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Birthdays are special and full of excitement. If you are a parent and plan to throw a party, sure, you are already bombarded with a lot of tasks – from finalizing the list of guests and decorations to ordering the cake and buying the birthday dress.

While everything else can be and will be taken care of, you can’t just buy any dress for your little one’s birthday. For most parents, getting a perfect birthday dress for their little sunshine can be a stressful task. It’s your child’s day, and you want to do everything possible to make it memorable.

Similarly, your kids too look forward to their big day and have several things in mind. They have their friends invited, have so many gifts to receive, play games, laugh, and most importantly, cut the cake in their best outfit. You see, after all, it’s all about your child’s happiness and a perfect birthday dress. 

Creativity swarms when a birthday party occurs and parents pour in their best to dress their kids and decorate the venue. But if you are running out of ideas or need some tips to find the best girls birthday dresses, we are here to help. In this article we put together some birthday dresses for girls ideas to make their birthdays memorable.

If you are celebrating your daughter’s first birthday, you surely want to check out the pretty first birthday dress for baby girl that we have listed later in here. Your child deserves the best birthday party ever; however, choosing the perfect birthday outfit can be a task indeed. Don’t worry; we have listed some fantastic birthday dresses for baby girls, toddlers, and teenage girls. We are sure you’ll find this article useful. 

Trendy and Beautiful Birthday Dresses for Girls

Besides finding a beautiful and stylish birthday dress for your girl, you should also keep in mind that you want it to be comfortable and breathable. Your child will be spending hours in that outfit, and it should be comfortable enough to move around.

Knee Length Satin and Lace Dresses

Knee-length V-neck dresses look beautiful, and when it comes to birthdays, they are just perfect. These dresses usually come in white. But you can also pick pastels or any of your little one’s favorite colors such as pink, red, champagne, blush, rose, aqua, and other pretty colors. You can find one with adornment around the neck area and at the back, let say pearl or rhinestone.

The dress has a satin overall with lace adornment on the bodice and the waistline. Add some glam to the look with a large bow sash on the waist. If you pick a lighter shade such as white, go with a shade darker than white, say, gold or blush pink. For a darker shade dress, go with a lighter sash. You can choose to go with a sleeveless or a full sleeve dress in this design.

A-Line Tea-Length Tulle Girls Birthday Dresses

A timeless design and traditional touch to todays’ modern idea of birthdays, the A-line tea-length tulle dress will look stunning on your pretty girl. Delicate lacework all over the attire, soft tulle finish with a scallop pruned scooped neckline is pure elegance. If you plan for a themed birthday party and have something like a fairy tale theme, this dress would work great for your daughter. A satin sash with bow emphasis will add more grace to her dress. A lace dress always looks great with a long sleeve or quarter sleeve – keep it that way. You’ll love how it looks. 

Floral Satin & Tulle Sleeveless Birthday Dresses for Girls

The soft and glossy feel of satin makes every dress look unique and special. Discover satin bodice with a tulle skirt and lace covering - a beautiful thing to watch. You may find such dresses with floral prints underneath the lace covering or a big 3D flower on the waistline. Some dresses also come with flower petals sewn in detailing with a sheer layer of soft tulle. Imagine the dress, what a beauty to dress your little girl with on her birthday. 

The dress comes in knee-length and is sleeveless. It is available in colors such as white, ivory, peach, pink, coral, rose, and other pretty colors.

Ball Gown Ankle Length Satin Dress

Let your princess dress like one on her birthday with a ball gown dress. Little girls like being dressed as princesses, and if your sunshine is a fashionista, a ball gown ankle-length satin dress is just the thing for her and makes a perfect option for the best little girls birthday dress. Satin has that royal look, and a ball gown dress adds to the idea of a regal aura. 

The dress can be either ankle length or floor length, based on the comfort of your child. Keep the sleeves short or long – either way, it looks pretty. Since you want the princess look to it, why not find a dress with a bit of embellishment on the neckline? You’ll find ball gowns with pearl or rhinestone elaboration on the neckline and plaids flowing down from the waistline. For more detailing, add a big bow sash and a similar bow for the headpiece. 

One Shoulder Beaded Tulle Dress for Baby Girls

If you are looking for a pretty baby girl birthday dress, one shoulder beaded tulle dress is perfect for your little girl. The satin skirt and tulle bodice is a unique blend of class and glam combined into a dress. These dresses come with beadwork on the bodice area. The one-shoulder look is stunning with a bow that rests on the shoulder. Pleaded from the waistline to bring fuller effect, this dress looks great at knee-length for your baby girl, making her comfortable.

Choose from a wide range of colors such as blue, pool, mauve, pink, ivory, coral, blush, orange, and other pretty colors. Best pick for a spring or summer birthday.

Sequined Sleeveless Birthday Girl Dresses

Sequined party dresses are quite popular among little girls and parents. They not just sparkle but looks high-end too. If you are looking for some sparkle and heavy adornments, sequined birthday dresses for girls are an ideal pick. You can either choose them to be sequined all over or just have the glitter on the bodice. These dresses usually come sequined from top to bottom with a sash on the waist. Simple scoop neck with zipper back. Looks fabulous at knee-length—an excellent pick for toddlers and little girls. You can find them in pretty colors such as white, ivory, champagne, pink, burgundy, black, navy, or other striking colors.

Baby Girl First Birthday Dresses with Age Number

While there are many fun ways to dress your baby girl for her birthday, finding a unique and lovely dress for her first birthday can be tiring. Here are some of the best first birthday dresses for girls. 

Floral Check Birthday Dresses 

Adorable floral check dresses are timeless and look fabulous on every special occasion. Discover pretty floral printed skirts with a checked bodice. You either choose to pick a checked smocked bodice with a satin belt. These dresses have ruffled sleeves and hems. Since it’s her first birthday, find one with numbers to be attached on the bodice, say 1 for her first birthday dress. These dresses either have the numbers appliqued, embroidered, or in a detachable form to put it on the day of her birthday and make the big day memorable.

Polka Dot Numbered Dresses for Birthdays

Make her birthday celebration memorable with a lovely polka dot 1st birthday dress for girl. Fluffy and cute little dress with polka dot numbered on the bodice and pretty ruffled skirt with spiral hem. Find fabulous designs with a bow emphasis on the bodice or waist with a sash. These dresses come in short ruffled sleeves or sleeveless – available in fuchsia and white, pink and white, red, blue, or multicolor. 

If you love lots of polka dots, choose from a massive selection of large polka dots printed overall the fluffy pleated dress. Select a scoop neck dress with a big satin bow accent on the waist and cap sleeve or sleeveless for more charm. These dresses are also available in two solids, with lots of different colors, while some dresses have only one solid color dot. 

If you like the traditional style, pick one that comes with black and white polka dots, which looks lovely on anyone. 

Another pleasing addition to the stock has a polka dot bodice and a floral skirt appeal to the dress with the hem displaying polka dots and adding more elegance to it, a satin bow element on the waist – perfect for awesome birthday photos. These dresses come with detachable numbers to place on so that you cherish her first birthday.

Pretty Birthday Tutu Dresses for Little Girls

Adorn your little girl with beautiful tutus for her birthday. Tutus are fluffy and bring a fun vibe when a cute baby girl wears them. Explore wide assortments of tutus with white bodice and tutu styled trimmed skirt that has satin hem. The scoop neck dress has short elastic sleeves and birthday prints on the top. You might also want a tutu dress with a number printed on top. Some dresses also come with birthday-themed patterns such as a cake, birthday hat, balloons printed on the top. 

Another variant of birthday tutu dresses is a stunning rainbow effect at the hemline—a fabulous birthday-ready dress with layered laces of different colors at the bottom. The white bodice with scooped neck will have either happy birthday text or age number written or printed. Isn’t that a beautiful way to make her special day memorable?

To add more glitz, you can pick one dress with glitter effects on it, adorned with golden or silver glitters or embellished with rhinestones or crystals. Some birthday tutus also have pearls adorned on them, if you like it that way.

Tutus Birthday Dress Set for Toddlers 

Find an exquisite variety of tutu skirts for your toddler girl on her birthday. Delicate tulle work with a trimmed hem and a soft top with birthday quotes or age numbers printed on it makes a perfect match for the first birthday. To add more elegance to the overall dress, find one with a gold bow for the waistline. These dresses come with a lovely headpiece that pairs with the bow, say, a scrunchie or a headband, making it a beautiful tutu birthday dress set. 

You’ll find this variant with other accents, too, such as a Minnie Mouse-themed print on the top and a fuchsia tutu skirt, with a headband. Explore a wide range of tutus for toddler girl birthday dresses decorated with pretty solids or rainbow-colored patterns. You may find a tutu for your toddler girl with a medley of two different colors, such as black and gold, where you have the top in black and the tutu in gold or maybe gold and any lighter shade such as silver. The top will have age numbers written. 

Can you personalize your little one’s birthday tutu? Sure you can! There are pretty tutus that you can personalize with cute birthday quotes or the name of your darling with her age number, say, “Hannah turned 1”, or something like that. These baby girl 1st birthday dresses are available in various colors such as white and pink, light blue, light pink, lemon, lavender, red, aqua, green, purple, blue, gold, burgundy, more exciting colors. 

Special Unicorn Dress for Your Birthday Girl

Kids are pure and so is their imagination with their unicorn friend. If your little girl is fascinated with fairy tales and loves the idea of unicorns, we have a fantastic array of unicorn-inspired birthday dresses for little girls and those cute girls that are about to turn one.

Rainbow striped tulle dresses with vibrant colors, smooth looks, and pretty unicorn prints on the bodice or top if you want to pick a tutu skirt for your child. If you plan for a unicorn-themed party for your little darling, this is the dress you want. This variant of tutu dress with unicorn features is a new breed for birthday option. These dresses are available with unicorn prints such as unicorn horn with eyes, complete unicorn printed or appliqued.

If you are looking for a dress and not a tutu with a unicorn featured on it, be happy there is a lot to choose from. Explore more lovely unicorn printed dress with unicorns overall the dress, on the bodice, on the skirt, or solids with just one unicorn printed either on top or below the waistline at the bottom corner of the dress. 

You’ll love the colors these dresses are available in – pink, purple, lavender, coral, blue, gold, burgundy, rainbow-colored, black, and other lovely colors. Some of these dresses are also available with a unicorn horn-like hairband or glittery bow to add extra glam and glitz to the birthday look. 

If you want to keep the look a bit more heavy or decorated, opt for embellished pieces. Some unicorn-themed girl first birthday dresses come with a beaded or sequined appeal. While you may find the skirt embellished with glitters or beads and the unicorn printed on the top, there are also some dresses with a sequined or beaded bodice with unicorns decorated on the skirt. 

Birthday Dresses for Teenage Girl

If you have a teenage daughter, sure, she will be a lot more conscious about her birthday dress than a baby girl or a toddler. Choose her birthday dress, keeping in mind her comfort, what makes her feel confident and feel-good factor. If you have set a dress code for the party, she needs to follow it; anything that makes her look good is the perfect birthday dress for her. While you still might want to get an idea of what to get your girl on her birthday, here are some stunning styles we’d love to share:

Organza Ruffled Beaded Dress

Beautiful organza bodice with a soft floor-length A-line ruffled dress is a unique blend of sophistication and style. The lightweight organza fabric has a lovely touch to the skirt with ruffled edges and a beaded bodice to enhance the party look. You may choose rhinestone embellishment or sequined, too, for the decoration at the top. The ruffled dress’s smooth touch will look stunning as your daughter moves around or appears for the cake cutting.

A glittery pair of bellies or heels will go with the dress. She may also pair the look with a sequined headpiece of a scrunchie to complete the look. You may choose the dress in soft pink, aqua, light yellow, red, rose, mauve, or other lovely colors.

Lace Chiffon Short Dress

If your daughter wants to deviate from the traditional fairy tale dress on her birthday, there are some attractive options. Delicate lace and short chiffon dress are a pleasure to look at. Its carefully sewn lace bodice ensnarls impressive craftsmanship, and the chiffon skirt is soft to touch and looks pretty. V-neck short sleeve with zippered back is easy to drape and comfortable too. You may also choose to go with a spaghetti strap or short sleeve, whichever suits your party idea. This dress falls under both minimalistic and heavy designs – great to go if you prefer a bit from both worlds.

It is available in pretty colors of pink, fuchsia, lavender, coral, light blue, sea green, and other multicolor.

Ankle Length A-line Rhinestone Brooch Dress

Pep her look with a lovely ankle-length dress with a sash tied to the back and has a rhinestone brooch on it. The brooch seems elegant and high-end and enhances the entire look of the dress. These dresses come with pleads from the waistline and have a flocked effect on the waist—V-neck and cap sleeves for perfect appeal. Discover beautiful colors of pink, blue, black, aqua, red, and other lovely hues.

Tea Length Floral Teenage Birthday Girls Dress 

Floral never goes out of trend, and they make the perfect birthday dresses for teenage girls. Explore fancy floral dresses prepared with enticing embroidered flower patterns all over the dress—an ideal piece for spring or summer birthdays. The tea-length of the dress makes it look elegant and stylish. You may choose to go with a sleeveless or quarter sleeve length. 

Besides embroidery, there are many printed floral patterns, both small and big, that will look quite trendy as birthday dress for teenage girls. Choose from an elegant collection of floral dresses available in tulle, satin, or lace.

Delicate tulle floral dresses are a sophisticated pick for a birthday party. The floor-length floral tulle dress looks stunning with a short sleeve. If you prefer to go with lace, there are intricate patterns and appeals to the attire; find one with complicated patterns and keep the sleeves long or quarter. For satin fabric, A-line or symmetrical looks fabulous. 

You may also choose to keep the dress fluffy and fuller, maybe a ballroom gown. Bring in the most effect, team it with a petticoat to get that desired fuller effect – perfect for a fairytale-themed birthday party dress. It is available in stunning colors of ivory, pale blue, light pink, candy pink, lavender, mauve, burgundy, and more. 

High-Low Lace Dress

Classy A-line high-low lace dress is yet another variant to add to your teen girl’s birthday dress list. The high-low style is one of its kind and has a mixture of class and trend imbibed. 

The overall lace embellishment looks stunning and has a traditional flair to the dress. You can also find high-low dresses with a tulle underskirt for a more fluffy effect. Pick one with a 3D rose or flower attached to the waist – your daughter will love the dress. Go with a scoop neck and sleeveless style.

Birthday Fairy Tale Gowns for Teenage Girls

Gift her a fairy tale gown or long dress on her special day. A soft and pretty net flare gown with a golden sleeveless body makes fantastic birthday dresses for teenage girls. Let your sunshine experience pure joy when she walks around with grace wearing that gorgeous dress. Golden and light or candy pink colors go well for this design. However, you may choose from any pretty colors of your child’s choice, such as blue, burgundy, cherry, red, aqua, coral, rose, and others. The golden bodice may be changed to silver, contrasting with a darker shade for the gown for unique effects.

Cool Birthday T-shirts for Little Girls

If your little one is a no-dress girl and likes to keep it all casual, you can pick one of the cute and trendy birthday T-shirts that are cool and carry the birthday flavors. Comfortable and stylish, these T-shirts have age numbers printed on them. You may also choose them to have lovely prints of unicorn or fairy or simply age number. Great to go with a cool lighter shade of jeans and boots. This look is both feminine and trendy.

While you may want to add some glitz and glam to the overall look, pick a sleeveless birthday top with an age number printed on it. These sleeveless birthday tops have slight glittery effects to bring out the festive and celebration mood and casual enough for her to feel comfortable all day long - they go best with a pair of jeans or a pretty tutu skirt of bright color. 

Birthday Party Hats for Little Girls

Let’s be honest; birthday parties are not complete without birthday hats. You should get your little darling a unique birthday hat for her special day while she blows the candles. Beautiful birthday hats with rhinestone adornment, and fur embellishment, these birthday hats come with an elastic band to keep the hat in place while your little one runs around in joy. 

Other pretty appliqued birthday hats are cute and have appliqued birthday themes featured on them, such as candles, cakes, or balloons. Decorated with ribbons and glitters, these birthday hats are pretty things to have at your little one’s birthday party. 

Give it a posh look with pretty ruffled golden sequined birthday hats. Golden ruffled hats are a unique prop for birthdays, and they look gorgeous. Some also have age numbers written on them, while others have the birthday kid’s name written. Make her birthday memorable and get some fabulous photos clicked. 

Other available variants are birthday crown hats, designed like a crown and have golden effects for more dazzle. 

Accessories for Little Girls Birthday 

While you have decided on which dress to pick for your daughters’ birthday, don’t forget to accessorize her look with a fabulous collection of birthday hairpins, headbands, scrunchies, bracelets, bags, and a perfect matching pair of bellies. If you plan for a fairy tale theme, you can also choose a wand for your daughter if she has decided to dress as a fairy. 

Birthdays are always fun, and choosing baby girl first birthday dresses or smart birthday outfits for her regular birthday should be fun. The dress ideas we shared above are sure to help you decide on a dress for your special day. Ensure the dress you choose is age-appropriate, comfortable, and best on quality for your child’s comfort and fun.