Best Girls Winter Coats

With winter well on its way, parents leave nothing to chance when it comes to their kids’ safety and warmth. And what better way to ensure that their little ones stay warm during their time outside than to pick the best, most comfortable children's winter coats

Boys have it easy, because all they want and need are just two or three dinosaurs, some vehicles, and a couple of blues and greens to make them happy. But for girls, things could be a bit trickier. How so? Well, if you are a proud parent of a little toddler, baby girl, or teenager daughter, you know that when it comes to fashion, it gets complicated.

Winter coats for kids, girls, in particular, need to be something between the magic of a unicorn and the functionality of machinery. So it’s no wonder that sometimes it’s easier to buy said unicorn than to track down the best winter coats for a teenage girl or a toddler girls’ winter coat.

Dear parent, worry no more. We, at Sophia’s Style, are here to help. Call out to all your friends, share this article, or event print it, because we have a piece of advice that will get you through this winter’s picking.

Let’s start with the basics. How should a girls’ winter jacket be in order to call it the best?

Before you start looking for a jacket keep in mind some general factors that will contribute to the purchase: 

- what will be the lowest temperature in your area;

- how much time does your girl stay outside;

- who you’re buying for: baby, toddler, preschooler or teenager;

- design of the jacket;

When you know all those things everything might get easier. 

When you buy winter jackets for girls, you should be aware of the temperature ratings which are just two, but with great impact on your acquisition: warmest (those are coats used in temperature between -45 and +7 degrees Fahrenheit) and warmer (here we have jackets used in temperature between +1 and +29 degree Fahrenheit). So, you need to check if the winter coats for kids/girls have that kind of rating on display. Knowing the rating and the temperature in your area will lead to purchasing the appropriate girls' winter coat.

Now, first thing’s first, the best winter coats for babies and girls in general, need to be well insulated. Those types of jackets are the best to keep your baby girl warm during their play outdoors. Keep in mind that when it’s cold, the human body loses heat rapidly, and we are talking about kids, they tend to get colder even faster.

So we try to keep that from happening by choosing between the two types of insulated winter jackets: down jackets with goose down mostly, are lightweight and extremely warm, but expensive and if they are not water-resistant they will get cold easily. The other type of insulated winter jackets are the synthetic ones, which are affordable and they will offer a certain degree of warmth even if they get wet. 

Another great criteria warm girls’ jackets need to have is a waterproof exterior. Whether you are looking at short or long coats for girls’ they need to keep water far away from your baby girl. When playing in the snow all day long, you really need to make sure the jacket stays dry.

Also, remember that children tend to have a dynamic play while they are toddlers and preschoolers and that could lead to sweating and warming up rather quickly. So the bulkier is not better in this case when talking about girls’ winter jackets.

Another type of winter coats for girls is the soft-shell one and fleece. These jackets are usually affordable and soft, with great design and children love them. The downside is that the amount of warmth they provide is medium at best. You need to pair them together or buy a 3 in 1 for it to be a very warm winter coat. The good part about these types of coats is that they offer insulation and protection against wind.

The 3 in 1 coat for girls has a warm inner layer (fleece or polyester) and a waterproof outer shell. When the weather is not very cold they could use them without the inner layer or just use the inner layer. 

Remember we talked about the things to check when buying a winter coat and we said that you should be aware of the age of the child and the design of the jacket? Buying little girls’ winter coats is a different process than buying winter jackets for teenagers. While toddlers and babies need to have multiple layers of clothes and they don’t move around as much, teenagers will want to pick their coat usually based on design or whatever is trending at that moment.

Choosing the best girls’ warm winter coats for a preschooler will most likely need to verify three criteria: warmth, waterproof for the long hours spent making angels in the snow and … Elsa or whatever princess print there is. The important thing for your little girl will be how the coat sparkles, how it has the best blue or pink color out there and how many hours she can stay outside. So, you see, they don’t ask for much.

One last thing we need to mention regarding girls' snow jackets is to keep in mind the American Academy of Pediatrics created a guide for what to wear when the child sits in the car seat. It is a very important rule and one you’ll be wise to follow. 

Preheat the car before going anywhere and dress the child in thin, snug-fit jackets. The car seat belt or the child’s car seat needs to have the straps well tightened. With a bulky jacket that could be almost impossible. Here you can read all about that important tip.

Now that you have all the important advice about how to choose cute warm jackets wheatear it is a short girls’ snow coat or one of a girls’ long winter coats, sit down and prepare to browse our selection. Don't forget that Christmas is just around the corner and the first snowflakes are already on their way.