Christening is a traditional ceremony in the Catholic or Anglican Church which involves baptizing babies and young children. A meaningful ceremony in the life of a child, the Christening ceremony consists of naming the child with a Christian name in the presence of family and friends. The ritual involves sprinkling the baby with holy water on the head and welcoming him or her to the Christian faith.

You see, the whole ceremony of Christening is much more than naming your child, it’s wishing them the very best in life, so they grow in the light of God and make correct decisions in life. It’s also about praying for the child that they choose the path of righteousness, faith, and love. It is a big day for the child and their parents.

Christening's moments are precious and cherished for the rest of the life for both the child and the parents. If your child's Christening is close and you need help choosing the best dress or outfit for them, you are at the right place. This article will serve as a complete guide to what to look for when choosing Christening gowns for babies. Whether you are looking for a baby boy christening outfit or baby christening dress, we’ve got you covered. Read on to know the trends Christening gowns and outfits for boys and girls.

Are Christening and Baptism the Same?

Although both Christening and Baptism are interchangeable, there is a slight difference between the terms. While Christening is a ceremony where the child gets a Christian name, Baptism is one of the Catholic Church's Sacrament. It is a rite that symbolizes redemption or rebirth and acceptance of the Church. 

Christening is a ceremony or celebration where the very intention that you choose to raise your child with Christian values and faith; when the parents and grandparents make promises that they will raise the child within the Christian faith. Even though the ceremony is religious, it is usually followed by a party parents hold.

Baptism involves the sprinkling of holy water on the child's forehead or immerging the child briefly in the water, the child's name is taken, and the priest baptizes the child in the name of the Lord. Generally, Baptism means washing away the sins and regenerating them into a new life. Since a newborn child is clean of any sins and misdeeds, the ceremony celebrates the child's welcome to the Christian faith by giving him or her a Christian name. 

Throughout the world, in many places, people use Christening and Baptism interchangeably; however, they aren't the same. 

How Are Christening Dresses Different?

Every occasion has its dress code, and the Christian ceremony of Christening also has its dress code. However, the Christening dress may vary depending on one's faith. The Christening gowns are symbolic of purity and need to be traditional and refined, exhibiting the little's one innocence. 

One thing that makes Christening gowns different from any other outfits is that both boys and girls wear the gown. In today's modern world, parents purchase baby boy christening outfits for their baby boys to define masculine features, maybe in design or sometimes in colors if their local Church allows them (other colors other than white). However, they will still dress the child in gowns. 

You may wonder why Christening gowns are so long, and why do baby boys wear them? The Christening gowns reflect purity and simplicity. These are designed long to mirror the gown worn by Christ. The gowns are usually white, mimicking the angels in heaven. The infants' or the baby's innocence is compared with that of the angels and hence wearing long neutral gowns makes them offer themselves to the new faith that they are going to witness and adopt. Keeping this belief in mind, traditionally and even today in many families, parents dress their baby boys and baby girls in Christening gowns.

The modern age has opened doors to new creativity and modern designs or outfits and parents started to show interest in them. With time, the Christening ceremony has become more of a family celebration. The gowns or outfits that parents choose for their child have a contemporary touch, with some elements of traditional flavor. The upcoming sections will guide you into picking a perfect baby girl christening gown and infant boy christening outfit.

Should Christening Dresses and Outfits Be White?

The traditional color of a Christening outfit is white. It is because white is symbolic of purity, a baby is free of sins, and a white outfit represents the baby's pure soul and body. However, a christening outfit doesn’t need to be completely white and can be of any light color. Nowadays, parents choose pastels or light-colored outfits for their kids' Christening ceremony, and these outfits and dresses come in pretty designs and styles. Parents also choose the color of the dress based on the gender of their child – blue for the baby boy and pink for the baby girl. 

Christening dresses and outfits can be pastels too. Colors such as light pink, light blue, peach, pale yellow, or green are often preferred after white as these are cool shades and closer to white. The pastel colors make the outfits lighter, hence making it comfortable for the baby to wear them. Although there are no specific rules for outfit shades, colors such as black or dark grey are not preferred. 

If you want to stick to pastels and choose one based on your child's gender, colors like pink, peach, or yellow are best suited for baby girls, and shades of blue and green are best suited for baby boys. Some parents also like following their family tradition of a particular hue and dressing their child in that color. Some families would even pass on an heirloom. 

Christening outfits or dresses don’t need to be white. It entirely depends on the parents. However, it is always advisable that you check with your Church if they have a strict rule that needs to be followed for the Christening of your child before you purchase the dress or choose another shade for your baby's outfits.

What Does a Christening Outfit of a Boy Look Like?

Christening gowns carry traditions and values. The christening gowns have a rich history and culture that go way back. Now parents have started introducing changes in designs and a bit of a custom-made touch to the gowns. It helps parents maintain the family tradition and adhere to what they find perfect for the infant. 

If you want to dress your baby boy in a Christening gown, choose one that is simple and looks like a white nightgown. The gown has to reach the baby's feet. That said, depending on your child's height and age, the gown can reach up down to the ankle. Baby boy Christening gowns can go up to a maximum of 100 cm, up to 40 inches. Some parents also prefer keeping the attire longer than this, sticking to the tradition. 

The gown is made up of pure cotton or silk and has basic features. You can also cover your baby boy's head with a cute little white bonnet. Make sure the color of the bonnet matches with the gown. Cover his feet with white christening shoes. If the weather is cold during Christening, dress your baby in a warm bodysuit underneath the gown. 

Although you may find the Christening gown of your baby boy similar to that of a baby girl, they are different. These days the baby girl gowns come with more refined detailing than that of the baby boy, and your little boy is just going to look adorable in his gown. You can also choose to tie a white bib to go with the outfit.

White Cotton and Lace Christening Gown with a Bonnet

Begin the pious ceremony with a long cotton gown for your baby boy. Choose a cute white Christening cotton gown with lace detailing from the neck to the bottom. The full sleeve gown made of high-quality cotton will give your child the desired comfort for the entire day of the ceremony. The gown has cute peter pan collars and pin-tucking features on the bottom. You'll also find a cotton bonnet to go with the dress that comes with a drawstring, or you can go with one that has an elastic band attached. 
If satin is your thing, you can safely choose a white satin gown for the ceremony. These gowns are similar to cotton gowns but in satin fabric. 

Convertible Baby Boy Christening Gown with a Hat

This is the perfect thing for your baby boy if you chose to go with a traditional approach, but add some modern touch to it. These Christening outfits for boys come with an elastic waist romper, creating comfort for your baby boy and ensuring it fits throughout the ceremony. It has a detachable gown that converts the romper into a traditional Christening gown. The romper or the jumpsuit is designed in such a way that it falls to ankle or mid-calf depending on the height of the baby. 

These rompers are usually white or ivory in color, and these days, you'll also find these outfits with blue silk ribbon detailing on the bodice to distinguish it from that baby girl's gown. The bodice of the romper will have shell buttons, and you can remove the gown from the romper once the Christening ceremony is over and your baby boy is ready for his after-party. You also get a white hat with the outfit to cover the head. 

Cute Baby Boys Christening Outfits

If you feel Christening gowns are too traditional for you and want to dress your child into something more laidback and easy, the Christening rompers are just perfect. 

The baby boy white vested rompers is a modern boy Christening outfit, and they come in a soft fabric. You can choose a short sleeve romper with a buttoned bodice and a white hat or a bonnet. Complete the look with a pair of white socks and white matching Oxford soft shoes for your baby boy. If you want to choose a cap and not a bonnet to go with the outfit, that’s ok too. You'll be able to find cute white and soft Christening caps – it will look stunning on your baby boy.

White Silk Christening Rompers for Baby Boys 

If you want to experiment with a silk Christening outfit for your boy, the white silk Christening rompers for a baby boy is the perfect outfit. These rompers are a bit loose-fitted and resemble nautical knickers with smocked pleats on the waistline, a broad collar, a silk tie, and a silk hat. You can choose to go with a soft cotton bonnet hat or go with one nautically designed white cap to match the outfit. 

Quilted White Christening Outfits for Baby Boys

If the weather on the Christening day remains cold, you’ll want to dress up your baby boy with something warm. You can go with a quilted version of the baby boy christening outfits. These kinds of outfits are smart-looking and timeless at the same time. The jacket is made of pure cotton and will protect your child from the cold. The jacket comes with a stylish fold collar and has cute little pockets on both sides. Some jackets also come with pretty little blue detailing to distinguish them from the feminine version. 

The outfit comes with a soft white full sleeve shirt and nicely fitting pants. You can pair the outfit with a cute little white cap to complete the look. There are Christening booties that are white and soft that will pair so well with your baby boy's overall look. 

Christening Outfits for Toddler Boys

Check out these fancy options of toddler boys Christening outfits:

White Embroidered Satin Christening Outfits for Toddler Boys

Christening outfits or gowns are usually made of cotton. However, the satin version is also widely preferred by parents over the globe. Dress your baby boy on his special day with a white satin toddler boy christening outfit. The set comes with a full sleeve shirt and elastic pants. It completes its look with a white vest with embroidery on it.

You can also choose to add a bow or a tie to it. Make sure whatever additional things you are adding to the suit should match the color of the main suit. 

These outfits are adorable and unique with their pretty detailing on the vest and a white satin cap. You'll love the look of the attire, and your little boy will be comfortable throughout the ceremony. 

White Baby Boy Christening Tuxedo

If you want to keep your baby boy's Christening look more formal, you can choose a white tuxedo suit for the ceremony. The tuxedo adds elegance and sophistication to any formal occasion. Find one that comes with a complete set of white sleeved shirts and fitted elastic pants to complete the outfit, and you won't have to spend time looking for shirts and pants separately and match the shades. Pair the suit with a matching hat.

Full Sleeve Smocked Cotton Christening Outfit for Toddler Boys

A full-sleeve Christening outfit for toddler boys is another appealing option for the ceremony. A long-sleeved white smocked outfit will look so adorable on your child. The attire is pin-tucked with long pant overalls and will have an elastic neckline for perfect fitting. Find one that has a matching hat with it. 

Christening Outfit for Toddler Boys

Another variant of a modern boy Christening outfit is a trendy and cute white suspender outfit. The outfit comes with a short-sleeved buttoned shirt, white shorts with suspenders for better fitting. You may choose to add a bow accent to it. Add a white cap to match the look. Some variants of suspender outfits come with a satin bow to add more looks. However, it is entirely up to you as to how you choose to complete the look. These outfits also look great on big boys for their Christening day. 

Christening Gowns for Girls

Dress your little girl in the best-looking Christening dress on her special day. Finding a Christening baby girl dress for your little one can be a bit of a task. Here we’ll share some beautiful baby girl Christening dress ideas that you can try for your little princess.

Cute Baby Girl Christening Gown

You'll find a wide range of Christening gowns for your baby girl that come with elegant designs and soft fabric detailing. A cotton gown with laced features is one unique and traditional way to dress your girl. No doubt she will look stunning and feel comfortable too. You'll find a gown with a short elastic sleeve or can go with a long sleeve. The lace features on the bodice and the dress adds class to the overall look. The waistline comes with a few creases making it look prettier.

You can choose a gown with lace accents on the hem or go with a satin border on the hem. The gown comes with a soft cotton bonnet with a lace finish making it a perfect Christening gowns for girls

Lace and Silk Baby Girl Gowns

Make her look like a princess on her special day with a lace and silk Christening gown. With soft and glossy silk fabric and lacework on the sleeves' bodice and hem, this Christening gown is one of its kind. It looks unique and has a flavor of tradition with a blend of modern touch. You'll find a silk bonnet with an outfit that has lacework on the rim. If you find the bonnet's drawstring style too dull of a look, choose one that comes with an elastic band that allows the bonnet to stay in place. 

Embroidered Baby Girl Christening Gown

There are also embroidery variants of the Christening gown where the bodice and the bonnet will have embroidered patterns on them, making them pretty and stand out from the rest. The bonnet can be a simple bonnet or one that has a Victorian-style attached to it. This style of the bonnet, along with the embroidered gown, brings in traditional and past fashion. So if you want to keep it all conventional and pretty, definitely this outfit is for your baby girl.

Beautiful Baby Girl Christening Dresses

A shift from the traditional gowns, these baby girl Christening dresses are cute and have an air of grace. You'll love the charming designs and the lovely pattern of these dresses. 

Cute White Organza Baby Girl Christening Dress

Make her look graceful and pretty on her special day with a white organza Christening dress. If you want to carry a simple yet elegant look for your baby girl, this dress is a perfect fit for the purpose. The organza dress comes to the knee-length. Find one with a satin hem and a satin sash to make it an ideal Christening dress for baby girl. You love the dress's feel, and be assured that your baby will be comfortable throughout the day. You can also choose to pair it up with a white bonnet or an elastic hat. 

White Rhinestone Accented Christening Dress for Baby Girl

If you want to add more glitz and pomp to your baby girl's overall look, you can pick from white rhinestone Christening dresses for baby girls. The dress has a satin bodice, embroidered skirt, and rhinestone adorned waistline. To add in more sophistication and traditional touch, you can pair this up with an organza cape. This kind of dress will not only make your pretty one look charming but also best dressed for the occasion. If you don't want to complete the look with a bonnet or cap, choose an adorable headband instead with rhinestone work and a pretty bow to it. But make sure whatever you prep the dress with should match with the dress's shade. 

Organza Sequined Christening Dress

Organza is gorgeous anyway, and when your little one is dressed in for her Christening, it will look stunning. Choose a stylish organza dress with sequined work all over the bodice and a gown with pretty embroidered patterns made on the dress. Pick one with a ribbon or rhinestone brooch attached to the waistband – it will make it look lovelier. The sequins will create a sparkling effect on the outfit, making it more desirable. You can go with one that comes with an embroidered and sequined cape or go without it. Do not forget to add a pretty headband to it that goes well with the dress. 

Baby White Satin Bolero Christening Dress

When choosing perfect Christening dresses for girls, you have to go through so many options. But if you want to add more grace to her look, a white satin dress with a bolero is always a great thing to shop for. Go for a full-length satin dress with a pretty removable bolero that defines the elegance of the dress. 
A satin dress with lace appliques and a bow accent on the waist will look so pretty.

Explore beautiful designs that have an illusion lace neckline and lacework blended beautifully with the satin dress. This medley will look gorgeous and perfect for the occasion. 
You can also choose to replace the bolero with a lace cape if you please. 

Christening Dresses for Toddler Girls

There are plenty of attractive designs and styles in Christening dresses for toddler girls. And no matter what kind you choose to go with, find one that is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. 

White Embroidered Satin Christening Dress for Toddler Girls

Delicately embroidered with satin sash dresses make perfect Christening dresses for toddler girls. An ideal dress would fall to the knee. Embroidered features all over the dress and bodice with a satin sash make it adorable. Choose a dress that has a short sleeve with a pretty bow accent on the waist. You may also go with one that has satin work done on the hem of the dress. A bow accent soft satin headband will complete the charming look. 

Detachable 2 Piece White Dress With Bonnet

If you want to keep it all traditional, this detachable dress is one you should choose. A beautiful 2 piece dress with a bonnet makes it all more convenient for the special day. The dress has a detachable gown which you can add to make it long and formal. While you may remove the gown, and there you go, the dress is short and is ready for the after-party for your little girl. You can pick a bonnet to go with the dress, and the same can be worn even when you have the dress short. 

White Tulle & Organza Dress with Cape

Talking about girls Christening dresses, you cannot leave tulle aside. Tulle dresses are elegant and bring out the feminine grace of a girl. Dress your toddler girl in this pretty tulle and organza white dress that comes with a cape. You may find one that has lace appliques and will make the dress look lovely. Furnish the clothing with a bonnet. 

Matching Christening Shoes and Accessories

Now that you have decided on a Christening gown or outfit complete the look with a pretty pair of Christening baby shoes. Christening shoes are supposed to be white, matching the color of the outfit. 
Choose a pair of trendy little white shoes that is comfortable and looks elegant on your little girl's feet. You may choose simple and traditional Mary Jane flats or lace strap pumps. Buckled white Christening shoes also look great.

For your baby boy, go with lace-up closure soft shoes, or you can pick one that has Velcro closure. The shoes are available in leather or satin. 

You have already chosen the outfit and a nice pair of shoes for your baby's Christening. Pep it up with pretty accessories that are practical and completes the look. 

Christening Towels

Right after the baby get his or her head sprinkled with holy water, dry their head with a soft white Christening towel. These are available in embroidered or satin work.

Christening Blankets

If the weather remains cold and you need to wrap your baby in a blanket while going to the Church, a Christening blanket is a must-have. It will not only keep the baby warm but will also adhere to the dress' code.

Christening Bonnet

Usually, any baby girl Christening outfit or baby boy outfit that you choose will have a bonnet. However, if your dress doesn't carry one, you can always buy one separately to match the exact dress you pick. Christening bonnets are available in cotton, embroidered work, or satin work on it. Some lace bonnets are also a pretty addition to the dress.

Christening Bib

Your child's Christening outfit is incomplete without a Christening bib that has pretty floral patterns or embroidered work on it. It usually has religious symbols such as a cross or a dove. Find one that is made of quality cotton, or you may choose a satin one. 

Christening is a special occasion for the entire family and finding, an ideal dress or outfit for your baby is crucial. Before choosing a dress, make sure you check the dress's quality for the maximum comfort of your child.