Getting the kids back to school requires more than just getting them back to school. There is a long list of planning involved. Some people think getting the kids through the door of the school is the hard part, it really isn’t, it is the easy part.

Planning and getting all they need ready for that walk through the door is the hardest part. In the planning process, getting the right backpack is yet another herculean task. Kids backpacks come in different styles, shades, and colors, and no matter how cool you think they look, if your kid does not agree, you do not get it.

For kids, the backpacks are usually some sort of competition. Sounds funny, right? Backpack, for kids, is like a part of them that they need to subtly make a statement with.

Your kid wants to walk into the classroom and have another kid admire their backpack. They want to run to you when they come back from school and say ‘Everyone loved my backpack, mom’. You are bound to break into a smile when they come with that news that while it is seemingly inconsequential, it makes them happy, and that is all that matters.

When getting backpacks for kids, you need to get cool backpacks for kids, because well, who does not want their kid looking cool? You should also remember that kids’ backpacks come differently.

Both genders like different things, so when getting backpacks this difference should be respected.
There are kids’ backpacks for girls and kids’ backpacks for boys come differently.

You should always make a conscious effort not to mix them, because girls and boys love different things. Nonetheless, the ultimate thing is figuring out your kid and what your kid would naturally like and buy your kids back to school backpack accordingly.

Your kid’s backpack has to check two sets of boxes, it has to check yours, and it has to check theirs. Both your choices matter because while they want one that is trendy and colorful, you want one that is affordable and of good quality.

If you get the one you like and they do not like it, you have a tantrum and a frowning child on the first day of school. If you get the one that ticks all their boxes and none of yours, well, you are in a dilemma, aren’t you? To avoid that, you need to get something you both agree with, and something that is the absolute best for your baby.

Before we go down to listing the best kids’ backpacks for school, let us first look at the things you should consider before getting kids’ school backpacks.

What to consider before getting the kids’ school backpacks

There are a few things you need to consider before paying for the kids’ school backpacks, here they are


Unless you like the idea of shopping for new backpacks sooner than you are supposed to, always go for quality backpacks. Kids are not exactly the most careful beings on the planet, so the talk of “take good care of your backpack” fits the water on a rock description with kids.

Another reason this is important is that, once the back to school season is over, you may never find a good backpack again. This is why your first backpack choice should be one that is of great quality.

While it is very easy to find backpacks of low quality among the cheap section, if you search well, you could find quality ones too.

Finally, kids are drawn to trendy colorful things, and the temptation to get them just to pacify your kid is strong, defeat it. Defeat that temptation for the sake of longevity and economic benefits.

If you fail to defeat that temptation, you will end up buying a few more backpacks before the school season is over. When you think of it, getting the one that was less trendy and more quality sounds like a pretty great idea.

When checking for quality, always opt for zips that are covered by flaps. This is because the weather has a strong effect on zips which are left in the open. Check inside and out of the bag for loose ends and stuck-out threads that seem like if you pull they’ll loosen. It seems like a lot of things to check when getting kids back to school backpacks, but if you want quality, find it.

See that it fits

The last thing you want is your kid walking around like the backpack is pulling them in different directions. Get the one that is the right size for their age. The width of your kid’s back should be the exact width of the backpack. The backpack should not be smaller or bigger than your kid’s size. It should always be the right fit.

See that it’s comfortable

Your kid will put that backpack on, twice a day, five days a week, see that it is comfortable. The backpack must not be higher than 15% of your child’s weight, even when it is loaded with the required contents. So you are certainly going for a very light backpack. Make sure that the straps are wide and come with padding so that they rest comfortably on the shoulders of your kid without causing them pain. You must also make sure that the straps are adjustable so that if there is any discomfort, you can adjust accordingly. Some backpacks come with chest or waist straps, make sure that these are seated comfortably on your child’s body as well. Again, this seems like a lot, but you need to know that your kid is comfortable. The easiest way to know this is to test the backpack before you pay for it.


It is said that quality does not come cheap, however, you do not need to break the bank for a backpack. There are cheap bags that are of great quality and great looks. No law says that everything good has to come expensive. You can get great stuff while you are saving money.

See what your child likes

In all of these things aforementioned, your child’s choice matters. When looking through all of these things, do not forget what your child would like. Remember we said at the beginning that you want your child to love your choice? Pick out the bags with the best quality which you have tested for comfortability in line with what you can afford. Make sure that they look like what you think they would naturally look, and then have your kid pick out the one they really like among them.

Now that we have made it easy for you to pick a backpack, let us show you 9 of the best back to school backpacks for kids. This list contains backpacks for kids of different ages, or better yet, school levels. The bags for preschoolers cannot work for kids in grade school and vice versa.

Best back to school backpacks for kids.

1. LL. Bean Discovery Backpack

This backpack is a favorite for people who are going for quality. It is strong, durable, and water-resistant It can take any amount of load, although that should not matter as kids are not taking that much load to school anyway.

However, that shows you that it is not a backpack that would go bad real soon. LL. Bean backpack is so strong that unless intentional damages are done to the backpack, there is rarely a chance that it would go bad. It comes with a lot of compartments to help you organize your child’s items properly.

It also passes the comfortability tests, seeing as it comes with back and strap paddings. So, it feels soft and comfortable when your kid wears it, instead of the discomfort that comes with bags without paddings.
In case you were worried that it sounds great for parents and not cute for kids, it comes in varieties of colors and designs and your kid should naturally find something they like.

Ultimately, the only issue with this backpack is that it does not come with chest and or waist straps. Now, while these are seemingly less important, some people like them as it helps restrict the kid from taking it off unnecessarily. The backpack has a rather simple design and kids may not be a fan of simple designs. What you can do is let them go through the colors and designs available and have them decide for themselves what they like.

Bottom line, this is one of the strongest backpacks out there, and that is what makes it a favorite among parents. It is also a favorite among kids because of the colors and design variety. While this may not tick all the boxes on both of your lists, it would definitely tick the most important parts.

Please, note that this backpack is mostly great for kids in grade school. If your child is younger than grade school, this backpack will probably not be the best for them.

2. Mackenzie Backpack

This is yet another durable backpack that is a parent's favorite. More than being a parent’s favorite, it checks most of the boxes on the kid's list as well. It has all the best designs, it literally looks like it fell out of a Disney movie.

This is the perfect girls' kids backpack. It is also the perfect boys' kids backpack as there are space-themed designs as well. It comes in all the colors and styles that a little kid would love. It also comes with an option of monogramming it for an extra $10. Your kid could want a particular design and have it ingrained on the bag, is that not perfect? Having a backpack that is durable and colorful enough to make your kid excited is a super amazing thing.

For comfortability tests, this backpack has padded straps and back to make your kid feel comfortable when they wear it. It is like getting a consistent back and shoulder hug. It comes with compartments to help you organize your kids’ items.

It is water-resistant and does not wear or tear easily. It is a very design-y bag, with colored cool straps outside. It has other straps that could be locked around the chest or the waist. If you were wondering if this will be okay for a preschooler, this bag comes in different sizes and styles. There are the ones that would be perfect for grade-schoolers and the ones that would work fine for preschoolers.

The Mackenzie backpack comes with matching lunch boxes, so you do not have to worry about getting a lunch box. Even if you were not a person who liked the idea of matches and all, watching your kid leave the house with a matching backpack and lunchbox is a beautiful sight.
If you want to show your kids a magic trick, get the Mackenzies which glow in the dark.

This backpack is everything and more, and maybe that is why it is a bit pricey. It checks all the parent’s boxes and all the kid's boxes effortlessly. The only downside to this backpack is that it could be pricey. However, if it does not go above your quote, then nothing should stop you from purchasing this amazing beauty for your kids.

3. Zoo toddler backpack

Yay! Toddlers. This backpack is animal themed and the perfect design for your toddler who is still fascinated with anything and everything. There is the unicorn, the giraffe, the bear, and many other animals, all of them designed like a backpack.

It is perfect for preschoolers. When you look at this bag, the first thing you ask yourself is if it is of good quality, because preschoolers are, well, preschoolers. If you are worried about durability, this is a very strong bag. It is both tear and water-resistant.

Remember when we spoke of how backpacks seemed like a competition? Well, these are those kinds of backpacks. Trust your kids to spend the majority of their day showing off the animals represented on their backpacks.

If their classmates have the same thing, expect conversations like these at home. “Carrie has a giraffe” punctuated with high-pitched beautiful laughter. The backpack comes with little compartments for snacks and drinks. It also comes with a loop at the top so that the bag can be hung.

Because of the wide range of character options, you do not have to be saddled with the choice-making session alone. Your toddler can pick out the character they like. Saves you the question of “Why did I not get a bear” the reply to that will be simple “You didn’t want a bear, darling”.

This bag is not as spacious, and that is because “What is a preschooler taking to school?” so when you think of it, it is not exactly a downside. It is just right for the ages it was being created for. It is not so big, so it does not weigh them down, it is not so small so it is not tight either. It is light and just right for kids that age.

4. Kids Heritage Backpack

This backpack will likely not tick your kid’s box, but it will tick yours. It is strong, durable, light, spacious, and comfortable.

It comes with a large chest strap for added support. There are other prints to the basic design, however, there is no guarantee that there would be one colorful enough for kids very young.

It comes in different sizes for all ages. There is a very durable material at the base of a bag. If your kid is already having to take books to school, this would be perfect as the base will protect the bag. There is a bottle holder at the side, and one extra compartment outside for smaller things.

Again, the bag does not have as many compartments as the aforementioned ones. Everything goes in one place. So if you like to organize things for the little ones, you may not like this option.

While this bag is not a favorite of some parents, it is listed among the bests because it is very durable, of great quality, and will last for a very long time. Seeing as many people would prefer quality when getting backpacks for kids above 7, this bag is a great option for these kinds of people. It is perfect if your kid is a minimalist with designs that are easy to find among older kids. With younger kids, they may not enjoy this bag because it is not an exciting option, but older kids may not care, seeing as it is comfortable and works.

Because of the three sizes, it comes in for kids of all ages, it is easy to find the right fit for your kid. Chances are one of them would fit perfectly, as the backpack is fashioned to fit into the back for any size it fits into. This backpack is also an affordable option for parents who are not looking to spend so much on a backpack.

5. Obereese All-in-one Backpack

The all-in-one in the name of this backpack stands for the fact that it has a lunch box embedded in it. It is not a matching lunch box that you have to carry with the backpack, no, it is attached to the backpack.

In front of the backpack is a small compartment which is a cooler, and is safe for keeping food. So, instead of having to drive by your kid’s school because they forgot their lunch box at home, you put their lunch in their backpack.

The cooler compartment is easy to clean, so you could just clean it out every evening against the next day.

It is strong, durable, and is made with polyester material. It has other compartments for the organization of items. It is very comfortable, as the back and the straps are padded well enough to offer comfort. It has a chest strap for extra support, and to keep the backpack in place.

The backpack comes in sizes and is perfect for kids of all ages. Now that we are done ticking the parent’s boxes with the bonus lunch box package, let us go to the kid's boxes.

The backpack comes in different designs and bright exciting colors which kids would like. There are so many cool designs for both boys and girls of all ages. From the cam design to colorful floral designs, to more complicated designs, there is just a large box of varieties to pick from for your kid.

The best part about this backpack has to be how it works for school and camping. If you are taking your kid camping, because of all the cool compartments it has, this is the best backpack for them.

You could easily organize their things into easy-to-pick sections. This backpack is almost perfect for kids, it is very light, and will not weigh them down when they walk, which is a major plus.

6. Wildkin Extra Durable Backpack

This is a very cute backpack, with colorful sea creatures designed on the backpack, so it already checks the kid’s box. Now, to the parent’s boxes. This backpack is very strong, it passes all the durability tests.

Wildkin has a lot of backpacks, this one is called extra durable because apart from the amazing designs that immediately catch your eyes and that of the kids, it sells the durability. You want something that will last long for your kid, even though it is very beautiful. Your kid will have so much fun with this backpack.

It is resistant to wear, tear, and water. Inside the backpack is a nylon lining that makes the backpack liquid-resistant both inside and outside. If your kid was playing around water for some reason, you don't have to worry about soiled books, they are covered literally.

7. Sequin School Backpack

Remember that thing we said about knowing what your kid would like and want? Well, if you are about to get this backpack, you have to be sure that your kid is the bedazzles and glitters kind of kid

If they are not, chances are, they will hate it. If they belong to the former category, this sequin backpack is a bright-colored sparkly backpack with different colorful designs.

Whenever you rub the sequin to a side, it reveals a design, and when you swipe again, it reveals another design. It is padded and comfortable, and also has compartments for easy organization. It is very durable and would last for a while if well taken care of, especially the sequin part.

Parents have reported that their girls are very obsessed with this bag, but then again, who would not be? The bag is such an eye-catching beauty. The only downside to this backpack is that your kid may not like the flashiness of this design.

8. Wildkin Pack-it-all Risk-taker backpack

This backpack is called the pack it all because it has a large transparent compartment that allows you to see through the backpack. This is needed because kids have a habit of opening their backpacks to take something out. With this backpack, they never have to forget their homework at home anymore.

As they walk past you heading to the bus, take that final glance and see if they left something behind. This will save you the horror of finding something in their room later, that should have been in school.
We are not sure why it is called the risk-taker, but this is why it is called pack-it-all.

It is a small, light, durable and comfortable bag. It also comes in other vibrant bright colors. Interestingly, the one thing that saves you the stress of delivering homework to the school, fascinates the kids too. So, this is a win-win.

9. Blue Fairy Web Backpack

Spiderman backpack was sold out? Well, now you've got the next best thing! With a web design on the front of the backpack, this backpack is very durable and comfortable.

More than this, it also comes with large compartments and smaller compartments for organization. It is perfect for ages 10 and above and for kids who are already taking a lot of books to school. It is padded almost everywhere, offering a much-needed comfort. It is very light and the straps are adjustable.

This is perfect for parents who are looking for something that would last.

The advantage of a list like this is that now, you have 9 options to choose from, and all of them are great. Getting kids' school backpacks should not be such a herculean task, especially when there is so much to choose from. We have cut the long inexhaustible list down to 9 to make the choosing process easy for you. If you are shopping at a walk-in store, rather than an online store, you know what you check for now. These are the best kids' backpacks, from them you can now pick out “your” best kids backpacks for school. Cheers to ticking all the boxes, or at least, a decent 70%.