl out there, no matter her age. Still, depending on your girl's age, there are a few rules you may take into consideration before going shopping.

Here are our tips & tricks for bathing suit picking:

Choose the right color

Pastels or bright colors are the most appropriate for children. Light green, purple, mint green or pink are some of the most popular colors for swimsuits.
    • For pale skin: cheerful colors as pink or orange and light blue.
    • For dark skin: bright colors as red and blue or light yellow.

Choose a cool pattern

    • Cartoon characters: fit for toddlers and girls under 10 years old;
    • Flowers: for girls at any age;
    • Solid pattern: preferred by big girls who don't want to look childish anymore.

Choose the right cut

    • 1 piece suit: best for girls under 7 years old; pleasant and easy to wear, this kind of suit will grant your little one the mobility to play, swim and run.
    • 2 piece suit: suitable for girls older than 7 years old who start to pay attention to fashion.
    • Tankini: suitable for any age, works best for plus size girls.

Closing thoughts

Enjoy the rest of your summer together with your little one. Choosing the right swimwear is important if you want to make the most of your time spend at the beach or by the pool. Discover the best swimsuits for your girl or boy and don't forget the sunscreen home!

Happy swimming, everybody!