Flower girl dresses trends 2021 | Sophias Style

No matter how beautiful the bride is, other people catch a substantial amount of attention and they are the flower girls.

These beautiful girls in their dresses, prancing around and holding tiny baskets of flower petals, make the event brighter.

When they stand around the bride, they are like a beautiful extension of a large flower bouquet.

It is customary that the dresses of the flower girls are paid for by their parents. Because who wouldn’t want to see their daughter looking so beautiful in such a beautiful ceremony? However, the choice of the dress is left to the bride, while the extra accessories are covered by the couple.

Getting a flower girl dress for the girls usually involves bringing some things into consideration. You want them to look beautiful, but you also do not want their parents to break the bank. There are cheap flower girl dresses that are just as beautiful and bright as the expensive ones. You just need to know where to look. Another thing you need to consider is reusability. Putting their parents into consideration, you need to get her dresses that can be worn for some other reason. While it is a flower girl dress, it should be reusable. You do not want a wardrobe filled with dresses she will never wear again.

These are the things you must take into consideration when picking out flower girl dresses for the girls.

Now, as a bride, there is already a long list of dresses you have to pick out. From your wedding dress to your evening dress, and then the bridesmaids’ dresses. When you look at all of these, coming up with flower girl dresses seems like such a chore.

You do not have to go through all of that, here is a list of 40 flowergirl dresses trends for 2021.

White flower girl dresses

This somehow looks like it is taking attention away from the bride, but that is the last thing it is doing. Embroidered with colorful designs, especially peach, blue or pink, it comes out amazing. Your flower girls will look amazing in white flower girl dresses. Close your eyes and imagine these little angels and their basket of petals in white dresses. You liked the view, right? Well, go for white dresses.

Lace flower girl dresses

There is never a way to go wrong with lace. Laces are beautiful, they look good on both brides and flower girls. When in doubt, go lace. You can get lace in different colors and styles and they always look grand. Lace flower dresses are easy to accessorize, and even when they are not accessorized, they look just as beautiful.

Ivory flower girl dresses

If you thought white was too much for the flower girl dresses, this is for you. Ivory dresses are for the days white won't work. Ivory flower girl dresses will look just perfect. The color rests beautifully, somewhere in between white and nude. It is not as white as the bride’s dress, and it is not completely cut out from the innocence idea either.

Sequined flower girl dresses

If you were wondering how best to have a flower girl dress that glittered when the light hits them, you are in luck. Sequined flower girl dresses will have your flower girls shining bright like diamonds. Sequined dresses never go out of style, so after the event, the dresses can still be worn. Children love shiny things, they will be excited by the sequin dresses.

Purple flower girl dresses

Purple flower girl dresses are for those looking for a little more color on their day. While it is conventional to go for a color close to white, these are beautiful. The girls in purple will come out looking like an early lavender bloom. Purple presents you with options, you can either decide to go for dark purple, or something bright. Any purple you chose to go with will come out fine, purple is a beautiful color.

Pink flower girl dresses

Pink is the easiest go-to when it comes to these dresses. It is an easy, safe choice if you are not going with whites or close to whites. It also helps that all the shades it comes in are easy to use. Pink flower dresses will always be an easy choice. So if you look at the time you have at hand, and you cannot spend it choosing flower girl dresses, go for pink. It is easy, beautiful, calm, and always a perfect option for girls.

Blue flower girl dresses

The bridal dressing poem says ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’. Well, the flower girls can be blue along with the bride. They could wear a blue dress, and look very pretty. Blue is a very widely accepted wedding color, in all shades.

From the deep blues to the navies and the skies, all blues work when it comes to weddings.

That is a whole lot of blue ideas for you to pick your flower girl dresses from without hassles.

Tulle flower girl dresses

When choosing dresses for the flower girls, you have to remember that they are kids and kids need comfortability. The last thing you want is your flower girl feeling uncomfortable in her dress, she will demand that it be taken off. This is where the tulle dresses come in. Tulle flower girl dresses are comfortable as they are beautiful. They leave room for your flower girls to run around when they suddenly remember that they are kids.

Ruffled sleeves flower girl dresses

Ruffled sleeves always look good on kids. You can always find a flower girl dress with ruffled sleeves in your preferred color and designs. Whether it comes in sequin, tulle, or any other style, ruffled sleeves will always work.

Small sleeved flower girl dresses

People usually go for sleeveless dresses because of the issue of comfortability. If you are sure that your girls will be comfortable in small-sleeved dresses, then you can go for these. The sleeves should naturally come just a bit after the shoulder down the upper arm. They should be made of light material, taking away every atom of discomfort.

Three-piece flower girl dresses

If you are getting married in not-so-warm weather, this is the best option for you. Cotton tights, dresses, and jackets. You do not need to accessorize more than baskets and petals when getting these dresses, it might be too much. These look best when making use of white or close to white colors.

Long-sleeved flower girl dresses

Dresses with long sleeves should have the sleeves made with lace, also be prepared to get them out of these dresses after the ceremony is over. Of course, this is mostly if your flower girls are below the ages of 6, and tend to cry. If you are dealing with ages 7 to 10, then you are in the clear.

High-necked flower girl dresses

These often come off looking elegant and beautiful. The girls will look like classy princesses when they wear these. However, again, you should only go for this option if you are wearing them from ages 7 to 10. Girls of younger ages will eventually ask that their mothers take it off. Nonetheless, these are very beautiful dresses.

Sleeveless flower girl dresses

This is a favorite for many people, it is easy to wear, easy to take off, and very comfortable. From lace to cotton, in any type and design, you can think of, the sleeveless flower girl dresses will always be a great choice. Many of them are inexpensive, easy to shop for, and easy to deal with. They are also accessories friendly.

Double colored flower girl dresses

Instead of going for single-colored dresses, you could go for two colors. The top could be white, while the bottom a pale purple or pink. It could be a mix of many colors, as long as they look good together, and complement your event. It would not hurt to add some color to a usually monochrome event.

Ruffled flower girl dresses

Ruffled dresses are very beautiful on little girls, they look in between a ballerina and a princess. Something beautiful and easy to wear. These could also be worn to other events and for other celebrations. They are also some of the easiest dresses to shop for. Shops for little girls are never in lack of ruffled dresses for girls. For the color and design you want, you could surely find a ruffled flower girl dress.

Vintage flower girl dresses

If your wedding theme is something vintage, then you are in luck. Vintage flower girl dresses may not all come the same, but that's what is amazing about them. Each one unique with all of them having the vintage appeal, these dresses are simply perfect. Your flower girls in vintage flower girl dresses will give your event some dreamy fairy-tale touch.

Winged flower girl dresses

If you want a fairy-tale wedding, what is to say you cannot have angel flower girls or faires even? Have your flower girls looking like the angels they are, by putting them in winged dresses for your wedding. Since we are considering reusability, make sure that the wings used are detachable. This way, the dresses can be worn after the wedding for some other event without the wings. Wings are beautiful for any event.

Floor-length flower girl dresses

Some people would prefer that their flower girls, just like the bride, have a bit of a train. If you are that kind of bride, keep in mind that children trip over themselves all the time. So make sure flower girls are from ages 7 to 10, and would not trip over themselves to be on the safer side. It is better to be safe while trying to make sure your flower girls look very beautiful on your wedding day.

Ankle length flower girl dresses

This dress is for people who want a safe but long elegant look. With the dresses at the ankle in mostly a tulle, the girls look like princesses and do not have to drip. So this works for any age, as they can’t trip over this, and it is still long enough to pull off the princess look.

Knee-length flower girl dresses

This is very usual, as it works fine for people looking to play it safe all the way. The girls will have no reason to trip over themselves in this dress as it stops at the knee. This also works for straight flower girl dresses, as well as flayed flower girl dresses. It is the easiest choice as it looks great with just about any design. You can pair knee-length dresses with tights. It is usually a great combination. Comfort, beauty, and elegance wrapped up in one, is what the knee-length dresses provide.

V-back flower girl dresses

These are very popular designs. At the back of these dresses, the bottom of the V usually lies a big bow or a floral ruffled design. It is beautiful and this is very easy to find. If you are looking for easy and generic, you will find dresses in all colors and sizes on with the V-back. However, if you want something that is not so generic, then maybe something else.

Nevertheless, V-backs are always going to be a great dress option.

Off-Shoulder flower girl dresses

Adults like off-shoulder dresses because they look nice, well they will also look great on little girls. There are beautiful off-shoulder flower girl dresses out there, and they are just perfect for the little girls. You can get them with short sleeves or long, knee-length or ankle or floor.

They come in different designs and colors and they will look amazing on your girls.

Princess flower girl dresses

Since you will be the queen of your day, how about you have little beautiful princesses around you? Princess ball dresses are an easy flower girl option. They look beautiful and elegant and are not a choice you are bound to regret. These dresses look amazing in white, but they look good in other colors too, especially ivory and blue. You could also do the double colors mix with them.

Spaghetti flower girl dresses

Unlike sleeveless flower dresses, these are not very popular, but they are beautiful. While they will look nice on every girl, they will most certainly look better from ages 7 to 10. Spaghetti dresses make little girls look like little ladies, and it would be nice to have some little ladies by your side now, wouldn’t it?

Satin flower girl dresses

Everyone loves satin. They look nice in dinner dresses, ball dresses, wedding dresses, and in this case, flower girl dresses. Satin works with just about everything that requires a celebration, as long as it is a girl wearing it. It is also an easy shopping choice. The moment you type ‘satin flower girl dresses’ into your search box on Google, you are shown a wide array of options.

Floral printed flower girl dresses

If you are big on uniformity, and you want dresses with floral designs, here is to hoping your girls are few. The fewer your girls, the easier it will be for you to find uniformed floral printed dresses for all of them. Floral printed dresses give more beauty to the occasion. Flower girls in dresses with flowers attached to them look like a pretty good sight for a wedding.

A-Halter flower girl dresses

These are hanging from the neck and are perfect for girls of all ages. They are better when they are in long or ankle-length dresses. They do not go well with tulle or ball kind of dresses. They work fine with a long satin or cotton dresses. When picking the length, remember to consider the age of the girl wearing them.

Flower girl dresses with feathers

These are very unconventional and they are beautiful. Seeing your flower girls in dresses with feathers is a very heart-melting sight. This is in between conventional and unusual. This is very perfect if you are having your wedding at the beach, it has that Miami, Hawaii vibe. Add a feathery-floral wraith to this, and you have beautiful princess-like flower girls throwing petals at you and everyone else.

A-line flower girl dresses

You have most likely seen these dresses before but you did not know they were called A-line. These are very easy to shop for. They are also very beautiful and they look amazing on any kid who wears them. They are perfect for all ages, and they can either be long to the floor or stop at the ankle. They look better when they reach the floor, so consider the age of the girl before choosing.

Chiffon flower girl dresses

These are the most comfortable of the pile. They only come in A-line or A-halter designs, and they are usually ankle or floor length long. They are perfect when you are dressing 7 to 10-year-olds. Instead of accessorizing with a hair wraith, you could just pin a flower to their hair. It gives off this calm, by-the-sea look. Chiffon dresses are perfect for weddings done by the beach, or somewhere unconventional.

Bow-knot flower girl dresses

While it is usual to come across the Bowknot with the V-back dresses, the bow can be just on any dress. Because of the kind of uniformity the bow gives, it is the perfect choice for a bride who could not find uniform dresses. You could just search out ‘Bowknot dresses’ and you will find a lot of dresses with the bowknot. More often than not, these dresses look the same, with very few things making them different. You could just pick up all the ones which look remotely similar and have the same color.

Boho flower girl dresses

If you are looking to have a Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods kind of wedding, you would like these. Boho dresses are unconventional. They are not something you will expect to see on flower girls. 2021 has different trends than we are used to and that is why Boho made the list. Have your girls dressed in Boho flower girl dresses.

Country flower girl dresses

This is for those having a country wedding. Country weddings usually require a certain look and feel. The bride should not be the only one looking that way. The flower girls should be dressed up in the country vibe as well. There are numerous country flower girl dresses to choose from. Since most of them look the same, if you are having more than two flower girls, you do not have to worry about uniformity. They will look the same nonetheless.

Rustic flower girl dresses

This is something closer to the country flower girl dresses, but different. It has that rustic, away-from-the-usual vibe. If you are someone who has never loved the conventional and you were worried about flower girls, this is it. These dresses are usually paired with boots, instead of the usual dainty shoes for princesses. Hair wraiths and corsages are the perfect accessories for this outfit. If you are not big on accessories, you can pass on them, this look is already bold enough.

Embroidered flower girl dresses

Embroideries are what changes a plain dress to a princess dress. With embroideries and celebration in one sentence, you could never go wrong. You can get embroidered dresses in just about any color you want, and any style too. They work fine on lace, satin, and cotton especially. You do not have to stay on the internet for long unless you are picky. Once you search for ‘embroidered flower girl dresses’, you will see a long list of dresses you can choose from. It is also very easy to find dresses that look the same when searching for embroidered dresses.

Fabric Bloom flower girl dresses

It might not be easy to find dresses with a large floral fabric bloom. This is however not the case for early shoppers. As long as you are preordering, you are in luck. You may get all the fabric bloom dresses you need. Again, this is only if you are big on uniformity. If you are not, you could get dresses which do not look exactly alike, but all have a large bloom on them.

Maxi flower girl dresses

Maxi dresses are big and easy to wear. They look nice on kids below 7. They are comfortable and give the girls enough room to move around without tripping. People would rather go for bodice-type dresses because of how they look, but maxi dresses are cute too. They make the girls look cute and cuddly as they walk by throwing petals and having big smiles.

Cotton flower girl dresses

Comfortable and easy on the skin, this is a favorite for most people. You can only get cotton dresses in A-line dresses and A-halter neck dresses. They work better with pastel colors so they do not come off as too casual. You can also get the ones that are embroidered with floral designs or attached with other materials. Cotton rarely looks great on its own, it requires added attachments to look great. So, when going for cotton flower girl dresses, go for the ones which have been designed already.

Bell sleeves flower girl dresses

Bell sleeves are not very popular, so if you want this, you may need to have them custom made for your girls. You can get them online, but this will work only if your flower girls are not much. This is one of those outfits you may not be able to get in a large number unless you preorder. If you are an early shopper, you should have no issues getting these flower girl dresses for your girls.

While flower dresses are very capable of looking perfect on their own, do not forget to accessorize. Corsages and hair wraiths are the perfect accessories to add to a flower girl’s dress.

Pick those which look a little different from the color of the dress, but matches with the color of the day.

You could go extra and get each girl a corsage that complements the color of her eyes.

With this long list of 40, coming up with the perfect dress for your flower girl should not be too hard a task. These are the trends for 2021, so if you are having a 2021 wedding, this list of all the dress trends for flower girls makes it easy.

You do not have to do too much. All you have to do is make sure that they look like angels in whatever they wear.

You also should not forget the aforementioned considerations that should be taken when choosing dresses.

Have fun picking out the dresses for the flower girls, and cheers to a great wedding with these little princesses lighting up the day.