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If you are here in this article, you probably expect a baby in the coming future. Maybe you will attend a baby shower of your dear friend or a relative. Motherhood is a miracle, and the joy is boundless. Celebrating the birth or the advent of your baby is a great event, and you should celebrate it with all love and happiness. 

While you prepare for the big event, make a list of guests and how decorations would take place, you also need to choose a perfect dress for your baby shower. After all, you are mama to be! Unlike any traditional occasion, baby shower dress code ideas have a more casual outlook. 

You can choose from a broad range of choices matching the season or time of the day. Besides, whether you have the party at home or a venue, the weather or perhaps you can choose a dress based on your baby's gender, if you know it.

Many designs, styles, patterns, and colors make baby shower dresses special. However, if you are someone who has been invited to a baby shower party and needs some baby shower guest clothing ideas, we have got you covered. In this article, we brought you some of the best baby shower dress ideas for any season and time of the day. By the end of this article, you'll also find some gift ideas for the baby to come if you are that pretty aunt who just loves babies!

Baby Shower Dress Ideas

So you are the momma, which is why you need to dress your best. While you pick a dress to look charming, you must also be comfortable in the dress. You have a long day ahead, and your attire should complement your baby glow. So, is there a dress code? Not really! Can I mix and match? Maybe! No matter your fashion statement, you'll love these baby shower dress code ideas shared below.

Solid Maxi Dresses

While you can decide to wear any dress of your choice, a maxi dress blends well with a special occasion like this. Maxi dresses are not just feminine but have a soothing aura to themselves. Moreover, you will relax throughout the day. Solid-colored maxi dresses are a great choice when it comes to a baby shower. An ankle-length maxi dress will look terrific. You can find a wide assortment of designs – you may go with a three-quarter length or a short length. Even a sleeveless maxi dress will look charming. 

Choose one with some patchwork on it or some embroidery or fringes attached for a different look. White, rose, pink, red, blue, aqua, or any other color of your choice will complement the dress. 

Floral Smocked Maxi Dress

Floral never goes out of fashion, and especially when you have the smocked features added, it is simply gorgeous. So if the floral is your thing, pick one floral smocked maxi dress for your baby shower. Round neck, zippered back, and ruffled three-quarter sleeves are something you can't go wrong with. You may also choose to go with a strap sleeveless maxi dress if the event is set in the summer. These dresses are available in a wide range of white, red and white, olive, grey, navy, and multicolor. 

Ruffled Off Shoulder Dress

You looked great at your wedding; now rock your baby shower with a pretty ruffled off-shoulder dress. Classy design and lovely colors to choose from, you can choose to go with a solid or floral print. The dress will have ruffles on the chest area and while the sleeves are cap design. You may want a dress that has a side tie knot feature that makes it unique. Or a self-tie back sash is equally classy and exotic baby shower clothes ideas. The dress length can be ankle length, tea length, or you may also find a knee-length dress more stylish and worth the buy. Any color would look best.

Elegant Lace Maternity Wrap Dress

Lace is timeless, and no matter which time of the year or time of the day it is, a lace dress has its fan base. Scalloped lace trims with intricate lacework all over the dress make it even more unique. To prevent the dress from the sheerness, choose a double lining that makes it easy for you to wear. The dress sleeves can be cap-styled, long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or sleeveless; all of those are fabulous fashion. 

The clichéd design underbust area will make the dress more beautiful. Many pretty colors will tune well with this dress – colors such as rose, golden, aqua, green, golden, or any other color of your choice. 

Short Baby Shower Dress Ideas

Besides a long maxi dress, short dresses are cute and bring on a young vibe. Short and cute dresses are never out of fashion, even when you are a to-be mom. Here are some of the prettiest short baby shower dress ideas for you to flaunt.

Simple Short Lace Dress

Want to carry your personal favorite when it comes to your baby shower? Well, a short, classy, and stylish dress is just the absolute thing for a super mom like you. Allover lacework, fitted silhouette, and the gleaming beauty of the dress will leave you spellbound. The dress has a knee-length cut and a fit that you'll love. The dress is closely fitted and will look great in a pastel color – such as rose, aqua, light blue, lilac, rose, and other terrific colors. The neckline can be a scalloped design, round neck, V-neck, or totally off the shoulder as per your preference. 

Knot Back Maternity Dress

Puffy sleeves, a baggy look, and a knot at the back make this maternity dress a unique yet beautiful dress for the baby shower event. You may choose from any color. However, lilac, white, pale yellow, or light grey has always been striking and will look great in this dress. The knotted back makes it stand apart, and you will the show stopper for sure wearing this. While you should wear bump-friendly clothes, this dress type will not give you reason not to adore it. Ruffled sleeves that are quarter length, full sleeve, or maybe short sleeve, equally will look stunning.

Short-Sleeve Floral Short Dress

Don a boutique look with a short-sleeved floral dress. Round neck, zippered back, cap sleeves, and knee-length are fantastic short baby shower dress ideas that you can try. You may choose to go with big flowers or small or tiny flowers all over the dress with sleeves of your choice. Pink, blue, yellow, grey, white, red, or any other color will look good. Pair them up with alligator flats or slip-on sandals for comfort and to avoid swelling of feet.

Tiered Ruffled Short Boho Dress

Boho dresses have their unique place. If you have a casual party in mind and want things to be minimalistic but stylish, a short boho dress can save the day. Flowy cap sleeves, V-shape neckline with the ruffled tiered bust line, these kinds of dresses are cute and will complement your look. Since they are loose, you will remain comfortable throughout the day. You may choose to go with tinny plaids on the waistline or avoid totally. These designs are simple and perfect for a baby shower you have in the summer or when you are hosting it at home. Light colors are always preferred, or you can choose a complete white look.

Casual Outfits for Moms to Dress for Baby Shower

If you still have the dilemma of "how fancy should I dress?" there are many other options you can try to decide. It's your day, and you should look beautiful. If elegant is not what you are looking for but cool and cute are your things, a casual outfit will make you more comfortable and attractive. 

Maternity Jumpsuit for Baby Shower

Full sleeve, V-neck with a self-tie sash at the waistline makes an adorable maternity jumpsuit for your baby shower. You may also choose to go with strap sleeves for a summer baby shower. Solid colored, pretty prints, or stripes – all look good. You can also go with a color contrast that will make your outfit look gorgeous. 

For a different look, one-shoulder jumpsuits also look vibrant and stylish. Other choices are halter neck jumpsuits, sleeveless broad strap jumpsuits, or broad leg jumpsuits are equally gorgeous. You may choose to go with light colors such as white, light blue, light pink, white and grey stripes, blue and white stripes, etc. Pair them up with heels or slip-on sandals as per your comfort.

Maternity Jeans and Top

Your love for denim is confirmed if you want to wear a pair of jeans on your baby shower too! So slide on to your maternity pair of jeans with a cute top, and you are ready for the big event. Maternity jeans are regular jeans but have panels and waistbands to hold your baby bump. You can pair it up with a long sleeve top, a short sleeve top, or a sleeveless top as well. A comfortable pair of jeans along with a top or shirt makes it cute baby shower clothes ideas. Avoid wearing a skin-tight top, as it will only keep you uncomfortable. Or a loose pale-colored shirt or one with stripes is a classic choice to go with your maternity pair of jeans. 

Tunic with Legging and Denim Jacket

You are wondering how to pair your denim jacket with your baby shower outfit? You have it here! A pair of comfy leggings is equally good as a pair of maternity jeans. Team it up with a pretty tunic, and you are sorted. A quarter-sleeved or full-sleeved tunic with a pair of soft leggings is one casual but comfy way to host your baby shower. You can go with a boho-styled tunic, pretty plain cotton tunics, or keep it all unique with a crochet tunic that is a bit loose than your regular size. 

However, if you are comfortable in your regular size, go with it. Adorn the outfit with your favorite denim jacket and be a rock star momma already! Achieve your look with a pair of ankle-length boots or wedges of your choice. 

Flowy Skirt with Top 

If you are hosting your baby shower party during summer, what could be more relaxing than a casual skirt with a stunning top? Flaunt a flowy dress with plaids that reach your knee-length along with a quarter-sleeved top. You'd look wonderful! Try a darker hue for the skirt, say maroon, black, navy, or rust, and pair it with lighter shade tops like white, rose, light blue, or lilac. You can also safely choose effortlessly stunning stripes.

An over belly maternity pencil skirt is equally beautiful. You can wear a sleeveless top with it. You can also pick an ultra-cozy long-sleeved plaid crop top. This casual outfit will look great during winters. These baby shower clothes ideas are unique and perfect for any season of the year.

Lace Baby Shower Dress Ideas

Maternity is a beautiful time of your life, and a lace dress for your baby shower will add more elegance and allow you to create so many beautiful memories that you capture via photos. From graceful long lace dress to side slit chic boho fashioned lace dress, explore a world of beautiful lace baby shower dress ideas.

Classic Illusionary Neckline Long Lace Dress

A classic touch to your baby shower event - dress your best in a stylish yet elegant illusionary neck long lace dress. Intricate lacework overall the dress with a layer of cotton fabric underneath starting from the chest area to the bottom length gives it a sophisticated look. Bare lacework adorned the neckline in a scoop neck design makes it look more stunning. You may choose to go with a long sleeve or quarter sleeve. Find a dress with a fuller form, starting with the pleats from the waistline as it adds more femininity to the dress. 

White is an all-time hit color for a lace dress, but you may also choose maroon, aqua, lilac, coral, rose, or any pretty pastel.

Boho Side Slit Lace Dress

Bring on the Parras vibes with a lovely boho side slit lace dress. You can wear lace the way you want it, and a boho designed dress is a dress worn well. A white or crème colored lace dress designed in boho style is a joy to watch. You can choose a dress that has a side slit to the thighs or a bit above that. Try sticking to the V-neck as a boho dress looks great with this. You may keep the sleeves quarter length, full, or flowy short as per your preference. You may also choose to go with an off-shoulder-designed dress for the more elegant photoshoot if the venue is outdoor. 

Lace and Satin Pencil Dress

A lace dress with a cotton layer underneath and a satin sash at the waistline is an elegant lace dress to own. You can choose the dress to be pencil or body-hugging to complement the shape of your body. Keep the length to the knee with a quarter-length sleeve. You can tie the sash to the back or a beautiful knot at the side. Choose from a massive selection of colors such as white, lilac, rose, lavender, coral, or pink. This dress makes baby shower clothes ideas perfect and worth the try.

Lace and Tulle Baby Shower Dress

Capture the best moments of your baby shower event with a fabulous lace and tulle dress—beautiful lacework on the bodice with intricate design and a soft cotton fabric underneath. A flowy and chic tulle gown stretches to below-knee or tea-length. You may also choose to keep the dress to ankle length. The tulle dress has a satin sash on the waist that ties at the back of the dress. Also, find dresses that have a cap sleeve or elbow length sleeve; both look equally stunning. 

Find a massive collection of colors to choose from, such as lilac, lavender, aqua, rose, white, pink, light blue, or grey. No matter what color you choose, you will look gorgeous. 

Pink or Blue – Dress According to Gender

Since you are the mamma to be, dressing in your best is expected from you on your baby shower. Besides all the formal and casual dress ideas to try, you can also choose to dress up in the color of the gender of your baby. Blue and pink are the sweetest colors to experiment with, and there are some really good ideas for baby shower dresses that are spectacular. 

Off Shoulder Pink Dress

An off-the-shoulder pink long dress is one beautiful dress that will complete your look on your big day. Explore a dress that has a short sleeve. You may also experiment with a dress that has smocked features at the waistline. This dress is an elegant choice for any mother as it will highlight the feminine side of you as well as an elegant piece to wear. 

Floral Lace Kimono Sleeve Pink Dress

A loose-fitting kimono sleeve pink dress with floral lacework all over makes it a gorgeous dress. If you expect a baby girl, this dress is a splendid choice to wear at the baby shower. The V-neckline of the dress with floaty fit and flare skirt style is effortlessly gorgeous for any stage of pregnancy. You can go with a knee-length or a tea-length style – you'd look fabulous in both. Complete the look with nude pair of heels.

Sweetheart Cut Blue Gown

Gowns are in fashion, and there are so many styles you can try in blue. A sweetheart cut long blue dress with ruffles at the bottom of the dress is a unique feature making the dress stand out. A fantastic stretch of the fabric on the bust is and ruffles at the end make it look gorgeous. The zippered back of this dress makes it easy to wear, and this gives a perfect fit. Pair this dress with gladiator sandals or flat pumps. 

Sheer Full-Length Blue Wrap Dress

Don, the diva, looks with an elegant and graceful sheer full-length blue wrap dress. Chiffon-made, sheer full sleeve with elastic wrist and a knot at the side of the dress make it to unique baby shower dress code ideas. Perfect for a baby shower for momma, this wrap dress is also an excellent pick for a pregnancy photoshoot. Flowy and fully lined dress comes in many exciting colors such as aqua, coral, pink, red, maroon, rose, or grey. Or you may go with any lovely colors of your choice. 

Baby Shower Guest Clothing Ideas

A new baby is coming into the world, and you are invited to celebrate. If this doesn't give you enough reason to dress in your finest, what does? However, at times, deciding on what to wear and what to avoid becomes difficult, and you might bother if you are underdressed or overdressed. These baby shower guest clothing ideas will steal your heart as you have many options to choose from and pick according to your preference and taste. 

Chic Floral Spaghetti Strap Dress

Do floral go out of fashion? Never! You can find a floral dress for any occasion. A spaghetti strap dress with a big flower overall is the best bet for a baby shower. Whether you are a relative of the expecting momma or a friend, a stylish floral dress goes for such a special occasion. Discover deep neckline, zippered back, and knee-length cotton floral dress and pair it with heels for a perfect look. To bring on more style and glam, you can find a dress that has a mid-slit to from the knee length. 

Other variants can be a cap sleeve floral dress or quarter sleeved; both will look gorgeous. You may also choose to go with off-the-shoulder or cold shoulder designs. Floral dresses are best for a spring or summer baby shower event where the vibes of spring meet the joyful occasion of a baby's arrival.

Polka Dots Ruffled Wrap Dress

All beautiful and sassy, polka dots are the classic choice for any pretty outfit. Dress in a gorgeous polka dot ruffled wrap dress that is elegant and chic at the same time. High low style, ruffles on the sleeves, and the dress's edges give it a graceful look. A dress with ruffles at the bust line, on the waist, and the bottom is one of a kind. A Korean-styled side knot polka dot ruffled dress is also reasonably impressive if you look for a contemporary twist to the dress. Besides, if the occasion is in summer, consider wearing a spaghetti strap dress with a zippered back. You can choose white, beige, rose, rust, yellow, and other colors of your choice for colors. 

Butterfly Sleeved A-line Tea Length Dress

Look dapper with a fabulous A-line dress in solid color. This dress is just perfect for any season, be it spring, summer, or fall. A pretty solid plain dress with butterfly sleeves and a zippered back makes it stand out from the rest. Go with a scoop neck or a boat neck and any dark solid color of your choice. Usually, colors such as maroon, red, violet, rust, green or black look great. Complete the look with a lovely pair of heels in nude, black, beige, or red. 

Full Sleeve Animal Print Shift Dress

A trendy animal print full sleeve shift dress is one of a kind and is perfect for a summer baby shower event. Scoop neck, zippered or buttoned back, and knee-length dress is a beautiful dress to own. You may choose any print such as stone leopard, tiger, or zebra print. Find a dress in cotton fabric, crepe, or chiffon; either one is a great pick. 

An animal print shift dress also looks gorgeous in cap sleeve or quarter length sleeve and looks great with ankle length or midrise boots. It also goes well with heels and comfort sandals of dark shades. 

What Should a Grandma Wear on a Baby Shower?

If you are a grandma, your joy knows no bounds when it's your daughter's or daughter-in-law's baby shower. Although it can be tough to decide what should be the ideal outfit for a grandmother to wear at the baby shower, with perfect ideas of grandmother dress up at a baby shower, you can pull off the attire real good. 

A-line Layered Chiffon Dress

Chiffon dresses are one of the most acceptable dress codes for any special occasion. A-line layered chiffon dress with loose wrist-length sleeves and scoop neckline and jewel knee-length design is a pretty dress to wear on a baby shower for grandma. Nude shades or light pink and blue look great. During fall, you can team up this dress with a cardigan of the matching color, or a bolero would look equally stunning. 

Satin Embroidered Pant Suit with Jacket

An embroidered georgette top with matching georgette pants and a georgette jacket is one sophisticated outfit that a grandma can wear to a baby shower invite. You'll find a vast range of georgette tops with attractive embroidery all over. You can either pick the top to be short sleeve or quarter length. A georgette open-front jacket adds to the tone of the outfit and makes it stand out. Go for gorgeous colors such as grey, lilac, beige, or any nudes as they are subtle and serve the purpose. 

Stylish Casual Top with Leggings

Get the cool side of your fashion, granny! Blend into the relaxed and casual theme of the baby shower with a splendid top with a pair of comfy leggings. You can choose to wear a beautiful top, either full or half sleeve. There is a whole range of tops that comes in cute patterns and fabulous colors. Sticking to solid color would be a great idea as you don't want to appear underdressed for this special occasion. Darker shades of tops are a great option to choose from, along with black leggings. Black leggings are classic, and you can wear them on any occasion. 

Casual Jeans and Top or Shirt

A pair of stylish jeans with a chiffon top is what makes baby shower clothes ideas for grandmothers worth the try. A full sleeve chiffon top with V-neckline and simple features make it even more appealing and perfect for a baby shower. Tops of darker shades will go well with a darker pair of jeans or a lighter shade top with a lighter shade of jeans. Pair them up with suede boots to complete the look. 

Gift Ideas for Baby Shower Outfits

Picking on the baby shower dress for you as a guest can be tricky, but deciding on a baby shower gift is even more challenging. It would be wonderful to gift the expecting mother useful things to her during the pregnancy or after her delivery. So here are some ideas for baby shower present besides clothes you can consider to gift an expecting mom in her baby shower.

New Baby Journal 

One of the sweetest things you can gift an expecting mother – new baby planner. A fabulous gift, this baby journal will help the mother to keep track of or jot down important things such as medical appointments, diet plans, or a scrapbook to capture the memories during pregnancy and her time with the baby. In addition, you can choose to personalize it with the recipient's name to give it a more lovely touch. 

Recovery Essentials

Everything people will gift at a baby shower will be for the baby, which makes sense since this is why the function is being held. However, gifting the mom with something useful always counts. So gift the expecting mother an essential recovery kit. It usually includes stuff such as instant ice pads, healing foams, disposable underwear, etc. She will thank you for this thoughtful gift.

Cute Door Mat or Door Sign

Nobody wants to disturb a sleeping baby. So save the expecting mother the effort to shush everyone while the baby is sleeping. Gift her a doormat or door sign that does the job. Some doormats read adorable quotes such as "Sleeping baby, do not knock or ring" or anything like that. 

Training Tooth Brush for the Baby

Every mother has to go through toothbrush training for her baby. Make the new mom's journey less tedious with a cute training toothbrush for the baby. These toothbrushes are made of food-grade silicone that is soft on the gums and helps clean the baby's teeth. The brush also relaxes the gums and the bristles massages if the baby experiences any pain during the teething days. 

Besides these adorable and practical gifts to give on a baby shower for the mom and the baby, you can always gift pretty outfits for the mother or tiny and cute outfits for the baby. 

A baby shower is a beautiful event where we celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby. From the decorations to the dress for the event, everything has its credence. These baby shower dress ideas are just absolute picks that you should don for the special day. Whether you are the momma or the guest, you will love these ideas.