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Oh, if every day was dance day, the world would be a better place. However, with a million and one choice in the market, choosing the perfect girl’s dance leotard to keep your posture upright, your lines straight, and your movements like a swan over white waters is challenging.

So the question is how do you begin?

If you are here for some dance leotards for girls, you are at the right store, and we have just what you want, in various colors, sizes, designs, and shapes for any gender too.

Our girls' dance leotards and ballet dance leotards for girls are specially designed with our young dancers in mind. You know the ones that move to every song, even to birds whistling in the trees.

Ah, but we love them.

Girl’s dance leotards might look simplistic, but it is an essential piece to a dancer’s dream. At, we have stocked our store with high-quality but affordable long-sleeve leotards for girls' dance classes but also have dance leotards for girls' short sleeves from trusted brands.

Designs and colors of dance leotards for girls on the page are from modern brands like Danshuz, DanzNmotion, Reflectionz, Sansha, Sinai Kids, VEVA by Very Vary, and Wenchoice.

So if your child likes dancing or is preparing for a dance exam, this is the best time to browse through our comfortable but modern designs that will help your girl look smart, sophisticated, and ready for her first dance class or dance exam.

Our Girl’s Dance Leotard size

We know every young girl love to move whether they are in sports, they love dancing. At Sophia’s Style, we do not discriminate against age groups and have dance leotards for girls of every age, including dancers from 3 months old to 24 months.

We hope you have checked with your child’s dance teacher for their guidelines on a leotard, as it would be disastrous to buy a cute dancing outfit you cannot wear.

Our dance leotards for girls range in size from 2 to 24, fitting dancers of any age. If you are taller, go for a long piece that is comfortable on your bust and hip areas. 

If your child is in puberty, choose a dance girl’s leotard with an in-built bra and add a tight too. If they are busty, a support bra should be just right and keep the boobs in place.

Choosing leotards for girls' dance class

Now that you know some features to look out for when choosing dance leotards for girls, let’s move on to other factors.

The Cut

Girls' dance leotards come in different styles like long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and ballet dance leotards for girls with a skirt, camisole, v-neck, round neck, multi-strap back, open back, and many more. The cut you choose is up to you, but remember to ensure it fits your child like a second skin.

Girls' dance leotards should not be too tight and have seams front and back to boost flexibility and accommodate their movements. This will give them more confidence on the dance floor. 

Choosing the Right Material and Design

Because dance leotards for girls sit close to your skin, we have chosen spandex, cotton, soft lace, and nylon Lycra, which is stretchy and allows you to move with you. 

These materials are skin-friendly, non-irritant, and will not dig into your skin. If your dance leotards do not move with you and keep getting stuck as you move, it is time to choose one that works.

If you sweat a lot, choose moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton and velvet, and stay away from metallic designs.

Detailing on the leotard

Do you need a dance leotard for girls for a special occasion? Leotards for girls' dance classes are usually simple, monochromatic, and lack embellishment. 

However, if you have a special dance class or exam, it is time to choose dance leotards for girls with ruffles, patterns, bling, sequences, and multicolor. If you are shy but like dancing, a dress leotard is best. It keeps you safe and covered, but also builds your confidence.

Since dance classes do not allow a student to wear jewelry and other accessories, you can have them on your leotard but keep it simple unless you are dancing a solo. 

Furthermore, you might want to shimmer down on the detailing if you are in a dancing competition as it can be distracting but who says you cannot shine.

Choosing a color

Most of the time, when you think of it girls' dance leotards, many mums would go for white dance leotards for girls because it makes them shine and stand out. Color is good, but there are other beautiful colors and even dual or tri-colored leotards for you to choose from.

For little girls, you can go for purple leotards for girls' dance practice or choose a multi-colored, rainbow pattern, animal prints and many more. If you are like most of us, pink leotards are the go-to color. It makes them so angelic and feminine. Also, it looks good on any skin tone or dancer.

As mentioned, there are several colors out there to make your little girl dancer pop like a star, from black soft lace and pattern or even a monochrome leotard with embellishment.

The choice is yours.

Leotards for girls or women are simple-designed dance outfits but are essential to a dancer. While the look is always the first choice when choosing dance leotards for girls, other factors complete the final look.

It is fundamental to consider the age, size (height and body structure of the dancer), and occasion. Additionally, comfort and ease are equally vital when choosing a girl’s dance leotard. However, you must never settle for less quality or wear one that is squeezing you. It is uncomfortable and will not allow you to move freely.

Want premium-quality dance leotards for girls without breaking the bank? Well, you are here, so scroll through our collection and find one suitable for that little dancer.

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What is a leotard for dance?

A leotard is a flexible, skin-tight single piece garment that covers your body from your shoulders to your legs, and designed to perform freely while dancing.

What is the purpose of leotards?

A leotard is suitable for wearing for different purposes such as dance, exercise, yoga, acrobats, figure skatings, swimming, and under clothing.

What is the difference between dance and gymnastics leotards?

Although dance and gymnastic leotards are much the same, their pattern, fabric, color and form differ quite a bit

Why do dancers wear leotards?

Leotards are primarily worn by dancers as they look beautiful, they provide free movement while dancing, allows smooth breathing, greater stability while performing difficult movements.

Can dance leotards be used for gymnastics?

Generally, you can use the same leotard for dancing and gymnastics, but based on the routine and your teacher's preference, it may vary on fabric, designs, and embellishments.