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Summers ought to be sweaty and hot, but this shouldn’t stop you or your little one from flaunting their style. It is a playful season, and you have all the reasons to dress your little one at their best. Your summer wardrobe doesn’t need to be stuffed with a boring maxi or plain cotton items; there are tons of ways to look and keep cool while experimenting with different styles.

For parents, summers can be a struggling time.

While most parents restrict their choice of clothes for their little ones to cotton outfits, they missed out on many trendy and affordable summer dresses for their kids. If you wonder what to upgrade your little girl’s wardrobe with this summer, don’t worry; we have some exciting picks for you. Check out our collection of girls summer dresses ideas.

From floral and lace to chiffon and cotton variants, discover styles and designs that you’ll love to try on your little princess. You don’t have to shield her beautiful dress under a bolero or a jacket, no longer unlike winters. Because in summer, you can be a creative momma and let your best imagination free to choose a stylish and comfortable dress for your child while she enjoys the summer.

Lovely Girls Summer Dresses


Blending in the perfect hues of the summer days and trendy styles, this selection of summer clothes is pure comfort.

Polka Dot Lace Summer Dress

Summers cannot be as trendy by missing out on polka dots. Let’s be honest, polka dots are chic and classy and have moved from season to season without aging. A sleeveless polka dot lace summer dress is a classic choice of a dress for summers. An overall polka dot dress with trimmed hem and lacework on the neck area and waist make a pretty summer dress for girls. Choose one with a knee-length and zippered back. You can explore a wide spectrum of colors in polkas such as yellow, white, light pink, black and white, red, blue, and other stunning hues.

If you prefer your child going for a skirt and a top in this variant, you’ll find many lovely dresses. A polka dot short ruffled skirt with lace and a detailed polka top with sheer neckline and a keyhole feature at the back of the top is something pretty to wear. Bow accents on the skirt make it more appealing. You can choose a darker shade skirt with a lighter shade top, say white, for instance.

Colorful big polka dot dresses are also pretty much in trend and make fabulous summer outfits for little girls. A-line cut, knee or tea-length with bright big polka dots overall and a giant 3D flower accent bow on the waistline. A simple yet elegant look to sport during summers. This kind of dress is suitable for everyday wear or can be worn on any special daytime occasion. Perfect for toddlers and little girls.

Strappy polka dots on lighter shades are yet another must-have in a baby girl’s wardrobe. Broad straps with polka dots all over and pretty lacework at the hemline in layers will look so lovely. Some dresses of this kind will have large flower accents on the bodice or waistline to make them look cuter, justified. Zippered back and a lace sash to tie at the back.

Cotton & Lace A-Line Pique Dress

Cotton and lace always gel well, and you’ll surely love what they can do to a pique dress. Pique dresses are comfortable, and cotton makes them breathable for your little one. The delicate work of lace on the bodice and the A-line feature of the knee-length dress makes it even more adorable. A round neckline and a crisscross strap with buttons look perfect for a baby girl summer dress. Explore a vast selection of cotton and lace pique dresses with flower accents on the waistline and a self-tie belt at the back. Available in white, blue, candy pink, and other pretty lighter shades.

Another beautiful addition to the variant is a crewneck sleeveless bow strap dress. Lacework is adorned at the hemline, and the dress has an A-line silhouette. This variant of dresses is summer-perfect with a back button placket and cute little lace sash to tie at the back. You can rest assured that your child will meet the trendy requirement with comfortable fabric.

Pique dresses are also available simply in cotton fabric or in lacework only with soft cotton linen underneath to avoid ultra-sheerness. These dresses are ideal for summers, and kids love wearing them.

Butterfly Sleeve Cute Summer Short Dress for Girls

Summer dresses are supposed to be airy enough for little girls to feel relaxed and comfy. The butterfly sleeve short summer dress brings a fresh approach to summer dresses. They come in a vast range of styles and patterns.

Whether you want to pick a dress with solid colors, have tiny flower patterns, or be appliqued overall, they are all available in butterfly sleeves. Butterfly sleeves make the dress look more appealing and are age-appropriate for all girls. The best thing is it is airy enough, and the kid will love to wear it.

You can choose to go with one that has a lot of wrinkles at the waistline or one that has a plain A-line feature – either way; they look gorgeous. Some dresses have embroidered neckline that makes it altogether more beautiful.

You’ll also find them in complete lacework and butterfly sleeves, and pretty sash. Team it up with a lace headband and flat sandals to go with.

Mesh Embellished Tulle Dress for Special Occasion

Mesh dresses are so summer-ready, and they look fabulous too. Select a mesh dress that has rhinestone embellishment overall and a trimmed tulle skirt. Tulle is again a soft fabric and is cool for summers. The knee-length tulle skirt with mesh adornment and illusion neckline makes it special. However, these dresses have soft cotton linen underneath the skirt for comfort.

You can choose one with sheer long sleeves or a short sleeve that looks stunning for any special occasion you plan to attend this summer. The sleeves, too, can be embellished with rhinestones or pearls.

You might also want to check out mesh dresses with sequined effects that make them unique and ideal for any special occasion in summer if you are looking for a dress for some event.

Think of lace wonders on mesh fabric – they are pure pleasure to look at and wear. Glam up your little girl’s look with a lace adorned mesh dress, perfect for casual little girl summer dresses. Your daughter will love the look and feel of the dress.

Choose from lovely shades of blue, yellow, grey, mauve, dusty rose, and other stunning shades.

Ruffled Tutu Dress for Summer Parties

Tutus are cute, and when it comes to summer wearable, ruffled tutus are just fabulous. Choose from an extensive selection of ruffled tutus with butterfly sleeves or sleeveless with scoop neck and zippered back. Smocked or layer features on the bodice and a pretty little bow sash element on the waistline. Usually available in short length. Pair it up with a cute little matching bow headband to complete the look.

You’ll find these dresses in attractive shades of pink, blue, orange, yellow, rose, and others.

Tutu lace dresses are another beautiful variant. Explore dresses with a lace bodice with intricate and complex patterns and a tutu skirt with trimmed hems. Knee-length or above knee length looks pretty in this design. Should you like to experiment with different shades, pick a dress with a contrast of two pretty shades, say one for the bodice and the other for the skirt.

Tutus can also be found as bodysuits for infants and baby girls. Pretty colors of red, pink, or a combination of multicolor, these dresses are designed like a ballet dress with lots of frills and short sleeve tops. You can find one with a bow accent on the waistline and zippered back. If you liked the polka dot ideas, you’ll find this variant in polka dot as well. A bit of mix and match, and there you have the pretty summer dress for your girl.

Besides everyday outings, these dresses can be sported for special occasions as well.

Summer Tops and Tanks

Special honorable mention to summer tops and tanks! When it’s summer, and when you want to carry a casual look for your kids, there’s nothing like tops and tank tops. Explore a wide range of sleeveless tops, off-the-shoulder tops, cold shoulder tops, straps, or spaghetti tops; they all look stunning. Even tank tops are also summer favorites among little, big, and teen girls. Available in brilliant colors, pair them with jeans and booties or sandals to complete the look.

Cute Baby Girl Summer Dresses


While choosing a summer dress for your baby, you must be careful with the fabric, the design, and the comfort level, so that your baby girl can enjoy wearing the dress as much as you enjoy dressing her up. Here are a few summer dresses for your baby girl to sport this year and every year.

Lace and Cotton White Baby Dress with Bloomers

Lace dresses are timeless and comfy. A knee-length lace dress with broad straps of cotton fabric and 3D cotton flower accents on the waist. Cotton bloomers for your little one, which fits her diapers well. White is the best preferred for this dress as white brings a fresh feel and light and best suited for summers. This 2-pc is one of the ideal baby girl summer dresses, and your child will remain comfortable throughout the day. You can choose one of these with two-color contrasts, say, a candy-colored pink strap to the dress while the entire dress is in white lace.

A soft cotton lining is fitted inside the dress to make it more comfortable and summer-ready.

Some of these dresses also come with a soft lace hat or a headband if you want to accessories their look. Should you like to adorn it more, find one with a brooch attached to it, making it the perfect pick for a summer party look. Goes well with white squeaky shoes.

Cute Strappy Yellow Dress and Shorts Set

The color yellow broadly is meant for summer and also brings in a lot of spring vibes. The color is fresh and gives a pleasant look to any outfit for summer. A cute little strappy yellow top with matching yellow shorts is a lovely outfit or summer dress for your little girl. The top can be above knee length or knee-length, and the short can be of gingham print if you prefer that print.

Frilled tops and crisscross buttoned straps go well with this and look elegant as well.

You can also choose a yellow dress with a bit of lacework done on the hemline or the neck area. The neckline is usually scooped or round neck. Some of these dresses also have a belt that ties to the back.

Gingham Sleeveless Bow Accent Dress for Baby Girl

Gingham has been ruling the summer dress code forever. It is not just cute but also playful, matching the personality of every baby or little girl. Choose a pretty gingham print sleeveless dress with a bow accent on the waist or somewhere near the straps. They are available in lovely shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, pale pink, aqua, and similar fabulous shades. Pick one that has a large bow on the waist and zippered back. You’ll find dresses that have buttoned closure at the back instead of a zip.

This variant can also be found with some lacework done at the hemline, giving it a unique look. White lace works great with any gingham shades and is a pretty baby girl summer dress.

Floral Tiered Dress with Frills

Floral patterns bring the combined feeling of spring and summer, and no matter what age your kid is, they work with all ages. A floral tiered dress has that unique blend of traditional floral prints with the frills that makes it new in concept. The frills are tightly gathered at the waistline, while the tiers or the layers that flow down to the knee make it beautiful.

For the sleeves, you can keep them sleeveless, cap sleeves, or full sleeves with elastic at the cuffs or twitch buttons. When choosing one with a full sleeve, make sure they are not too skin-tight. You want to keep them loose enough for max comfort.

This variant of the dress is usually available in chiffon or rayon and makes a pretty baby girl summer dress. Discover stunning summer colors such as yellow, blue, navy, pink, burgundy, and any shades of your choice. For floral, any shade looks gorgeous.

Rhinestone Trimmed Ballet Dress

Even ballet dresses can be pretty comfortable outfits for summer. A trimmed short ballet tulle dress is ideal for any summer event. If you want to add more shine and shimmer to it while still maintaining comfort, a rhinestone embellished ballet dress answers your quest. Sleeveless or spaghetti straps with a layered bodice with rhinestone intricate work and flower or bow accents on the waist make it perfectly suited for any special occasion.

Add this dress to your little one’s must-have summer dresses, and you’ll be happy that you made this purchase. Find them in many shades such as yellow, red, pink, aqua, pool, dusty rose, lavender, and other unique colors.

Trendy Toddler Girl Summer Dresses


While you can try your best to protect your toddler from the burning sun during the tastiest days in summer, you got to find a dress that is not body-hugging and keeps your child comfortable while she plays around. No matter what dress type you choose, it is always a great idea to team her outfit with a sun hat to protect your toddler from direct sunlight. Here are some of the ideal summer dresses for toddler girls.

Halter Neck Cotton Checked Dress

Halter neck dresses are summer-perfect, and they look pretty as well. Choose from a massive selection of halter neck cotton dresses with strings tied up at the back of the neck. This type of clothing will leave the back half open and help keep the toddler feeling cool. These dresses come in different styles, but an A-line and ruffled look suits well with the warm weather. Some come with a pretty cotton belt to tie at the back.

Checked patterns always look cool and are favorable for summers. Knee-length or short-length dresses are the best toddler girl summer dresses.

Choose from a wide range of colors such as blue, lavender, pink, yellow, red, and multicolor. Your toddler will love this dress.

Another style of this dress can be well depicted with floral patterns and a halter neck. If floral makes you happy, sure, you’ll find them in your toddler’s clothing as well. Floral tiered or A-line with halter neck both look great during summer, and your little fairy will look stunning as she moves.

Simple cuts and delicate features an ideal summer dress for toddlers and little girls. Also, be careful with the kind of fabric you choose.

Pretty Sleeveless Collar Dress for Summer

Let your toddler girl beat the heat in style with a fabulous collared sleeveless dress. Collared dresses are a vintage favorite and are popular among girls of all ages. They are not just chic but comfortable too. A laced cotton dress with sharp wing collars makes the best summer dress. These dresses come without sleeves and have a zippered back.

A cotton or satin belt to tie at the back, or some may also have flower or bow accents at the waistline. The collars are made of lace, and some varieties might also have lacework at the hemline.

Other variants of these dresses may have a peter pan collar or notched collars and have lacework from the neck towards the waistline.

If you want to go all floral without lace, you’ll find them in a vast collection. Choose from styles such as ruffled, asymmetrical, high-low, or A-line. No matter what variety you choose, the collared dress always looks trendy and stunning.

Embroidered Scalloped White Dress

Scalloped necklines are beautiful, and they look stunning in a summer dress as well. Pep up your little girl for this summer with a fabulous embroidered scalloped insert cut dress. Choose a white dress with a scalloped neckline as it will beautify the dress, and white looks pleasing, especially when it is summer. Explore from a wide range of summer dresses for girls that have embroidered patterns below the neckline or waist. Some dresses also have embroidery done overall for a heavy yet elegant look.

The embroidery, however, doesn’t affect the comfort of the dress, and your little one feels comfortable throughout the day. This dress can also be worn for any special daytime occasion or a regular evening out.

The scalloped neckline looks fabulous in white during summers. But you can choose from many colors of your choice, such as lavender, burgundy, blue, grey, light blue, or any other fabulous shades.

Striped Belted Curved Hem Dress

Stripes are another summer favorite. Just like floral and gingham, stripes bring the smell of summer with them. There are plenty of ways to flaunt stripes when dealing with a little girls’ summer dress. A short-sleeve or shoulder sleeve stripe dress with a straight cut or A-line cut will look stunning. You may go with a knee-length feature or a tea-length – both look adorable. The dress’ curved hem makes it look stylish, while the striped pattern gives it a traditional outlook.

For the neckline, any style would look fabulous. However, collars look very stylish. Find a dress that has a belt, like faux leather, to complete the look. This kind of dress goes well with sneakers or flat summer sandals.

Stripes can be multicolor or two colors combined with darker, say navy, and the other lighter shade, such as white in verticals. Some also have buttons from the neckline to the hemline.

Big Girl Summer Dresses


Big girls understand fashion a lot more than a baby and a toddler, and thus you have to be selective when it comes to trends in summer clothes. Here we share some fantastic summer dresses ideas for big girls.

High Low Solids Dress

High-lows are stylish, and they continue to look stunning in the summers too. An A-line high-low dress with spaghetti straps and solid colors is a lovely dress to flaunt in the summer. You can go for an effortless yet elegant look with a solid-colored dress with a belt to be tied at the back of the dress. You can choose from pretty colors such as pink, burgundy, white, red, aqua, and other lovely colors.

Another variety of this dress can be appliqued or lace. If you prefer lace over anything else, go ahead with a lace dress with high-low features—crinoline attached underneath for a stunning look.

You can also choose to go with appliqued feature at either side of the waistline or the hem. Some dresses have applique all over the dress. Knee-length or tea-length goes well.

However, if you plan to attend a party or any special event, you can bring a high at the knee and a mermaid tail feature at the back. This style makes it cute summer dresses for girls. You love how your daughter will be happy with the dress.

Spaghetti Strap Floral Dress for Big Girls

Think of summer dress for big girls and floral not include – not happening! A beautiful floral dress with a spaghetti strap makes it a stunning dress to flaunt. V-neck and some also come in the scalloped neckline is summer-ready. You may choose to go with big flower patterns or small ones – either way, it will make adorable big girl summer dresses.

Based on your child’s preference, you may choose knee-length or tea-length.

Chiffon Layered Dress

A chiffon dress is a beautiful addition to your big girl summer collection. Chiffons come in pretty patterns, and a layered chiffon dress is a vintage style but always works great. You may choose to go with an A-line feature or a curled hem with a layered feature to give it a fluffy look. For colors, any color will look fabulous in a chiffon dress. You can choose to go with a sleeveless feature or a cap sleeve.

Stylish Teen Girl Summer Dresses


If you are a teen parent, chances are your kid is already a fashionista. However, if you are planning to upgrade her summer wardrobe, here are some stunning summer picks you might want to check out.

Lace Sleeveless Elastic Top Summer Dress

Like lace? If yes, you’ll surely love this dress. A sleeveless lace straight across the elastic top dress is one to enjoy this summer. You can choose to go with a knee-length or a tea-length – both will look stunning. Some dresses will have flocked pleats at the bodice, while others will have a plain bodice with a smocked waist.

You can choose to go with summer fav solids such as white, pale yellow, light pink, coral, or blue.

Summer Ready Short Shift Dress

Shift dresses have been making waves lately, and some pretty shift dresses make cute summer dresses for teenage girls.

Off Shoulder Maxi Flare Dress

If you or your daughter love maxis, make it her dress code this summer. Explore a wide range of off-shoulder maxi flare dresses that are as pretty as your child. You can choose one that has a simple elastic gathering at the neckline and have butterfly sleeves with soft elastic at the waist. Find one that is long enough to reach the ankle.

A different variant is a lace fabric on the top with a ruffled neckline and would work as a sleeve covering for the sleeveless top. These styles are super cool and stylish and are comfortable too.

If you like layers, try one that has double ruffles in two lengths where it is layered one on top of the other, and the skirt just flows freely to the ankle. Some may also have a soft sash to it to be tied at the back.

Boho Long Summer Dress

Break free to the exotic boho style this summer and find a beautiful boho long summer dress for your daughter. V-neck chiffon or rayon fabric with loose-fitting feature with loose elastic at the cuffs makes it a traditional boho outfit and cool summer dresses for teenage girls.

Another variant comes with floral prints and broad ruffled sleeves without elastic. V-neck line and soft fabric will make your child look stylish and comfortable throughout the summer.

However, if you want to keep it minimalistic and chic, you can also go for a short boho dress.

Short variants are equally fabulous and are perfect for summers.

Boho dresses are mostly available in multicolor and floral, and they look beautiful either way.

No matter which style you choose to pick for your little girl or teen girls summer dresses, it has to be comfortable and soft to the skin because you want your girl to be happy and enjoy the summer.