How to dress your flower girl in the spring

Weddings are such joyous and beautiful occasions meant to bring happiness to all those involved. Spring weddings are a thing of beauty because all nature takes part in the celebration of love. Rebirth and regrow seem to be the keywords of this season. So it’s no wonder many brides will choose an outdoor location for their wedding. That leaves the guests and all the bridal parties with some choices regarding the appropriate attire.

One of the first representatives of the wedding party is an adorable little girl bound to walk before the bride and fill the aisle with flowers and cuteness. Yes, it’s the flower girl.

She is the first member of the wedding that people will see and her attire needs to be as beautiful as it is cozy.

When it comes to choosing a dress for the flower girl, things aren’t much different than choosing something beautiful for a bridesmaid or even the bride. They all have to look gorgeous and feel comfortable enough in whatever weather spring might bring. The task of buying the dress for the flower girl is attributed to the parents of the girl, but don't worry, we have you covered.

There are a lot of options when it comes to flower girl dresses. Depending on the venue and the weather outside, the style of the brides’ dress, and the age of the little one, the flower girl dress can have different patterns, colors, shapes, and lengths.

At Sophia’s Style, we intend to look through some of these styles and present you with some valid options.

Traditional Flower Girl Dresses

It is, indeed, a tradition that the flower girl dress needs to be white, long, flowy, and to look cute and beautiful. Usually, this style will come with lots of layers of tulle and almost every traditional dress will be white. The beauty of this kind of dress is that the tulle is light and it will transform the little one into a true princess.

She’ll just love the way the fluffy fabric flows and moves when she’ll walk down the aisle and after that when she’ll be dancing. This kind of dress is suitable for outdoor weddings as well as for indoor ones and it is a great option even for toddler flower girl dresses. Here are some examples of traditional and white flower girl dresses from Sophia's Style.

Boho Flower Girl Dresses

For those unconventional weddings where the bride and the groom decide they want to celebrate their love in a cozier place with fewer people, there are dresses that will match the occasion. This Boho flower girl dress will have an off-the-shoulder cut, flowers all over the bodice, ruffles, and lace.

There is a certain charm to these dresses, which translates into comfort and personality. The great part of this kind of dress is that color is allowed. You can pick something boho-chic and still be elegant and festive. See here what we have that matches those criteria above and we guarantee you’ll love the style.

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

We know that these days white and ivory appear the same, but they are not. White, as we previously stated, represents the traditional flower girl dress and the traditional type of wedding. Whereas, ivory states that the dress is traditional, it also represents a more personal way of seeing things.

The ivory color for the flower girl dress will look amazing in an outdoor wedding, with beautiful drapes and materials hanging outside and creating the effect of serenity and calm. The little girl dresses in such a manner that will tell the people a story about love and precious moments.

See here what our suggestions are for Ivory flower girl dresses and why they are always a beautiful choice.

Long Sleeve Flower Girl Dresses

Spring has a way of making us doubt there will be summer someday. If one day during spring you still see bouts of snow, followed by high temperature, then you know what we’re talking about.

For those moments, when you have no idea if the weather will indeed be fine, we selected the next flower girl dress category: long sleeve flower girl dresses. A bride will look her best even if she shivers a bit, but a little girl walking down the aisle and being cold is not something we desire. So, while the tradition of wearing a dress must be kept, a long sleeve will help the little one if the weather turns out to be less than ideal.

There are those dresses where the sleeves are all lace and embroidery and the other dresses where there’s full fabric appropriate for a not so formal wedding. However, the dress can be paired with a beautiful cape or cardigan to insure the little lady doesn’t suffer from the cold.

Whatever you choose, be sure we have a great selection of long sleeve dresses for the little flower girl. See here what we suggest and take your pick.

Romantic flower girl dresses

Weddings are by definition romantic events, but to take it a step further the bride could decide she wants to dress in a romantic dress. That’s the kind of flowy, lacey dress that looks just like a fairytale. So, when that happens, the dress for the flower girl must be the same style.

Usually, romantic dresses for the flower girls have these unique characteristics that will tell you which is the right one.

They come in pale colors, not always in white or ivory as the tradition asks. They can be pink flower girl dresses or rose gold flower girl dresses. They are long and comfortable, with little bows and flowers on them.

Lace flower girl dresses also fall into this category of romantic style. You’ll be amazed at how delicate and beautiful your little girls can be wearing this kind of dress.

We have several dresses that fit this description and will look so good at a romantic wedding.

Princess Flower Girls Dresses

We’ve talked about different styles, but the most appreciated one remains the princess dress. Every little girl loves the sparkle and the layers of tulle that come with this type of attire. So it’s no wonder that a little girl walking down the aisle will look amazing and cute wearing a princess-style dress.

The best part about this kind of dress is that it can combine all the elements from above. The dress can have many layers of tulle and be poofy, it can have that delicate lace, rhinestones, and glitter, and it can even be gold, rose, or blue.  It will look good on a toddler and also on a preschooler and it fits in almost every venue.

Now, what do you say? Want to give the princess dress a try?

Here’s our selection of girls’ flower girls dresses.

Now that we have talked about style and different types of dresses, it’s time to talk about the girls’ age. Usually, flower girl dresses don’t stray much from the typical dress event if the little one is …little. But if the bride decides to take as a flower girl a toddler or an infant, then you have to make sure they will be comfortable enough for all the ceremony.

Toddler and Infant Flower Girl Dresses

The little ones tend to be clumsier and especially if they just started walking they can fall. So, you need to pay attention to that detail when buying the dress. A toddler flower girl can be lovely and heart-melting, but make sure the dress is appropriate, not too long to step on it, not too short or too tight. When choosing the dress, think about what she’s wearing on a daily basis and start from there.

The princess dress is fit even for the smaller ones and can be a great choice. The infant flower girl dresses we recommend are shorter than the usual dresses and not too tight. The fancy element can be a bodice with glitter or some cute bows and beautiful adornments. What matters when it comes to toddler and infant flower girl dresses is the quality of the fabric and the quality of the seam. A selection of flower girl dresses for infants and toddlers can be seen on our website. 

Plus Size Flower Girl Dresses

While a wedding is a cause for celebration, we also need to embrace body positivity and see this party as an opportunity. Flower girl dresses for plus-size girls are sometimes hard to find, or you need to order them months in advance.  At Sophia’s Style, we have a great selection of dresses that will make your baby girl feel like a princess.

We recommend the tulle and lace type of dresses, even sequins, and A-line types will be great for a flower girl dress, especially for a spring wedding.

As you well know, a dress is not complete without accessories. And even flower girls need their accessories. Let’s talk about what a little girl should wear besides a dress.

Accessories for the flower girl

The shoes are very important, not only because they have to match the dress, be stylish enough, but also because they need to be comfortable. We have in mind a few types of shoes that will go with every dress you might choose and still be cozy to wear all day long.

Ballet flats are a good choice, especially for little girls. They are comfortable and nice to wear and they can also have embellishments such as rhinestones or glitter.

Mary Jane shoes are also a great option for older girls who need to feel like a young adult. 

Now that the shoes are out of the way, let’s see what else you need to add to the cart for your little flower girl.

As we mentioned before, spring can be tricky. Sometimes the weather might be colder than you expect, so, don’t forget to put on the shopping list a cardigan, blazer, or some sort of wrap for the little one to wear when she’s outside.

Something else she will need, as a flower girl, is a basket from which to throw the petals. Some dresses will require a veil, a headband, or beautiful gloves so make sure you have them.

If all that is settled, the celebration may begin!

We know that weddings are special and beautiful, but sometimes they are quite a handful. 

If you are wondering: Where to buy flower girl dresses? or How much does a flower girl dress cost? We have the answer for that.

At Sophia’s Style, you can find all the styles we mentioned in the article and also the accessories that go with the dress. We have it all in one place. Also, the cost for a flower girl dress may vary, but we always make sure you have plenty to choose from. So, enjoy the spring wedding and this unique, beautiful thing that your little girl is experiencing as a flower girl.