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With the passing of summer, you'll need to unpack your winter outfits and winter boots as well. If you plan for some winter wear shopping, you'll have to consider getting new pairs of boots for your little ones. Although you can carry out your previous year's winter wears, you have to get a new pair for your kid as they keep growing and their clothes and shoes outgrow them.

Once you start choosing winter boots for kids, you'll be overwhelmed with the different varieties available in stores. Selecting a perfect design, considering your kids snow boots comfort, material, or size, is a daunting task. You also have to keep in mind that you are shopping for a kid and not an adult.

This article would serve you as a complete guide and help you with useful tips for selecting snow boots for kids. After reading this article, you'll be able to find the best snow boots for kids, and you will know whether investing in quality kids winter boots is a good idea.
Is there a difference between snow boots and winter boots then, or can you just select any of them and be done with it? Let’s find out.

Are Winter Boots and Snow Boots The Same?

Most people wouldn't notice the difference between winter boots and snow boots. However, there are some differences between - purpose, material, and design.

Though the purpose of these two types of boots is to keep the feet warm during winter, the winter boots are designed for more general use in the cold season. It cannot be considered as an ideal pair to pick for snow walks. If your area experiences snowfall, these kinds of boots are not recommended for your kids. Winter boots are fashionable, and you'll find a wide variety of stylish designs. But they may not be able to give you the comfort snow boots will provide you with while walking through snow.

As the name suggests, snow boots are designed for snow-clad areas and wet weather conditions. Here wet doesn't mean few inches of snow; it means heavy piles of harsh snow.

Having a rubber bottom and a heavy design, snow boots are the ideal footwear for snow walks. Their height (above the ankle) gives additional warmth and provides the ankle with additional support.

On the other hand, winter boots for kids will have good insulation like the snow boot and keep the feet warm. Good quality winter boots are designed with waterproof material; however, they cannot protect the feet from the snow that trips inside from the boot's opening and the portion just above the feet.

Since now you know the difference, you can shop for your kids’ winter boots or snow boots based on the purpose – either your kid will walk in wet conditions, deep snow, or general winter use, you know what to shop for.

What to Look for When Buying Winter Boots and Snow Boots

If your kid's previous year's boots for cold weather are too small, you need a new to buy a new pair. As a parent, you'll not only look for the design and color combination but comfort too. Along with comfort, you cannot ignore certain qualities that should be there in kids snow boots. We'll discuss each one of them one by one.


No, they are not the same – waterproof and water-resistant are different! Waterproof winter boots for kids come with tighter lining, and most comes with a synthetic outer surface that looks cool and protects the feet from getting wet even in damp and wet conditions.  

Water-resistant boots will keep the boot dry from light snowfall and slight drizzles, but it is not something you should get for heavy snowfall or puddles. To ensure your kid's feet are warm and dry, look for boots with an inner liner and tight seams to prevent snow from getting inside from any closure or through the laces.

Some kids winter boots come with a synthetic outer layer that may look like leather. These kinds of boots can bear wetness to a limit but later will seep inside through the shoes, making your kid's feet wet and cause discomfort. Choose a pair of boots that has quality leather on the surface. It will add looks to your kids' overall winter outfit and will last for several seasons to come. Best deal if you do not plan to spend a fortune on kids boots every year.


Don't let the severe cold affect those little toes. While shopping for winter boots for kids or snow boots, make sure they are insulated well to keep your kid's feet warm. Insulated boots will have sheepskin materials, more traditional lining such as shearling, foam, or will have a separate insulating layer that will keep the feet naturally warm. There are a lot of alternative materials that are quite effective for insulating the boots.

Whether you are looking for winter boots or best snow boots for kids, make sure you get a pair that has proper insulation so that no matter what activity your kid will involve in, they'll remain dry and warm.


Irrespective of what kind of boots you seek to choose, comfort cannot be ignored at any cost. While good fit and style are also important, you should prioritize the level of comfort your little one will get while wearing their boots of the season.

You should be considerate of certain things, like there should be enough room for the toes to move, so there are no bites or pinching of the toes. The boots should support the ankle; the material or sole inside is soft enough and will not create any tiredness or pain on the feet' sole.
Even a size big won't harm if your child wears thick socks to keep the feet extra warm and comfortable. Remember, it's for your little one, and they have an active lifestyle – you don't want him/her to have swollen or tired feet at the end of the day.


The intent is to keep the moisture away. Some kids also have sweaty feet; the moisture must remain outside, and the feet dry. Therefore, choosing a pair made of naturally breathable material such as fleece. These boots will let the water vapor escape while still resisting the water and removing the odor.

The Correct Height

Based on the kind of area you live in and the amount of cold you might expect this season, go for an ankle-length boot for your kid if you plan to get a new pair of winter boots. Talking of snow boots, those that have high ankle is a good pick. It helps to avoid snow tripping inside your little one's boots. Halfway of the calf should be the minimum height of the kids snow boots. This height will enable your child's free movement on deep snow without worrying about snow entering the boots and any moisture slipping in through the top.


This factor is something most people ignore while shopping and pay more attention to the product's aesthetics. An ideal winter boot should is made of leather or quality nylon meant for heavy-duty. Both these materials are useful and act as resistance from wind, abrasion, and puncture. Look for one that has moisture-wicking lining and rubber soles with thread. The upper portion of any winter boots for kids should extend above your kid's ankle for maximum protection from the snow and chilling wind.

Quality boots for fall season are made of leather or nylon with seams taped or sealed for additional moisture protection. Don't decide yet – explore a variety of them. Look for the shoe box description about the waterproof fabric and the safety or barrier system the boots are providing. You might also want to check for the kind of insulation used for the boots, which should be fleece, foam, sheepskin, or synthetic.


A proper sole will protect your kid from accidental slips on the snow, so you might not want to overlook this factor while purchasing your kid's boots for the cold weather. There is no better alternative to rubber soles for anti-friction or anti-slip properties in winter boots for kids or snow boots. For sure, your child loves playing in the snow like every child in the neighborhood. But think of the hazards that lie on those icy streets. 

Whether you are looking for a pair of winter boots or snow boots, consider getting one with a rubber sole. The plan is to protect the child from slips and falls, and the rubber sole does precisely that. Rubber soles will allow proper traction and balance of your kid on the icy streets. The sole should be heavy to battle this condition. However, it might not collate with parents looking for winter boots' aesthetics, but then your child's safety is the priority.

Fastening or Closure

Right after done you are done with the sole, consider the kind of closure you are looking for. There is a variety of closures available; however, consider your kids' age before choosing one. If your child is a toddler or less than 5-years old, it is better to go with button closure or Velcro closure. It would be easy for them to fasten it and comfortable for you to train them to fasten if you've been securing the boots for them so far.

There are also pull-on boots that can be put-on and pull-off easily without the need for fastening. Look for the ones with elastic panels on the sides that stretch and fit perfectly, no matter the size of your kid's calf.

Besides, kids are active, and with these closures, you'll be worry-free of any touch-up or check whether they are fastened properly – because they'll fasten up tightly.
If your kid is a bit bigger and knows how to tie lace, you can safely choose one with lace-up detailing.

Kids boots with zippers are also a good option for younger kids. Just pull up, and they are good to go!

Why Should You Invest in Quality Winter Boots for Kids?

Adhering to the fact that your kids' feet outgrow their boots every season, you might not want to invest in expensive boots. Many parents go for cheaper boots for their kids or shop for more boots paying the same or less amount that any quality boots will cost. Whereas saving is a must, and spending that extra on a pair of kids' boots might seem illogical to you, you simply cannot ignore your kid's associated comfort in a quality pair of boots.

Compromising your child's comfort and safety during the harsh winter season isn't a smart idea. An ideal pair of winter boots or snow boots for your child includes features such as water resistance, waterproofing, anti-slip, insulation features, or a proper closure. These features for sure will cost you some extra bucks, but it is worth the buy in the long run.

So investing in quality pair of boots is a great idea no matter if you want a snow boot or winter boots. Also, instead of buying too many pairs that fail to serve the purpose, it is good to invest in one or two pairs and be worry-free for the cold weather.

Types of Winter Boots

Kid's winter boots come in a wide array of options - ankle length, knee-high, and lace-up boots. There are also rubber boots variants for more wet conditions.

Ankle Length Boots

This variety of boots has become more of a fashion statement and is quite popular among kids and grown-ups. Easy to put on and are stylish, ankle boots are one of the ideal choices for the fall season. Both little girl and little boy can wear these boots.

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are again a popular variety but more among girls. Irrespective of how cold the weather is or how much snow is there in your pavement, this variant is an ideal pick. It will keep your kid's feet dry and warm. The rubber soles at the bottom will protect the child from accidental slips and falls.

Lace-up Boots

A more go-to option for older kids, these boots usually come with a padded collar to resist the chilling wind. These are easy to wear and are comfortable. The rubber sole will enable proper stability and enhance traction. If your kid already knows how to tighten the laces, this pair is great for him/her. Quality lace-up boots are the best snow boots for kids. These also come in winter boots types.

Combat Boots

A perfect pick for daily activities during winter, combat boots are more popular among older girls. Not only are they stylish, but they are also comfortable. However, if you are looking for some heavy-duty boots for your kid, this isn't a great choice. Combat boots don't come with insulation and won't bear the harsh wind and snow piles on the streets. Though perfect for daily activities, but not a go-to for outdoor activities.

Rubber Boots

A perfect match of cute colors and qualities to protect your kid's feet from getting wet, rubber boots are the thing that satisfies your and your kids' preference for winter footwear. Rubber boots are waterproof and durable, just perfect for daily activities, and ideal for school.
If your kid is a toddler or lace-up is something you are not looking for, go with rubber boots. It is easy to wear, comfortable, and comes with cute prints and patterns that your child will love to wear.

For toddlers and little girls rubber boots or rubber rain boots come in exciting color and legendary Disney inspired prints – your little girl will scream with joy. If you are shopping for your little boy, rubber boots have a lot of styles to offer. Ideal for school and everyday activities, these rubber boots for boys have collars that prevent water or snow from finding their way inside the boots. Your little guy's feet will remain dry and warm.

In Trend Snow Boots for Kids Girls

Winter would be so dull without your kids playing in the snow. Thank God for cozy winter outerwear and snow boots. So far, you got an idea of the different types of snow and winter boots available for kids. This section will focus on the latest trends of comfortable and worth the buy snow boots for little girls.

Insulated Snow Boots

This category of boots is perfect for super active kids. These boots will not only keep your kids' feet warm but will make them feel comfortable even involved in energy-filled activities. Insulated snow boots for kids girls come with a flexible rubber outer sole which is just the thing you'd want for your little girl when she out in the snow trailblazing the snow. The upper of the boots come with a perfect medley of nylon and leather, which has been seamed-locked to keep moisture away.

Cute Printed Snow Boots for Girls

Still living with the age-old relation of little girls and cute prints, this variety of printed snow boots for girls are available in beautiful prints. You'll find pretty patterns such as mermaid, butterflies, flowers, trucks, polka dots, or anything that your little princess can think of.
Printed ones are mostly preferred by parents of infants and toddlers, whereas bigger girls prefer solid colors and polka dots.

Faux-Fur Collared Boots

Quite popular among girls, both younger and older, the faux-fur collared boots are an excellent choice for a stylish and warm winter wear experience. The faux-fur collar and the tongue-like lining keep the cold and wetness out, retain the feet' warmth, and keep them comfortable. This variant is available in a wide array of colors and patterns.

Mid-Calf Snow Boots

A round-toe boot with a sturdy outsole is one good pick for snow walks, perfect for both girls and boys. This boot is equipped with quality insulation, keeping the feet of your little one stable on the icy streets and enables proper grip. Lined with artificial fluff, this boot type is just the thing for winter. The mid-calf snow boots for kids girls come in assorted colors, are easy to wear and carry.

Lace-up Boots for Girls

It comes in different styles and colors; the lace-up boots are suitable for bigger girls. If your daughter knows to tighten her laces, this pair is the right choice for you. Although snow boots are meant to be heavy, these days, you'll find several options that come with a lighter body and don't compromise with the comfort and purpose of a snow boot. These boots come with fleece lining on the inside and are highly practical.

Quilted Snow Boots

Why stop your kids from enjoying the snow outside? Let them have fun and get heavy-duty quilted snow boots for kids girls your daughter will love to wear. These models are waterproof and well insulated. Lined with fleece and rubber on the outside, it provides reliable safety from snow and wet conditions.

Usually, these boots' outer body comes with warm fabric textile and waterproof and rubber that is anti-slip and again waterproof. These either come in zipped closure or pull-on closure styles.
Whether you are shopping for your daughter or son, you cannot go wrong with this boot type.

In Trend Snow Boots for Kids Boys

• Ankle Snow Boots for Boys
Ankle-length winter boots won't fade away from the trend. No matter which part of the globe you live in, when it's winter, ankle-length snow boots for kids boys are something your kid's wardrobe should have. Most of these pairs come in zipper style, so there is no hassle in checking on those laces anymore. Ideal for bigger boys and toddlers.

• Pull-On Snow Boots
Ease, comfort, and style are what you get in a pair of pull-on snow boots for little boys. If you are a parent of an active kid or a toddler boy, these pull-on and pull-off snow boots are worth buying. They are comfortable, look cool, and keeps the feet warm. What else can you ask for?

• Insulated Snow Boots
Insulation is the one feature you cannot ignore while shopping for snow boots for kids boys. If your son is an active kid or likes playing outside in the snow, these boots are a must-have. Besides keeping wetness and snow away from your kid's feet, these comfortable boots will add style to your little guy's overall look. Available in a vast collection of shades, best for little boys, bigger boys, and toddlers.

Special Mention to Cowboy Boots for Kids

Cowboy boots are one cool option for kids winter boots. They are comfortable and come in striking colors and patterns. Though not a great pick for snowy streets or puddles, cowboy boots are preferable for dry, windy fall days. These boots can be used for daily activities and school as well. You can get a pair for your kid to have a stylish version for less cold days. These boots' chic look goes with a conventional dress code and can be worn with any kind of outfit.
Both boys and girls can wear cowboy boots, and there are lots of models to choose from. Boys usually love cowboy boots, and if your little guy is a fan of this variant, we carry a vast collection to choose from.

Girls usually prefer more color combinations while looking for cowboy boots. However, you'll find different browns shades for boys such as tan, walnut, or a variety of tan and black – they all look great.

Finding the Best Boots Size for Your Kids

Shopping for winter boots and snow boots can be tricky. The main issue is the measurement. Many times, you feel the size is just perfect, but once your child puts them on, they complain about shoe bites, pinching on the toe, etc. Don't let a wrong size affect the excitement of your kid's new pair of boots.

Here are a few tips on how to get the perfect fit for the new boots for kids.

Make your kid stand and measure both feet. See that the toes are straight. Take the size of the biggest foot, and that's the size you'll need.
Sometimes, your kid's size might not be perfect and can be between two sizes. In such cases, consider the biggest size – warm socks can also be worn along.

Now that you got your kids' size ask him/her to try some of the boots that you both liked from the collection. Each pair he/she tries on make him/her walk around a bit and see if the toes have enough space to wiggle inside. Make sure the inner sole is not too hard. Memory foams work best, though.

Be mindful that the boots should not be too big or too tight for your kid. Too big sizes will just easily come off, and those too tight will be uncomfortable to wear.

Choosing style over comfort should never be an essential factor when shopping for your kids' boots for winter. Take your time, and use these mentioned points to have a clear idea of the kind of snow boots and winter boots for kids available in the market and the kind that suits your purpose. No matter what style or design you pick, invest in a quality pair, and you won't regret it!