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Baby clothes are just adorable, and you can't help but pick them up from the stores whenever you move past. And, now that you have so many baby apparels, maybe more than your own, you don't know how and where to store them. And it's not only the clothes, but tons of other items your baby uses every day that needs to come in handy. From diapers to crib shoes that might get lost in the pile of things you have in the wardrobe, you need to know how to organize baby clothes to have a managed nursery or closet. 

Isn't it difficult to believe that clothes such tiny can occupy so much space? Having your little one in a cluttered room with onesies, diapers, and shoes isn't something you'd want. Storing your baby's clothes can be a challenge if you do not know how to start and organize. So what is the best way to store baby clothes? We'll tell you here in this article. Whether you are a new momma or expecting your baby anytime soon, these baby clothes organizer ideas will have you put things together and have a planned nursery set already for your sunshine. Read on!

Storing Baby Clothes

Let's admit, we all love those tiny baby clothes because they are so cute, and as a mommy, you'll be receiving a lot of outfits for your baby during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Some clothes will be just the perfect size for your baby, while others will be oversized that you'll need to preserve until your child can wear them. So here are some of the ways as to how to organize baby clothes:

Closet dividers

Pretty and adorable outfits coming from relatives and friends, you got to group them well till you need them or while you are still using them. Closet dividers come to your rescue! You can sort out the dresses or outfits based on their sizes, types, seasons, or occasions or sometimes even by colors if you have some colors more than others. To separate the clothes on their sizes, you can hang them in closet dividers or use baby clothes labels accordingly for easy access. It not only will give the closet a clean look but a fresh boutique interior too. 

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are one of the finest storing options for baby clothes as they come in a wide assortment of sizes, materials, or designs. Babies are tiny, and so are their clothes and other stuff. You can get some pair of hangers to attach or fix on the closet walls and then hang these baskets to store your baby's clothes and items. 

These storage bins are available in quality plastics that you can safely use for your little one's storage purposes. Besides, if you choose to go organic, you can also choose cotton rope baskets made from pure cotton that is skin-friendly and will never leave any accidental scratch inside the closet. The best thing, these are washable, and you can clean them as often you want.

Plastic toy bins

If you struggle with space a lot, these plastic toy bins can be helpful. A plastic baby clothes organizer is easy to place anywhere you want and has a lot of space in it. In addition, plastic toy bins are affordable and come in different sizes. You can choose one that fits your nursery or room and fold the tiny clothes according to sizes, colors, or whichever order you want. 

Some plastic toy bins also allow you to fourfold the clothes as you can utilize the space in many ways, and you can store clothes and other items. For instance, you can have rompers and socks in one bin or add matching crib shoes or bibs in one container for easy access. 

Side Baskets

While you have many clothes to organize, sometimes there are too many socks and diapers floating around that need quick arrangements. If your room is in a flood of tiny socks and vests, side baskets or a large bamboo basket are always fantastic organizing options. Just place it somewhere side of the bed or wherever you have space saved for the basket. You can use such baskets to quickly change your baby's diaper and put ready-to-wash clothes or those that come in handy every day, say nappy or underwear. 

Clothes Organizer to Fix the Space Issue

If you are looking for some beautiful organizing options that come cheap with minimum effort, you should try an option that utilizes your available space and comes local. Save yourself the runs of arranging your baby's stuff. Instead, take a look at your closet. Does it have railed closet system? If it does, congrats! You can bring home one of those cloth baskets that fit every rail in the closet. If you are devoid of any rail, you can still arrange a shelf unit, keep your little one's attire folded neatly, place the baskets there, and create space for storing baby clothes.


Crates are nice things to have, especially when you have a lot of stuff to store. Besides using them to keep your accessories, you can also store and organize your baby's clothes. Hang them in cup hooks inside the closet and arrange your little one's clothes there. You can use crates as an alternate to a dresser, and it saves space. Then, when you have many laundries to do on a busy day, pull out what needs to be washed and push in what's clean already. 

Organizing Baby Clothes – Some Quick Hacks

When you have too many baby clothes to arrange, you need to go through several tried and tested hacks to see what works best for you. Besides having a proper bin or crate to keep your child's clothes, you must arrange the clothes in the appropriate order. It will help you save space in the storage, and you can make room for more. 

Organizing Onesies

Most moms fold their baby's clothes most simply and pile them in one place. Instead of stacking your darlings' clothes one on another, rolling them down in the appropriate style will save you a lot of space. Start by laying the onesie flat and then fold it lengthwise inward and on each side, tuck the sleeves in. Smooth out the onesie with your hand to remove any crease or bumps. Now starting from the bottom, fold it into thirds. Ensure the folds are tidy so that you can place them in the drawer with a lot of space for other onesies or other apparel. 

Folding Little Baby Socks

While you wonder how to store baby clothes that are tiny in size, think of the pile of little socks you have lying around. Baby socks are smaller than any other clothes and sometimes can give you a tough time finding them from a pile of other baby clothes. A lot of people fold socks like any of us generally do, folding one over the other. But let's find out a more efficient way of doing it. Most baby socks are ankle length, and folding them one on the other has chances of stretching out the ankle and spoiling the fit. When we say spoiling the fit, it means the elastic becomes useless quickly.

To fold those tiny little socks, place one sock on another and then fold them in half again and store them away in a drawer or container, whichever suits you. 

Organizing Baby Pants

Baby pants are one of the most used clothing items for babies, and you'll need them handy every day. Since pants are the largest among the clothes babies wear, moms usually fold them several times before storing them away. Unfortunately, doing so will heap one pant above another, and when you need a particular piece, you'll have to unroll several pants in the drawer to find the one you are looking for. Sure, you may save some space with this method, but then you'll end up struggling and, at most times, spend time rearranging them again. 

So what you can do is, lay down the pants and place one leg on another and fold that in the middle. That should be enough for you to organize the pants in the drawer, and you can easily see the pants before you pull them out. It will save you time finding the pant you are looking for and avoid rearranging them frequently. Along with the pants, you can also place your kid's shirts or tees alongside to make it easier for you to pick the pairs. 


Your baby's sleepers are something you need every night, making it perfectly sensible to have them placed at the top of anything you are organizing. Based on the color or print of the outfit, you can fold and put them in drawers or toy bins that you can access quickly without much effort. The footie pajamas or sleepwear can seem challenging to fold, but in fact, they are the easiest to fold. Simply lay them down and put the legs together. Next, bring the sleeves and both the sides of the legs together. Next, fold the ankle area and bring it closer to the neckline, making a complete half fold in between. Then fold the entire thing again. It also works great for warm sleepwear materials like woolen and fleece that are bulkier.


When folding a shirt or a T-shirt, make sure you smooth out any wrinkles or bumps on the cloth to make folding easier. Start by folding one side of the outfit over. Next, fold the sleeve back over the folded side that you already did. Then, do the same for the other side as well and fold it again. So by the time you finish, there should be three folds in total.

Use the same technique to fold your baby's hoodies and sweaters as well.

Best Way to Organize Baby Clothes – The Accessories

No matter how different and tiny the baby apparels are, we somehow manage to organize and store them away. While you tend to fold the onesies, pants, and shirts, there are other clothing items that you need to consider when storing baby clothes. Such accessories include bibs, diapers, blankets, hats, crib shoes, and more. So do you simply roll this stuff and push them in the closet, or are you looking for some hacks? 

Organizing baby bibs

If you are one of those mommies who stack baby bibs one top of another and put them in the drawer, you need to know that there are better ways to fold these adorable bibs. 

Simply roll up by folding the neck strap down and then finish by rolling. See, it's easy!

Rolling up a baby blanket

Most of us fold blankets by ends and end up making a rectangle or square and then stuff that in the closet. A baby's blanket need not go through these stages. Since your baby's blanket is lighter and smaller than yours, you can save a lot of space. Hold the blanket from ends to ends just the way you hold yours. Fold it in between and then roll, starting from bottom to the top. You'll end up having a big role that stands. You can place it in the closet, basket, or drawer, whichever is feasible. You can put all the blankets in one place by rolling them in the same style.

You can use the rod inside the wardrobe to organize your baby's blanket. For example, you can place the blanket on the rod where you put the hangers for the shirts or dresses. 

You can use this method when you have less space but too many clothes to organize. 

How to Organize Baby Diapers?

Motherhood is no less than a miracle. While you have stepped or preparing to step in your mother's shoes, certain things will become an indispensable part of your everyday life for some time when you'll bring your little sunshine home – the changing table and the diapers!

It can be tricky to store so many tiny clothes, accessories, diapers, and other essential stuff. So here we share some practical baby clothes organizing ideas you can use to keep your baby's diapers. 

Diaper Storage on Wall

If you do not have much space or option to store your baby's clothes, wall storage is a great thing to go with. You can organize your baby's diapers on the wall shelves – the open shelves you have in the nursery or next to the changing table. If you do not have a rack, you can attach one that comes easily with an attachment guide. You can also choose metal crates for storage. On a box, either wooden or metal, you can place the diapers one on top of another in several rows. Ensure you don't make a tower out of it, as it will fall off very quickly. 

Another hanging wall option, read as door hanging, can save you the efforts. Right on the door of your room or your baby's nursery, attach some cup hooks to the door - you can attach the clips based on how much space you need. At most, three clips are sufficient for superior storage. Once you have the hooks fixed, take some cloth bags to hang. Next, place the diapers in them. You can divide the diapers in the bags based on which ones you will use at home for your baby and those you'll need for going out. 

Storing the diapers up in the railing in some metal crates is another way of organizing. You can have some metal crates affixed on the wall and then place the diapers there just above the changing table. You can also go for a framed pegboard. Another way of organizing diapers is placing the railings with different shelves, and you can accommodate the diapers and other baby items such as shampoos, brushes, and the like. 

Up next, you can try out a tall vertical shelf and have it placed at the side of the changing table. You can use this vertical shelf to organize the diapers and other essential articles such as blankets, baby powder, feeding bottles, toys, etc. 

Fabric holders are another good options to utilize your wall for organizing baby diapers. Besides all the other popular baby clothes organizer you use, fabric folders are a handy and easy way to store diapers. Simply attach one or two fabric folders above the changing table, and you have your diaper organizer ready. Of course, you can also keep other stuff you always need while changing your little one's diapers. 

Other options to store diapers 

The changing table itself! Yes, an ideal changing table would be the one that has some extra space and some drawers other than the space you'd use for the baby. While you might think about how to store baby clothes on the changing table, you have the drawers for it. Save the space in your changing table for items that you'd frequently need throughout the day. However, if your changing table doesn't have the drawers, consider upgrading to one that gives you a lot of leverage as a mom where you can store almost all the things you need for the day. 

But if upgrading to a new changing table is not what you are looking for, you can utilize the space you have on the table itself. Every changing table comes with some amount of space on the top where you lay down your baby. Besides that, you must have some space that most often mommies either ignore or cover up with other stuff that may not be as useful. You can very beautifully use that space and organize your baby's diaper stock. You can place a small basket, a bin, or even a cardboard box and decorate it with pretty graphics to make it look appealing. Now you can use this space to stack the diapers. They will look arranged and easy for you to use when needed. 

A metal cart is also one of the most accessible options to store or organize diapers and other kid's items. For example, you can place a metal cart next to the changing table. The cart can be of two or three storage bins to organize the diapers and other essential items for the baby. In addition, you can later use this cart for storing other items once your child grows up. 

How to Organize Baby Dresser?

Now that you know how to utilize the space on the wall to organize the diapers and other stuff of your baby and still maintain the nursery's décor let's learn how to do the same with the dresser. 

The dresser is a common space for organizing baby clothes, but when you don't manage the clothes properly, it can take a lot of space, and the dresser and despite having a lot of space, will appear stuffed. So here's are a few tips to get you started, and you can have your dresser space sorted.


As compared to you, your baby needs or will need more clothing items throughout the day. It's not just the pant or bodysuit they'll wear but bibs, socks, and hats. During winters, you'll need more clothing items, and not to mention the blankets and cloth diapers if you plan to use them. Storing them away in a big dresser or a large basket will swallow them, and you'll have a hard time finding what you need in the sea of all tiny outfits. 

Keep all the baby clothes separated into small baskets. Since the baskets come in all shapes and sizes, it is not difficult to find the most appropriate repository for each clothing item. For instance, the baby clothes that are bigger than the rest, such as onesies, pants, shirts, hoodies, or blankets, you can use a big basket. Likewise, for small items such as socks, innerwear, bibs, hats, and the same, or cloth diapers, you can use small baskets. Even better, you can use small baskets to separate each category of clothes if you have space in the dresser to accommodate these many baskets.

Ornament boxes

The fact that ornament boxes are designed solely for storing ornaments, but a smart mommy can hack it out for her baby's clothes too! Baby clothes mostly come in matching pairs of the same colors. Tossing them away in a big basket or the dresser drawer itself can make it hard to find the matching pairs together when you need them quickly. 

Ornament boxes come in separated compartments that can accommodate matching pairs together. You can group the pairs and roll them up just like we discussed earlier in this article and then put them in the compartments. This way, it will look neat and save you time hassling for a pair of outfits from the dresser.

Freezer bags

Who knew freezer bags could also store your baby's clothes. You can use freezer bags as baby clothes organizer and keep away clothes according to daily use or season. For example, for everyday use items, put all the pants in one freezer bag, arrange the set of tops or shirts into another, warm clothes or tiny accessories can go to the next bag, and so on. You can use your creativity here and can arrange the clothes at your convenience. You can also put all the matching pairs of outfits together in one bag. Besides, if you choose to organize all the out-of-season clothes in one place till you need them, the freezer bags are just the thing you need. 

Since freezer bags are clear, you always have the option to label them. Arrange the clothes and label them as socks, pants, onesies+tops, and so on. And once you are done, put them away in the dresser.

Closet dividers

From the time you are pregnant till you bring your baby home, and even after that, baby clothes and items will keep showering from friends and relatives. There will be many clothes, and not all will be just the size of your baby – some clothes can wait till your child grows. 

The issue starts when you push all the everyday clothes and the large-size clothes together in the dresser or closet. Fold each category of clothes properly and organize them in closet dividers. Closet dividers come in different styles and shapes. So pick one that fits your dresser. Put the oversized clothes in one compartment and the rest according to their size or daily usability into another compartment. 

Organizing Baby Clothes DIY

At times, all the hacks and knacks to organize baby clothes can seem futile when you have the burden of arranging so many clothes or you just did not find the kind of baskets you were looking for. So it is when you can utilize your crafty skills and DIY and create great storage or hit on some best way to store baby clothes. So let's try giving the old furniture a new look and get you ready with storing space.

Label a dresser

If you have a dresser that doesn't accommodate the kind of closet dividers or baskets you want, you can put baby clothes labels on them and organize them. You don't have to buy a new dresser to organizer the clothes, but you can use an old chest of drawers and give it a refreshing look. Paint the closet of your favorite color and start organizing your child's clothes inside them in either freezer bags or small baskets if you find them. 

However, if you cannot find the exact size or the kind of baskets you are looking for, you can apply a fresh coat of chalkboard paint and label yourself with chalk or paint lettering about which category of clothes goes where. The best thing about chalk lettering is that you can remove it and change it according to the fresh clothing items you decide to organize according to your wish or at the onset of a new season. 

The chalkboard labeling technique is not just practical but is pretty too. Experiment with different colored chalks or paint to letter the dresser. 

Drawer dividers

If you have this question as to how to organize baby clothes in drawers? Here's the answer. Drawer dividers are the best thing to try. Get one for your drawer, and you can easily organize your baby's clothes in there. However, you can avoid the expenses of drawer dividers by investing some time in creating one on your own. All you'll need is some cardboard and some contact papers. For sturdier options, you can choose wood over cardboard. To finish the look, you can color the cardboard and give it an adorable look.

Fabric-covered storage box

Fabric storage boxes are pretty, but some come exorbitantly priced. If this is something you cannot afford, don't worry, you can create one as good as the ones from stores. Choose some pretty printed fabric, go with the ones with cartoons or polka and cover the cardboard storage box with it. You can use glue guns to affix the fabric. Next, pick cardboard boxes to fit your dresser. These clothing storage bins will go for long if kept well and can be used to store other things when your child grows up.

How to Organize Baby Clothes on the Floor?

Besides the walls, the drawers, and the closets, can you organize baby clothes somewhere else? Yes, you can manage them on the floor. Let's say the options we discussed are somewhat beyond your access, and you want something more feasible that can work as well as the drawers or the closet. Here's what you can do-

A bookshelf organizer for baby clothes

Take out that old bookshelf you have standing in one of the corners. If you feel it's old and shabby, some spray paints can correct that all. Once you get the bookshelf painted, you are ready to organize your baby clothes there. You can directly organize the clothes on the shelf or decorate them with some pretty shelf paper or cabinet liner.

If you like the bookshelf idea, but you don't have one, you can get it from a local thrift shop at a discounted rate and get it painted. Then, arrange some baskets or cardboard bins on the shelf, and there you are, ready to store your baby's clothes and accessories. 

Storage underneath the crib

While it might sound weird to you, but a drawer or storage bin underneath the crib works. If you've got some power tools that you can use to create a custom bin or drawer under the crib, go ahead, or else you can have some plastic or cardboard boxes to organize your baby clothes and items that perfectly fit under the crib. 

Toy bins 

Toy bins are again an excellent choice to store away your baby's clothes. These bins can hold a good number of tiny clothes if organized well. First, find a decent-sized toy bin and use it for storing baby clothes by labeling each shelf and store clothes accordingly. Then, when your child is grown up, you can use this bin to store toys, books, or other items for your child. 

Organizing Baby Clothes - Some Honorable Mentions

Till now, we have come across some of the effective hacks of organizing baby clothes. Organizing your child's clothes should not be a challenging or daunting task for you. It should be easy and fun, and with these few things available in your home, you make this possible. 

Laundry bags

Still did not find the blue pair of socks just kept on the dresser last week? Yeah, that happens a lot and especially with tiny baby clothes. Laundry bags can be used as a tracker to help keep you from losing your baby clothes all inside the house itself. All the little clothing articles of your baby can be organized or dropped inside the laundry bag. Items such as bibs, socks, etc., that are tiny and get lost among other more oversized clothes can be stored in the laundry bag, and you can access them whenever you want.

Keep two or three of them together, wherein one you can place all the tiny clothes, diapers, and towels in one and the last one can be used as laundry bag itself, yes. So whichever cloth you need to wash can just be dropped in, and you are ready with a new pair. 

Hanging shoe organizers

Shoe organizers are yet another underrated storage option. Hanging shoe organizers are affordable and can store tiny clothes like bibs, onesies, or maybe baby shoes if you like. They can also manage diapers in them. 

Some Quick Tips to Keep You on Track

Now that you are equipped with baby clothes organizing ideas, you should be good enough to start. But with time, you may lose the patience to arrange things as always every day and end up pushing everything together. To avoid this and to make things easier for you, here are some handy tips:

  • Store away clothes that you don't need or won't use immediately
  • Pile the clothes your baby will wear now or every day on top
  • Put diapers in compartments that are easily accessible. Place them on top shelves.
  • Clothes that are less used can be placed on the bottom drawers.
  • Store the off-the-season clothes inside back in the closet and keep the season clothes at the front
  • Label the clothes category with age group and colors (if the storing bins or bags are not transparent)
  • Organize or fold the clothes on a day when you are free or are in a good mood. 
  • Donate or pass the clothes that your baby no longer wears or has outgrown. It is kindness and will save you space.

Baby clothes are soft and tiny and need the best care. While you try your best to keep them smelling good and fresh all day, organizing them in a better way will keep them looking good for long. Try out the organizing hacks in this article and stick to the one that suits you perfectly.