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Welcome to the world of baby girl fashion tops from Sophia’s Style. We have the cutest tops for your baby daughter, in a variety of sizes and fabrics. All you need to do is take a few moments to browse our category and see which one she’ll adore.

Let’s see what we compiled for you when we talk about baby girl tops.

Bodysuits tops

A very special category of tops is the bodysuits. They are perfect for baby girls in the summertime. The bodysuit makes sure that the diaper stays in place while allowing your little one to be fashionable and cute during hot days. The baby tops girls need when they are this little is hard to find. But, don’t worry, we have several items for you to choose from. See here our selection of Bodysuit tops for girls.

Leotard tops

Best known as dance suits, these tops have a multitude of purposes. Your little girl can wear them as dance suits, as costumes for different types of events, but she can also wear them as tops with a pair of jeans or shorts. Our beautiful prints and colors will make these leotard tops stand out and she’ll feel chic and fashionable.

With these baby girl long sleeve tops, she’ll be all set for the chilly days of fall. So, if you feel that she’ll be comfortable in a leotard, check our collection here. We guarantee she’ll love the tops we present in this category.

Shrugs and Boleros

Not only they are beautiful, but they keep you warm on a spring day. We are talking about our cute baby tops like shrugs, cardigans, or boleros. From soft fabrics, with beautiful glittery appliques and lace, these cardigans and wraps will look amazing over any blouse or t-shirt.

But what is the difference between a shrug, a bolero, and a cardigan? For the tired mom who is shopping for her little girls, or the father who has little information about fashion, they might look the same.

Still, there is a difference and we want to be the ones who will tell you about it. First off, you need to know they all have the same purpose to add another layer of protection over light clothing and cover the shoulders and arms. They are a great alternative to a coat or something fancier that a lady would wear. For children and little girls, these are perfect as they are not as fancier as an evening coat.

The shrug is very much like a shortened casual cardigan. It is cropped and will most likely end above the waist so it will be perfect for having over a dress or a skirt as a top. It can be knitted and your little one can wear it to kindergarten, to a playdate, or a party. It can have different appliques on them, sequins, glitter, or lace, in that case, they will be perfect for a party or a family photo shoot.

The cardigan is also a casual addition to every wardrobe but a little longer. A cardigan can be waist length or it can end just above the hipbone, but it is not uncommon to be longer knee length.

A bolero is usually a type of cropped jacket that has a little more structure than those other two above. It can be made out of satin, faux-fur or it can be knitted. They are all a great alternative to a chic overcoat. You can see here what we selected for this category.


One of the most usual pieces of clothing for children is the sweater. They are usually knitted and sometimes crocheted and go well with almost everything you want to put on the bottom: jeans, shorts, skirts. Their history is interesting since they appeared in the 15th century in the shape of tunics or shirts in Jersey from the English Channel Islands. They even got their name from that place, jerseys. The fishermen's wives would make them for their husbands from wool to protect them from the cold.

When Europeans found out about this method they quickly adopted it and transformed the life of the sweater. With Coco Chanel’s introduction in its collection, in 1920, the sweater began its journey into fashion. Today these pieces of clothing are popular among young and old.

For children, they turn out to be versatile and comfortable. It’s no wonder they love it when it’s colder outside. So, prepare for the cold weather with a new wardrobe for your little girl that must include sweaters. See here what we chose for you.

Other types of tops

There are several types of tops that your baby girl will love. Over time they differentiated themselves and some of them passed the test of time.

We have the classical t-shirt, the fitted cami with its spaghetti straps, the sleeveless shirt, tunic, V-neck t-shirt, tube top, tank top, or halter top.

The most important thing when choosing one of them is to take into account several factors:

The age of the baby

This is an important criterion when choosing the top part of the baby’s clothing. When she is little you’ll want things that can fit easily on her. Pulling a turtleneck top on a newborn is not a good idea. So, for the little ones we recommend you buy tops with easy access.

Choose baby girl tank tops for a good experience, or try a bodysuit top if you need something reliable.

For toddlers you can choose almost every type of top, from a baby girl swing top to a classical shirt, they all go. Just take into account the fact that a toddler will move a lot, oftentimes crawling. For an easier picking process try selecting a few filters on our website, like baby girl tops 9-12 months or baby girl tops 12-18 months.

The event she’ll wear it to

If you need to attend a family gathering and the attire is semi-casual, a t-shirt, a sweater, or even a simple tank top will do. But if the event you are attending is more formal, you can add an extra glittery touch and select a top that has an interesting print.

You’ll not be choosing the same kind of outfit for a walk in a park as for a wedding.

The season

We already talked about the sweaters and boleros that are best wore in the cold seasons. It’s the same with every piece of clothing. If you won’t wear a tank top during a winter blizzard, your daughter will also not wear one.

When it’s hot outside choose a baby girl's summer top like a tank top, halter top even, or tube top if the girl is older and can wear such attire.

On a cold day pick a sweater and a long sleeve shirt or put a cardigan on top.

Whatever you will choose to add to your daughter’s wardrobe, make sure she’ll love it and it’s easy to put it on. Now you have every instruction you need to make the right choice.

Check out our collection of Baby Girls Tops from Sophia’s Style.