Baby girl Easter dresses and outfit Ideas in 2021 | Sophias Style

Have you thought of an idea for your baby girl’s Easter dresses? The bunny season is upon us! Albeit a short holiday, it is one we definitely enjoy just as much as we enjoy the other ones.

While the adults may not see a reason to play dress-up because it is not so much of a holiday, the kids do. It does not matter if your baby is a newborn, or if she is grown up, dressing your baby girl up for Easter is a great idea.

Like every other season where you dress up your little girl, Easter comes with its own outfit ideas. Getting the perfect Easter outfits for baby girls can be tricky, especially when you are dealing with toddlers. You want them to look all celebratory, they just want to jump on the bodies of visitors and roll with the dog. Then you are stuck wondering if the idea of getting them Easter dresses was a good one in the first place, seeing as they really couldn't care less.

Because you want them to look really good, and you also want them to be able to do the things that baby girls do, you need a balance. How can my baby girl look beautiful and still be comfortable this Easter? Because you do not want to change an outfit in the middle of the day due to comfort. If you are someone who cares about symbols and themes, you also want to get something that coincides with the meaning of Easter.

It is at this point that you find yourself stuck, wondering where and how you can get the right outfit ideas for your little princess. Well, this year, no need to get stuck, here are baby girl easter dresses and outfit ideas for this year’s Easter.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Dresses with bunny designs

The Easter season is one that somehow has something to do with bunnies. It is said that bunnies give birth during this season, so they represent the beginning of new life.

Quite symbolic, if you factor in the fact that Easter means resurrection and new life for

Christians. To commemorate Easter, using the bunnies it stands for, you could get a bunny dress. Kids like the idea of animals, so they certainly would love a dress with bunnies being pink and colorful.

2. White dresses

White is a symbol of purity, again this works with the entire idea of Easter. It is said that the resurrection means a new life has been given so Christians can now live in purity. While the symbolism seems a bit much, white is an absolutely beautiful color on baby girls. It works for just any category.

If you are looking for newborn baby girl Easter dresses, then something white is a grand idea.

White is one of the colors of Easter, it represents purity, love, and all things angelic.

Your baby girl is an angel, isn’t she? Well, dress her up as one.

3. Dresses with polka dots

Considering that Easter may fall in spring, this should make your sourcing for Easter dresses for your baby girl easy for you.

For some reason, spring has been consistently associated with polka dots. If you are a fan of trends, this may be one you want to jump into.

Of course, none of that monochrome in black and white thing would do.

There are colorful polka dots dresses that would look nice on your baby. Something with a lot of pink should be just fine.

4. Pink dresses

The pink dresses for baby girls would just never go out of style. It should be a consistent fallback for mothers, like “when in doubt, go pink”.

If you seem swamped, and do not think you have the time to start searching for dresses, go pink. Besides, your kid will look really good in a pink dress.

By the way, pink is one of the colors of Easter, and according to descriptions, it represents joy and purity, and the beautiful pink flowers that bloom in spring.

5.Yellow dresses

Bright colored dresses are always amazing, you can never go wrong with them, especially for celebrations.

Have your baby girl look like the entire rays of sunshine by dressing her up in yellow Easter outfits for baby girls.

Yellow in its soft glow and bright lights is something so beautiful you should not pass up on.

Dress your baby girl in a yellow dress and enjoy the view of sunlight that radiates from her.

6.Red dresses

Usually, red is worn mostly during Christmas, but it is not restricted to just that celebration.

You can get a lovely red dress for your baby girl’s Easter celebration.

In different styles and types, the radiance that comes with the color red cannot be overemphasized.

Red is a great color for celebrations, so try a red dress. Also, red is one of the colors of Easter and it represents the start of a new beginning according to the resurrection and new birth.

7.Blue dresses

Blue dresses look good on almost everyone. The color itself represents a lot of beautiful things. Blue dresses look good on babies.

You can get blue dresses for baby girls of almost any kind and type. In frocks or flares, florals or patterns. However it comes, it always shows up beautifully.

The best part about blue is that it could come in different shades of awesomeness. Other colors come in different shades, but all the shades of blue are awesome.

The navy blue and the royal blue look really great on babies. Go for satin, it is usually the best bet.

8.Green dresses

Green signifies new life, we already know that things bloom in the spring, so it would not hurt to dress according to the theme of new and developing life.

For the shades of green that could look great in Easter, we recommend emerald green. Just in case you didn't know, green is one of the colors of Easter.

It is said that green represents the hope of the resurrection of Christ according to Christians.

You see now that green is the perfect Easter dress.

Something to keep your baby girl in tune with the season and also have her looking beautiful and special.

9.Purple dresses

Not sure you can ever go wrong with the stereotypical color of royalty. Purple in all its shades is a perfect choice when picking Easter dresses for baby girls.

It complements just about any skin tone, and it is one of the Easter colors. It represents the royalty of Christ as well. Purple looks great in flare dresses and satin dresses. It also looks great when it is made into a pattern on a white dress.

So look out for dresses with the purple color as a pattern or floral design, or simply go for a plain purple dress with some designs at the hem.

There are a lot of purple dresses out there, and you can pick from any one of them. Think of what shade of purple and what kind of purple dress you would want on your baby girl.

10.Colors of the Easter

All the colors of easter─red, purple, green, blue, white, and pink can be found on dresses. The dresses made with these colors are usually so beautiful and bright that they can draw up excitement out of a child.

These beautiful dresses on the body of your daughter will look so beautiful. The spring is a time of color, having your kid play around wearing and radiating these beautiful colors is something that you should most certainly look forward to.

They will love it, you will love it, and everyone who sees it on them would love it too. Colorful dresses can never go wrong when it comes to babies, especially with toddlers and their excitement level.

11.Dresses with the Easter eggs

If we are having dresses with bunnies, why not dresses with the Easter eggs?

These are not only limited to dresses, you could also have a two-piece set with the Easter eggs designed on them in colorful ways.

Dresses, pants, and other outfits could have the Easter egg on them. It is, after all, fun to look like Easter, isn’t it?

12.Dresses with patterns

Patterned dresses are often your best bet at having your child looking colorful and bright during celebrations.

Getting a patterned dress is a great idea. Children are easily drawn to patterns and shapes, so your baby girl will love her dress.

13.Dresses with floral designs

Flowers bloom in the spring, Easter usually marks the beginning of spring. Dresses with floral designs first of all make the kids look bright and beautiful.

Then it matches with the symbol of the season and the celebration going on in that season. Floral dresses look particularly beautiful on newborns, as it complements their already cute look. Your newborn baby girl easter outfits could definitely consist of floral designs.

14.Grey designed dresses

If you are all about themes, then this might interest you. Grey is the theme color for the year 2020. It sure won’t hurt to have your baby girl dressing according to the theme of the year.

The only problem with this option is that grey is not a particularly bright color. However, there is a way around that. Grey on its own, seems too well, grey. So, mix it up.

When grey is mixed with other colors, especially with it on the background, it comes out beautiful. Grey also gives off this elegant vintage vibe, especially when designed with small floral patterns.

15.Frock style dresses

Dresses sewn with the frock pattern never go out of style. They will always have a

super-girly, celebratory, beautiful look.

This is why you must get a frock-style dress for your baby girl for Easter. There are different types of frock-style dress, the list is inexhaustible.

You cannot go wrong with a frock-style, it is something your baby girl will love on herself.

More importantly, it is something you will love for your baby girl.

16.Pinafore dresses

Some people like the pinafore dresses, some do not. While most babies are found in

pinafores, it is not set in stone that they must all wear one.

With pinafore, personal preference is key. Nonetheless, there is a long list of pinafore dresses that would look good as an Easter dress for your baby girl. You could use any of the colors that have been mentioned earlier.

The good thing about pinafore is that you can always pair it with any other shirt clothing that you like. Pinafore dresses are easily customizable, so they are definitely recommended.

Chances are, many babies will not be wearing pinafore for Easter as it is already usual day wear. Your baby may just look really special and beautiful in one.

17.Smock dresses

Inasmuch as these look somewhat vintage, some people have taste for them. Smock dresses are simple and beautiful and they look somewhat celebratory.

The dresses are like a definition of what was and what is. Ignore whatever deep meaning you think smock dresses have and buy a smock for your baby girl for Easter.

She would look great in it. If you were stuck looking for newborn baby girl Easter dresses, well you are in luck. For some reason, a smock looks particularly beautiful on newborns.

This does not mean it will not look good if your baby girl is not a newborn, of course. It looks good on anyone, either way.

18.Dresses with ruffles

Dresses with ruffles always come off as princessy, which is a good thing because we all want some touch of royalty in our lives.

Ruffles are great for Easter, especially as they can be anywhere on the dress. You can get a dress with ruffles at the bottom or one with ruffles at the arm. Either way, ruffles are a great outfit idea for a baby girl’s Easter outfit.

Ruffles may be a little discomforting for newborns, and they may begin to cry from the discomfort.

They work better with toddlers who do not really care. If the toddler begins to feel discomfort, then you may need to change it. Either way, ruffles are a great option for Easter dresses for baby girls.


19.Puff sleeved dresses

Dresses with puff sleeves should be written into the hall of fame as the perfect celebratory


There is hardly ever a time they do not look great. Either in extra ball dresses for kids or simple cotton dresses.

They may go out of style for adults, but they would never go out of style for baby girls. They look simply amazing when they are worn, and they are most comfortable.

While this is something almost every baby girl has, there are really great ones out there. It does not have to look like every other one. Your baby girl’s easter outfit could be different and elegant.


20.Flare dresses

You must have seen this a lot already, it is an easy go-to when it comes to picking dresses for baby girls.

They come in different forms and designs, an almost inexhaustible list to choose from. The way they are designed, it does not matter how it is designed, as long as it comes in flare-style, it works.

If you are a busy mom and you do not have time to shop, go for flare. However it comes, it will be very visually appealing.

Think of flare dresses as those ever-present answers to all your questions. You can also get them in different styles and colors, in case you are a morning and evening dress kind of person.

21.Smocked jumpsuits

We have been talking about dresses all through this piece, there is something else that can be worn for easter.

Your baby girl does not have to be restricted to just dresses throughout this easter, she could wear something else which is just as appealing.

Jumpsuits are comfortable, and they are a break from the norm, which is a good thing, looking different is good.

You have to be alert if you are wearing it on a toddler, especially if she is one you are potty training. They may also try taking it off, especially if they are not used to it. If you will be putting a jumpsuit on your toddler, your eyes will have to continually be on them.

Nonetheless, they are an absolutely great option for an Easter outfit.


22.Two-piece outfits

Two-piece outfits are great. Either as a top and a bottom, or a dress and a jacket. They can be worn with other things that are not in their set if you want to mix them up.

Inasmuch as they were made to go together, they could go differently and it still would not be a problem.

They never go out of trend, so even when the Easter season is over, you could wear them on your baby girl for other occasions.

Not everyone will be wearing two pieces, because finding the right one seems a bit hard. Thus, your baby girl would come out looking different, beautiful, and in the mood to

celebrate Easter.


23.Romper sets

When you think of romper sets, your mind naturally goes to the romper sets you already know. Do not think in that direction, it is different.

There are beautiful rompers that have either bunnies or Easter eggs on them as designs. They are usually very beautiful, comfortable, and perfect for newborns.

You may not feel comfortable with dressing your newborn baby girl in flares or any of these other dresses.

An easter romper set is the easiest, most comfortable newborn baby girl easter outfit you can put your baby girl in.

Having them come in really beautiful Easter designs is a blessing. One which you’d definitely be grateful for when you see all the rompers in store for Easter.

24.Tutu dresses

Have you ever thought of how colorful all the Easter colors are? Have you thought of how they will all look blended into a tutu dress?

Just imagine your baby girl tottering around in a tutu dress with the lower part of the dress made into a blend of sharp, bright colors.

That was one very amazing sight, wasn’t it? This is what you get when you opt for the unconventional tutu dress for your baby girl for Easter.

It can come in a bright splash of colors, the same way it can come in just two colors, with the top and bottom being different.

When it comes to the tutu, there is a wide range of options you could choose from, each one, more different than the other.

If you are looking for something unconventional, yet very beautiful, the tutu dresses are the answers to all your questions.

25.Three-piece sets

If you ever thought boys were the only ones who could have outfits in three pieces, think again.

Three-piece outfits look really great on girls and they could come in one of two ways. They can either come in hats, dresses, and jackets, or they can come in shirts, tights, and small skirts.

Either of these sets is perfect for Easter. They can be worn without one of the sets, they can be worn in different ways, and they are beautiful.

They never really go out of style, and even if they do, at least one from the set remains very relevant. Get your baby girl a three-piece set for Easter and some other occasions after.

26.Embroidered dresses

Embroidered dresses are some of the most beautiful things you could ever lay your eyes and hands on. They are created in such a way that they come off as elegant and royal. Contrary to what you may think, they are quite popular.

If you are a mindless shopper, there is a chance that you have gotten an embroidered dress for your baby girl. They come in casual dresses, and party dresses, and celebratory dresses like Easter dresses.

The trick is to look at the embroidery on the dress, and more importantly, the design of the dress it is on. When you can pick out the designs you like, one what material they are, then you can get your baby girl a really nice embroidered dress for Easter.

27.Lace dresses

There probably is not a person on earth who does not find lace appealing. It first, is how they can have any kind of design placed on them.

They can either be bedazzled, or have floral designs attached to them, or they can be embroidered.

There are so many lace dresses with different designs that your baby girl will look absolutely charming in.

Lace is always a splendid outfit idea when it comes to picking celebratory outfits. For this easter, maybe you should be thinking in the direction of lace. Mixed with some of the designs and colors we have aforementioned, you will love it.

28.Sleeveless dresses

The spring is often not very warm, so we are not sure you would want your baby girl’s arms


However, if you are spending most of the holiday inside a house with a heater, then small cotton dresses without sleeves are fine.

Some of them come embroidered, or with a few ruffles. They are comfortable and pretty, so while your baby girl is looking beautiful, she is also very comfortable.

Unless they have the bunnies or Easter eggs on them, they are seen as an “all-weather” outfit.

29.Vintage dresses

This is for those who do not have issues with going a little retro. Something which creates a blend between old and new.

While that is out-of-the-usual, it is beautiful, especially when the colors were chosen right.

Vintage is not an outfit idea that a lot of people are okay with, because it could go wrong.

However, if you have an eye for antique fashion, then you certainly should try this out.

30.Tulle Dresses

Unlike the tutus, these are not unconventional, they are quite popular and they are very beautiful. They will make your baby girl look like the princess she already is. They come in two colors in some cases, and in others, one color, either way, they come out beautiful.

Getting the dresses for Easter just got easier. Now, you no longer have to spend hours on shopping sites to look for what you would like.

Using this list, you can simply decide what you would like amongst them, then check them out for these dresses. Note that these Easter dresses for baby girls' ideas come in different patterns and styles. You might meet yet another list under each idea. However, the search has been cut short by a large percentage for you with this list. These dresses can be accessorized in all the best ways.

From bunny headbands to flower-designed socks, they can be accessorized differently. There you go, now get shopping. Easter is almost here and you want your baby looking amazing. Do not forget to take pictures of your baby girl in her amazing Easter outfit for either record keeping or the gram.