Royal Weddings: What did Flower Girls Wear Throughout the Years at the Most Aristocratic Weddings?

Royal weddings are the ultimate wedding inspiration. Even if all eyes are on the bride’s wedding dress, little flower girls and ring bearers always steal the spotlight.

From Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco to Pippa Middleton, take a look back at how royal bridal looks for flower girls & ring bearers looked and evolved throughout the years!


1. Prince Rainier & Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco’s Wedding

flower girl at Grace kelly's wedding

Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Princess Grace Kelly had four flower girls, all dressed up in the same outfit.

What did the flower girls wear?

Even if Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose of MGM, the royal flower girls also rose to the occasion.

The cute little aspiring girls wore classic angel flower girl dresses made out of cream-colored tulle. Their dresses were matched with the princess’ dress. The dresses's length was just a little below the knees, as it's proper for this kind of event.

The details are what made the flower girls’ outfit so special. The little girls wore matching cream gloves and had little flower bouquets. On top of that, they wore discreet white flower crowns, just like Grace Kelly’s style. These little white beads and their silky hair enframed their faces perfectly.

2. Princess Caroline of Monaco & Philippe Junot’s Wedding

kids outfits for a royal wedding

Photo by Michel Dufour/WireImage/Getty Images

Princess Caroline had two flower girls and two page boys.

How did the flower girls & page boys match?

For her wedding, Princess Caroline of Monaco chose a traditional white for herself and for the flower girls' dresses.

The wedding took place in the summer, so the princess chose a comfortable, light design for the little girls. The flower girls long, white dresses had little yellow and lilac flowers printed on. There are many beautiful details about these dresses, starting from the silky, lilac band that forms a ribbon at the back and finishing with the delicate sleeves and the minimalist collars.

The little girls’ blonde hair and their uncommon dresses painted a dreamy picture, just like in the movies. And this kind of dress allowed the girls to be themselves, which is very important for them when they play the flower girl role.

The page boys wore an all-white tux outfit, with the same lilac band worn as a bowtie.

3. Queen Noor and King Hussein of Jordan’s Wedding

flower girl dress summer

Photo by Genevieve Chauvel/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

Queen Noor didn’t have many flower girls at her wedding, but we spotted a little flower girl wearing a boho dress, who is carrying a bouquet at the moment the king and queen were cutting in the wedding cake.

From what we see, it's a flower girl dress that matches the bride’s dress, as they both have a horizontal white stripe that's distinguished from the rest of the dress. What makes this dress special are the bouffant chest and short sleeves. 

4. Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales’s Wedding

princess diana flower girl

Photo by Lichfield/Getty Images: Official wedding photo from the wedding

How elaborated were the flower girls’ dresses?

One of the biggest events the planet ever witnessed is Princess Diana and Prince Charles of Wales's wedding.

Diana wore a dress designed David and Elizabeth Emanuel, which is thought to be the most beautiful dress a royal wedding ever witnessed. The most loved Princess had her flower girls match the bride's dress. The classic, formal style that accompanied all the event left its mark on the flower girls’ outfit, too.

The gorgeous flower girl dresses were almost as stunning as the bride’s dress. The flower girls wore ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown. The flounces ended above the ankle with a lace band.

The waist was marked with an unobtrusive yellow belt and the spectacular sleeves were designed to stay puffed, just like the bride’s dress.

The little girls wore flower crowns matched with their little flower baskets

Diana had seven flower girls and two page boys. The page boys had suit outfits matching the groom’s outfit.

5. Tim Taylor and Lady Helen of Windsor's Wedding

flower headbands

Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images: Lady Helen chose to have three flower girls and three ring bearers

How much did the flower girl’s dress resemble the bride’s dress?

Lady Helen of Windsor had a very elegant wedding and this is also shown in the outfits. Just like her dress, the flower girls’ dresses were impeccable white, with no other color added.

The clean look continued even in the accessories. The little girls wore a little braid made out of white and purple flowers, matched with their nosegay. The simple, classic flower girl dresses had a three-quarter length and little wavelets at the end.

6. Prince Pavlos of the Hellenes and Marie-Chantal Miller

blue flower girl dresses

Photo credit ANDREW WINNING/AFP/Getty Images: Marie Chantal had three flower girls

How did the bride choose the flower girls dresses?

Just like her own wedding dress, Marie-Chantal Miller chose uncommon looking dresses for her flower girls. The details of the garment were stunning. Starting from the color of the dress - a pearl blue - and continuing with the design (a long, simple cut), this choice is one of a kind.

Because the lower part of the dress was simpler in design, the upper part balanced the outfit with bouffant sleeves. Take a moment to admire the details of the sleeves: made out of white lace, they contrast beatifully to the rest of the dress.

The last detail that impresses is the back of the dress. Numerous little buttons closed the dress, leaving a charming trace all along the spine.

Their flower girl bouquet was a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet, with white flowers and green leaves. The delicate crowns and the fairy dress transformed the little girls into angels, ready to protect the bride on the most beautiful day of her life.

7. Princess Martha-Louise and Ari Behn of Norway's Wedding

angel dress flower girl

Photo by Pool BASSIGNAC/BUU/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images: Princess Martha-Louise had three flower girls

The perfect choice for a royal wedding

Princess Martha-Louise transformed her flower girls in little angels by dressing them in white satin flower girl dresses. With no sleeves and a really simple cut, this kind of garment is a great choice to show how pure and precious a kid can be.

Looking just like real angels, the girls had little wings thanks to the tulle bands on their shoulders, which tied formed some beautiful ribbons.

The aspiring princesses wore refined crowns. Apart from other weddings, these crowns weren’t made out of flowers - they simulated a real princess tiara, just like any flower girl deserves to feel while carrying out a royal duty.

8. Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden's Wedding

flower girl matching outfits

Photo by Jonas Ekstromer - Pool/Getty Images: Princess Victoria had three little flower girls and three ring bearers

An uncommon choice for the ring bearers

We already see a pattern for the latest royal weddings.

Even though the flower girls wear classic dresses, there is a design twist somewhere. The same applies to Princess Victoria’s wedding, where her flower girls wore really simple, white dresses,  similar to her own wedding dress. Instead of the traditional flower crowns, the little helpers wore a white satin braid, as all of them had long hair at the time.

The little flower girls had little bouquets made of tiny white flowers. Every little detail about the flower girls was chosen to represent simplicity and purity.

The ring bearers wore similar outfits, with a marine suit design - they looked like cute little sailors!

9. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco's Wedding

toddler flower girl dress

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images: Princess Charlene had seven flower girls, all having almost the same age

Traditional flower girl dresses, as a beautiful tribute for her country

Instead of choosing the classic way of doing things, Princess Caroline chose to pay a tribute to Monaco. Her flower girls were not members of the family of friends, but little girls from around the country.

Instead of white dresses, the flower girls wore costumes inspired by the traditional national wear.

The Princess herself added personal touches as silk stockings, aprons with the royal couple’s monogram and the name of the area of Monaco from where every girl came from. The flower girls also wore velvet ribbon with gold crosses.

10. Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly's Wedding

matching flower gilr dresses

Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage: Miss Autumn Kelly had only two flower girls.

Light teal, a rarely seen color for royal weddings

The bride wore a dress signed by the British bridal designer Sassi Holford, but the flower girls didn't match it. For her wedding, Miss Kelly chose a different color for the flower girls dresses, the same as for the bridesmaids. The long, sleeveless dresses had a pleasant pastel teal color and a simple floor length design.

The two flower girls had floral headbands - their bouquets matched with the bride’s  bouquet

11. Prince William & Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge's Wedding

designer flower girl dresses

Photo credit Hugo Burnand/AFP/Getty Images: Official photo from the wedding

The flower girl who stole the show at this royal wedding

A savory moment caught on camera is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding - one of their flower girls became viral after she didn’t hesitate to show how grumpy she was.

vintage flower girl dress

Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Back to the flower girls, they wore vintage, white dresses, with a three-quarter length, matching the bride’s wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

The little flower girls carried the same flowers as Kate’s bouquet for their own little bouquets and for the floral headbands.

Besides the four little flower girls, the royal couple also had two-page boys, both wearing a costume matching William’s traditional uniform outfit.

12. Pippa Middleton & James Matthews's Wedding

flower girl headbands

Photo credit JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images: Kate Middleton, Pippa’s sister, took care of the kids

Kate & William’s kids were Pipa's wedding crew

When talking about toddlers stealing the show at royal weddings, we cannot miss Pippa Middleton's wedding: Charlotte and George - Kate and William’s kids - had the best royal wedding outfits anybody could dream of.

Pippa had four flower girls and four page boys, one cuter than another.

While Pippa wore a lace dress by Giles Deacon. he flower girls wore cream, knee-length dresses, in a very rustic style, made out of a different material than the bride’s dress. They had special designed collars and puffed out short sleeves. On their heads, they wore traditional flower garlands.

The page boys wore cream tops and gold breeches. All flower girls and page boys had baskets with confetti and no little bouquets.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding

Even though the wedding didn’t take place yet, there are lots of theories surrounding who will be the flower girls and the page boys. Prince Harry’s nephew and niece are fan favorites: Prince George and Prince Charlotte won’t miss the chance and honor.

Until the big event, we found a picture with Meghan Markle from when she was just a little flower girl.

lace flower girl dress

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What will Your Flower girl & Ring Bearer wear on the Wedding day?

Take inspiration from the royal couples: from formal ivory knee-length dresses to elegant page boy tuxedos, you can add a drop of regality to the big day.