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Weddings are memorable, no matter whether you plan it to be a massive concoction of relatives and friends or just a bunch of special people while you tie the knot. If you decided on your bridesmaids, flower girls, and a special lady who is too young to be a bridesmaid and too old to be a flower girl, honor her as your junior bridesmaid.  

A junior bridesmaid, like the bridesmaid and flower girls, has her special role in the wedding. A junior bridesmaid is typically between 9 to 16 years of age. She is usually a relative such as a cousin, sister, or a niece of the couple or can also be children of close friends. 
Are you wondering what the responsibilities of a junior bridesmaid are? She entails many of the duties that the bridesmaid performs – planning the bridal shower, attending the rehearsal dinner, walking down the aisle, standing at the altar during the ceremony, reception, and sometimes also helping with the post-party cleanup. Ideally, she would be leading the procession, with the bridesmaids following her.

Now that you know the role and responsibilities of a junior bridesmaid and have decided to have your special person rule it, the next course of action would be choosing a perfect dress for your junior bridesmaid. While choosing junior bridesmaid dresses, always be mindful of finding one that is age-specific and looks youthful. That said, you should also be careful enough to choose something that doesn't look too old for her age and not too young, mirroring the flower girls'.
Do not sweat it if you can’t decide on what would be an ideal dress for your junior bridesmaid. This article will serve you as a complete guide as to what should a dress for junior bridesmaid look like. From the latest designs to colors that merge with the event, we have put together some of the finest and fascinating junior bridesmaid dress ideas for you.

Sparkling Gold Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Gold has its own warmth, and its sparkling aura makes the gold junior bridesmaid dress one of a kind. It is not only bright and refreshing, but your bridesmaid will stand out of all—a perfect choice for a classic wedding.

These dressescome in a variety of styles to match your taste. You can choose one with applique work, beads, or a wide floral skirt for an elegant and decorative appearance. A jeweled bolero will add more elegance and appeal to the overall look of the bridesmaid.

A trendier look, but traditional at the same time is a golden dress with spaghetti strap halter neck with a flowing A-line skirt– a simple yet gorgeous look foryour little lady.

If you like to keep it all-natural and simple, matching her age, a tea-length golden dress will be a perfect fit for the occasion. This style of dress will look gorgeous with an A-line cut and a designer waistband. Choose knee-length to bring that youthful look to the dress that favors the pretty junior bridesmaid.

Are you thinking of adding more sparkle and brightness? You can pick a dress that has sparkle embellished in it and has a ruffled look to the overlaid skirt. A rhinestone adorned dress will be a perfect match for this combination. Make it more decorative with a stylish sash waistband that will add elegance. Mostly available in sleeveless designs, this charming junior bridesmaid dress will make your bridesmaid stand out in the crowd.

Delicately decorative lace dresses bring an instant fascinating look to the one who wears them. Find a unique match of elegant lace and gleaming golden fabric with a studded waistband. It is a refined taste; your bridesmaid will be happy to wear it!

Classy Purple Junior Bridesmaid Dress

The color of luxury and grandeur, a purple junior bridesmaid dress will be so classy and beautiful. You will find different shades of purple with styles and patterns matching each personality.

Discover an array of fabrics from lace, organza, satin, or a chiffon junior bridesmaid dress, available in unmatched designs that you cannot resist. You can choose from a wide range of necklines and dress length.

For a more conventional and fairy touch of a wedding, choose a purple dress with a floor-length flare. These long dresses not only look chic but has a taste of class. Available in an A-line cut, they look pretty in double-layered chiffon fabrics.

Should you want it to look more fashionable, choose one with an asymmetrical cut with an A-line scoop neckline design. A V-neck purple dress will also look lovely for the event.
If contrast is your thing, you'll like the charming color combination of purple with a lighter shade. Look for a dress with a bit of lacework in a lighter shade, say, white - a modest variety that never goes wrong. Lace bodice with A-line cut creates a lovely look. Other necklines to discover include off-shoulder, one-shoulder, or V- neck. You'll be so happy you chose one of these styles!

Chic and Elegant Lace Junior Bridesmaid Dress

Lace dresses are timeless. No matter what occasion you wear them in, they are always in trend. Choose one versatile and sophisticated lace junior bridesmaid dress for your pretty bridesmaid.
Available in a comprehensive combination of shades and designs, these lace dresses are sure to glam up your wedding.

Matching your wedding's color combination or code, you can select one ivory vintage lace work dress with embroidered bodice. Choose one with an A-line cut and sleeveless to bring that stylish finish to the overall look. You can complete the look with a satin sash or go without it. Either way, this dress will be a hit.

Ivory tulle lace work dressis yet another addition to the lace collection that you'd love to check out. The sweet blend of contemporary and traditional styling is a perfect festive feel, and the ivory tulle dress is one ideal junior bridesmaid attire. For a more decorative finish, select one with an adornment of rhinestone or pearl to the waistline, adding a glistening look to the junior bridesmaid. You can find them in different lace combination fabric, including lace and satin, lace, or chiffon with an extensive range of necklines to go with your taste.

Keeping in mind the junior bridesmaid's young age, you can still make her look like a diva with an asymmetrical lace dress for the occasion. The high-low feature of such dresses are not just trendy and charming but also honors her age.

To give it a classic look, you can choose one with a three-quarter sleeve and lace bodice. Half-sleeve and sleeveless also looks pretty in this style.
We carry a lot of color combinations to meet your style and vibe of the wedding. Whether you want to keep it simple or step in with the grandeur of the aisle, choose one color that compliments all. Available in burgundy, dark navy, rose, and many more to choose from.

Trendy Burgundy Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Dress up your junior bridesmaid with a tint of richness – burgundy has it all. The rich hue and gorgeous shade of burgundy make a flawless bridesmaid dress. Teamed up with exquisite designs, unmatched styles, and comfort of fabric, our collection of burgundy junior bridesmaid dresses are just the thing you cannot resist for your wedding.

Make your junior bridesmaid a little princess with a stylish and elegant burgundy color dress. Choose from designs including knee-length, floor-length, ball-gowns, asymmetrical, or tea-length dresses to suit every wedding event.

Either keep it sophisticated with a chiffon burgundy fabric or make it more charming with lacework and satin; rest assured for your little junior bridesmaid will look pretty.

If you are particular about the neckline, do not worry, we have a massive collection of designer necklines to match your expectations. Available necklines include scoop neck, V-neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, cowl-neck, or a pretty square neck will look fabulous.

Keep it simple, or pick one embellished with lacework, applique, rhinestone, or pearl work for a more embellishing look if you have planned a more decorative wedding backdrop. Find pretty burgundy dresses in huge selections of designs and cuts such as a tiered skirt, floral, mermaid, ball-gown, or a low-high. Pick one that suits your taste and matches your junior bridesmaid style.

Classy Navy Junior Bridesmaid Dress

One of the best shades of a blue, navy is a go-to color for serene and gorgeous anything. No matter what style or design you choose for your junior bridesmaid, a navy junior bridesmaid dress will bring uniqueness and purity to the joyous occasion.

Delicately designed with the finest craftsmanship, choose from a selection of lovely and elegant fabric including, chiffon, sequined, tulle, lace, or a more versatile satin.Whether you are looking for a designer dress or a vibrant dress to fit in the ceremony's excitement and festive air, we have just the thing for you. Pick either a knee-length, floor-length, or a low high based on what your junior bridesmaid would be comfortable with.

If embellishment is what you are looking for, you'll love the beadings in our junior bridesmaid dresses that are so delicately placed to make these dresses one of their kind. Go with an all navy hue, or pick one with contrast. Navy chiffon with white lace or golden bodice will look so cute. You may also choose one with a decorated waistband and keep the look minimal with navy-only shade.

There is a wide variety of beautiful necklines. Be creative and go with an off-the-shoulder floor-length navy dress, and imagine how sweet your junior bridesmaid will look walking beside you at the aisle. For a lovely, petite junior bridesmaid, you can confidently choose a knee-length, tea-length, or low-high navy dress – it will look as charming as her.

Charming Lavender Junior Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Pretty Lady

Who doesn't like a lavender-colored dress? Delicately designed fabric, pleated waistline, brilliantly done neckline – you ask for perfection, you have it! If lavender is one color you adore, discover our massive collection of designer lavender junior bridesmaid dresses. Whether you are looking for a simple chiffon floor-length dress or you want to get a stunning tea-length dress for your junior bridesmaid, we have it all.

While we have varieties of designs and styles for you, we also understand the need for an age-specific junior bridesmaid dress. You'll discover the latest designs, including scoop neck A-line asymmetrical dress, off-the-shoulder A-line floor-length dress, scoop neck ball-gown dress, or knee-length chiffon dress in lavender color.

Lavender itself is a pretty color, and when you find the best contrast of exotic hues, you get perfect dress for your junior bridesmaid. Be more creative and find the ideal blend of a lighter shade with lavender. Ivory or white are pretty shades that go with any color. Blend it with lavender to get beautiful and elegant ivory and lavender dress. Choose one that has a white bodice and a breezy skirt. A bit of gold with lavender will also look magical.

Scoop necks are charming, but you can safely experiment with other necklines that will look equally charming. A V-neck or a sleeveless is perfect for a summer wedding, and they make beautiful lavender junior bridesmaid dresses. Add a touch of sophistication with delicate lacework, or go with some flounce detailing for that graceful look.
Give it a beautiful mix of traditional and modern touch – find one with quarter sleeves, stunning dress you can get your junior bridesmaid. You can either choose the fabric to be chiffon or go for a chiffon blend with a lace bodice. Without a doubt, your little lady will love it. It will be an ideal dress for a spring and fall wedding.

Cute and Stylish Short Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Rejoice the grace of short junior bridesmaid dresses with styles that are so impressive; you cannot go without getting one for your pretty junior bridesmaid. If you want to boost your young lady's cute and lively grace, short dresses are what you are looking for.
With a broad spectrum of colors, including white, mulberry, pink, champagne, grape, black, and even exciting contrast of white and grey, these outfits are a unique combination of comfort and elegance.

If you plan for a summer wedding, you can choose a short sleeveless dress, either simple or embellished. Both way, your junior bridesmaid will look like a little princess. A spaghetti strap with a bit of adorned or appliqued bodice is another excellent match for perfect short dresses to the occasion.

Why not choose a neckline with beaded detailing? Tiny detailing makes your dress stand out from the rest while still maintaining the attire's grace and purpose. Make it more unique with a square or off-the-shoulder neckline for a perfect look to walk down the aisle. You'll be so happy to your junior bridesmaid shine.

Pretty Coral Junior Bridesmaid Dresses for Joyous Occasion

A joyful color, coral, can be worn on any special occasion and looks excellent at weddings. Bright hue and expressive designs blend with the joyous mood of a happy ceremony.

You'll find fabulous designs and cuts available in coral junior bridesmaid dresses. Add some glitz with glittery and shimmered soft bodice with trimmed tiered or layered skirt. If you like beads, you can choose a dress with an adorned waistband or a glittery sash.

With a wide range of necklines, pick one that suits the weather and the taste of your junior bridesmaid. However, short sleeves look stunning. You may also choose a coral dress with a short sleeve and scoop neckline.

Tulle never goes out of style. Delicately designed with the finest craftsmanship and the comfort of the fabric, what an ideal piece to wear! If you prefer to give your junior bridesmaid a more glittery or styled look, we have a great collection of adornedand coral pearl-embellished uragiri dress. Pearl beads, ruffle, rhinestone, sequins, or a stunning sash will gleam up her overall look.

If you want to combine a bit of vintage with some trendy flair, pick a dress with lacework done on it. Imagine how stunning a coral and lacework dress would look! From one shoulder and scoop neck to V-neckline and off-the-shoulder neckline, you'll find an array of appealing necklines to choose from.

Vintage White and Silver Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Effortlessly fabulous, white junior bridesmaid dresses are a beautiful combination of elegance and purity – much of what needs in a junior bridesmaid dress. A white attire for your junior bridesmaid will compliment her age and give her a graceful look for the ceremony.

If you are looking for something serene and shimmery, you can go with silver junior bridesmaid dresses as well. Let your little lady sparkle with grace while you may contrast silver with white chiffon dress as well. 

Knee-length breezy cut dresses will look stunning. Add some refinement and glam to her look with a cute mixture of floral satin and white shade. A-cut line will flatter her figure and give a fairy-like look to your junior bridesmaid.

It is a day of celebration; why not adorn her dress with something that stands out? Choose a white dress with a decorative sash or waistband – maybe a flower-adorned sash or a glittery ruffled waist. A complete white dress with a cute bow on the waist will make the dress all more special.  

White dresses are available in selective designs, including asymmetrical, trumpet, knee-length, floor-length, tea-length, or cute short. You can either decide to keep it all white or go for a more stunning look with the contrast of burgundy or silver.

Black Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Let the color of elegance and sophistication stand out in your wedding. Black junior bridesmaid dresses are a unique combination of class and sparkle. Make memorable wedding photos with your junior bridesmaid dressed in black.

Adorable styles with appealing necklines give these junior bridesmaid black dresses their unique personalities. You cannot go wrong with these designs ranging from chiffon scoop neck dresses, asymmetrical scoop neck, A-line off-the-shoulder, or pretty scoop neck keyhole neckline – they are all so lovely.

You may choose to go with the regular strap, a spaghetti, or a cap strap. These refined attires look so great when combined with delicate lacework or ruffled details. The color itself so bright will make your junior bridesmaid beam with beauty and charm.

A pretty and never-fail-to-impress combination of black with white will surely shine big. A white embroidered or lacework bodice, scoop neckline with chiffon fabric – you already got the view. It will look so charming on her.

If you want to grace her youth and cuteness, select one with tiered or layered rules on the skirt. An additional sparkling brooch or glittery sash or waistband to the black junior bridesmaid dress will make it even more charming. 

Pretty Pink Junior Bridesmaid Dress for Your Little Girl

The color of love, pink, could be one of the favorite colors of your junior bridesmaid! Pure color and matching to the wedding's backdrop, you can happily choose a pink junior bridesmaid dress.
Any style you prefer to choose, the pink shade will make it look more desirable. Let your junior bridesmaid feel like a little princess with a floor-length A-line pink dress. Paint everyone in the occasion's romantic mood, choose a ruched bodice with a decorative waistband, or go with an asymmetrical chiffon dress with a spaghetti strap. Needless to say, your little girl will brighten up the aisle.

If you have chosen an embroidered pattern for the bridesmaid and the flower girl, make sure you check out our collection of embroidered lace applique outfit for your little girl for a fairy tale aisle walk.

If you prefer a short dress instead, there are a variety of styles to choose from. A pink dress will make her look age-appropriate and stunning at the same time. Pick one with a spaghetti strap and fitted bodice for a cute look. Whether you want to keep it simple or stylish, an asymmetrical pink dress will serve both the purpose – your girl will look attractive and elegant at the same time.

Summer Ready Yellow Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

The color of happiness and magic - make yellow the color of your grand celebration. Whether you choose to make your wedding a private affair or include more guests, a yellow outfitwill glow up your junior bridesmaid.

No matter what style or design you choose, our collection of yellow outfits are a great way to impress. From trendy designs that stay unmatched to styles created to impress, you can never go wrong with this color.

What could be more enchanting than yellow junior bridesmaid dresses if you are planning for a summer wedding? From embellished ruffles detailing to pearl beading, there are endless ways to dress the ideal attire you want it to be. Plain yellow or combine it with more vibrant colors like white or gold to give it a stunning look.

You'll love how each style and cut so perfectly fits the hue that you just cannot decide which to pick. Choose from various types like a floor-length dress for a more fairy tale entry, a knee-length for an overall cute look, or tea-length when you want to blend cuteness with elegance.

Fabulous Red Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

The color of love and free-spirit, red is a perfect color to choose for junior bridesmaid dresses. Let her be herself and enjoy the wedding in her pretty red dress. Make your wedding memorable with exciting designs colored in red.

Red junior bridesmaid dresses are not just chic but will add a hue to the festive occasion. From fabulous styles and embellishments to make it more stunning, we have a vast collection of red dresses for your junior bridesmaid.

We carry all the styles that match your taste and the wedding, from V-neck and scoops neck to shoulder and off-shoulder styles.

If you prefer to keep it simple, go with a knee-length sleeveless dress or choose a lace adorned if you want a vintage touch to the wedding. Lacework looks excellent, bring out your creativity, and you can contract a red chiffon dress with some white lacework bodice for a gorgeous look.

If you like lace and want to pick that up, a full red lace and chiffon dress will also look stunning on your junior bridesmaid.

Make sure to ask your junior bridesmaid about the neckline she'd prefer. You can choose from a range of necklines like V-neck, spaghetti, and high scoop, whichever suits your taste.

Perfect Pair of Junior Bridesmaid Shoes

Now that you have decided on your junior bridesmaid dress, it's time you choose the perfect junior bridesmaid shoes for the wedding. An ideal shoe will add elegance to your junior bridesmaid's overall look.

Based on the type of dress you choose, pick a comfortable pair of shoes for her and adds charm. Be mindful she will be spending long hours in those shoes, so they need to be comfortable.
For a dark-colored dress such as burgundy or black, you can choose black or golden or metallic shades, and white or cream shades look great with lighter shades of dresses like ivory and white.

For your special wedding, you must make everyone involved feel special. Your junior bridesmaid is an essential part of your wedding. You must choose a perfect junior bridesmaid dress that is not just pretty but age-specific.

Make sure you have your junior bridesmaid next to you while you select her dress – she must approve what you choose for her.