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White Embroidered Cross Communion Zipper Tie L-Xxl



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VENDOR: Lito Childrens Wear Inc.

An elegant zipper tie for your boy's First Communion from Lito. This tie is an accessory that can dress up a formal outfit and has an embroidered white cross. It has a sturdy construction. It also can be kept as...

White Embroidered Cross Communion Zipper Tie L-Xxl



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VENDOR: Lito Childrens Wear Inc.

An elegant zipper tie for your boy's First Communion from Lito. This tie is an accessory that can dress up a formal outfit and has an embroidered white cross. It also can be kept as an Heirloom for future generations....

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Why would you ever need ties for boys? We have asked ourselves the same question too, but boys look “gentlemanly” in a tie. After all, there are certain milestones and events in a young man’s life that demand a cute tie to match the shirt or occasion.

Imagine being the ring bearer at a wedding without a tie, or at a school recital, formal gathering, or religious event with bow ties for boys to complete the look.

Welcome to where we have boys’ ties suitable for all occasions, from the first baptism to their first dance at school. At our store, our boys’ ties are sized for babies to toddlers to pre-teen and teen kids. So we have put together an informative guide to help you choose the perfect ties for boys for their next outing.

We are so excited to educate you about boys’ ties, and if you are ready, let us begin.

Choosing boys’ ties

Anybody can buy a tie. In fact, ties are the simplest men accessory anyone can purchase. However, when picking one for your young man, you should consider some factors and the style.

Ties for boys are available in 5 styles: standard ties, skinny ties, bow ties for boys, zipper ties, and clip-on ties. While design, length, shape, color, and style are must factors, the age of your boy plays a crucial role. So pay attention to their age – or else you will get it wrong.

Boys' Bow Ties

Every young man looks dashing in a bow tie, and they are the most versatile accessory if we say so ourselves. Many parents prefer these boys’ ties for many occasions; bow ties for baby boys or toddlers or that young gentleman, a bow tie is a perfect finish to a well-dressed young man. 

Their adjustable collar makes them a go-to boys' tie for babies up to 10 years old and even in their adult life. When choosing boys' bow ties, size and shape are factors to consider. However, there are two options. The self-tied boys’ bow ties and the pre-tied boys’ ties in the Henry style are available. 

This is the most common type of bow tie shape. If you want a pre-tied boys' tie with a matching 3-button inner vest, then check out our satin soft collection by Tip Top kids.

Self-tied boy ties

As the name suggests, they are not pre-tied and are a great way to get that young man to learn how to tie a boy’s tie tomorrow. Why not bond over a tying lesson as he learns to be a perfect gentleman? 

Self-tied boys’ ties are classier with adjustable length, giving them enough room to make mistakes and perfect their skills. By the way, if you want your boy to learn the tricks of the trade, self-tied boys’ ties are easier than clip-on boys’ ties.

Clip-On Boys’ Ties

They aren’t all that bad, and if convenience is a factor in buying a boy’s tie, then a clip-on is the perfect option.

First of all, they do not require any knotting process, which many people love. 

Secondly, baby boys’ ties are safer since they do not go around the neck. Clip-on boys’ ties are perfect for a school function, communion service, Christmas family get-together, and other formal events.

One disadvantage of clip-on boys' ties is not finding the right length suitable for their age or height. At SophiaStyle, we have solved that problem and have a different variety of boys’ ties for that special occasion.

Standard Boys’ Ties

These are the regular adult-style ties available in one length, usually between 57 and 59 inches. If your son is 5 to 6 feet tall, this standard boys’ tie would suffice. 

Luckily, our standard boys' ties are pre-knotted with shirts, so you do not have to stress yourself looking for the perfect shirts.

Zipper-Style Boys’ Ties

If you have never heard about zipper boys ties, you are in luck. A zipper tie is a pre-tied boys' tie that looks like a real tie. It is suitable for kids of all ages and for parents that do not like knotting ties. 

This is a stress-free way to get your son to look dashing at any event.

At Sophia Style, these pre-tied boys' ties are perfect for weddings, communion, and family or formal activities and are mostly preferred to clip on ties because they look like a traditional tie.

Skinny Boys Ties

Skinny ties or slim ties are modern, sleek, and no wider than 2 inches. These types of boys’ ties are worn in casual outfits.

Getting your boys’ ties measurements accurate

Our boys' ties come in various sizes, cut to perfection according to the age of the boy. 

We have an age reference for parents to go through when searching for baby boys’ ties, but if your boy is taller or shorter; you should take measurements to buy the right size.

Boys' bow ties

Bow ties are pre-tied band collars suitable for babies up to 10 years of age. Children older than 10 years old should go for adult bow ties.

Clip on boys' ties

They are available in different sizes according to the height of your baby and their age.  To get the accurate measurement for a clip on boys’ ties, place the tape from the hollow point at the neck to the waistline where the pants will sit.

If you want it shorter, take it to the belly button.

Standard Boys’ Ties

Our standard boys’ ties come with a shirt and measure up to 48 inches long. These boys’ ties and ties set are great for older kids—preteens and teens. 

Additionally, we love these sets because; they take away the hassle of looking for a matching shirt for a specific tie. 

Zipper Boys’ Ties

These are available in two lengths, 11 inches, and 14 inches, according to their height and age. The measurement pattern is the same as usual, starting from the hollow of the neck to the waist or belly button as desired.

Caring for boys’ ties

They are kids, and sloppiness is to be expected. Should your kid soil their tie, the following should help you get rid of stains and dirt.

Polyester boys’ ties can be hand washed or tumble-dried in cold water. It should never be ironed on the highest setting but on silk or synthetic to remove creases. When washed, drape them over a clothing line or hanger to dry.

Tip: Never wash a tie in hot water or bleach it. It will damage the color and texture. 

Ties are expensive, but with some love and care. They will last a while.

Want cheap boys’ ties for an upcoming occasion without breaking the bank? You are here. Go through our collection of boys’ ties to find one suitable for that little man.

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Why do boys wear ties?

Tie was invented because it would make a man’s attire more interesting. For boys, it could be used as part of a uniform. Women wear all kinds of accessories like jewelry, purses, and shoes so it’s no wonder men wanted to accessorize their outfits as well. For little boys, ties are part of formal attire, a school uniform, or a costume. A first communion suit, a wedding suit, or a kind of special ceremony could be places where a young boy could wear a tie. You can find the appropriate tie on our website here.

Can a boy wear a men's tie?

Although an older boy could wear a man’s tie, it is not recommended for little ones.The length of a tie varies from 14 to 17 inches to be just right. For men, the tie usually ends just the belt buckle. But little boys don’t usually follow that rule. So, depending on the style of the tie, the suit, and the age of the boy, they could wear a man’s tie. If you want to buy a good tie for your little one, check our section of ties and shirts here.

What do tie colors mean?

Colors are ways of expressing oneself, expressing the mood or the personality and even the event you are attending. Ties are no exceptions when it comes to colors. Therefore, a white tie is appropriate for a first communion ceremony, a baptism, and even a wedding suit. A black tie expresses sobriety and goes well in formal events. A red, purple, or blue tie goes well in a playful event like a wedding or a school celebration. Depending on whatever you want to say about your state of being, the tie can be a tool in letting everyone know what you are feeling. On our website, you can find a great collection of ties in a variety of colors. Check them out here.

What are the different types of a tie?

Just like any type of accessories, ties come in different shapes, forms, and colors. But what are the differences between them? There is the most popular tie – the four-in-hand necktie. You can wear it for almost every type of formal occasion and it comes in a great array of colors and widths. Another type of tie similar to the one above is the seven-fold tie. It is a more expensive kind of tie made of silk. The skinny necktie goes well with smart-casual outfits like a shirt, jacket, and jeans. A bowtie is popular for special occasions and goes well with a tuxedo. A western bowtie is an interesting choice for when you want to look different. A cravat is a type of tie that resembles a scarf folded and pinned rather than knotted. There are many types of neckties, but one thing is for sure, you need to choose the one that fits your little one best. See here what are our options.

How many ties should a boy have?

There isn’t any rule as to how many ties a boy needs to have, but somewhere along the way fashion decided there should be at least 3 ties per suit. It depends on how many suits and what kind of suits your boy has, the color of the shirts, the events he’ll attend and the age of the boy. Lucky for you, we also have matching shirts to go with all the ties you want to choose. So, pick out your tie and your shirt in one go. Check them out here.