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Who doesn't love tea parties? Whether you are young or old, women of all age groups love talking with friends over a cup of tea. A tea party for little girls is the best opportunity for parents to open doors for the child to learn, mix up with other kids of their age group, and teach the child the importance of the art of hospitality in a fun and entertaining way. 

For a child, a tea party is a fun party organized for her and her friends where she can play games, munch on sweet-savory, and talk over a cup of tea or hot chocolate, wearing her best girls tea party dress. Childhood is beautiful age, a time which we all long at a point in life and wish to get back at. A tea party for little girls is a lovely event to host as it brings a lot of opportunities to have fun and learn things that your daughter will carry with her throughout her life. 

Even though it is meant for the little ones, you have a lot to do in it. You got to prepare an invitation list, sort out the menu for the evening, decorate your little girl's room or the backyard, and most importantly, get her dress to fit into the fabulous setting of all little angels storytelling get-together. Whether you are hosting the tea party in your daughter's honor or your little princess has been invited into one, a beautiful dress is something you'll need to set the mood right.

From vintage fashion to the simplest floral, we have clubbed some of the best 2021 little girl tea party dresses ideas, which are not just elegant but ideal for any special occasion. We are sure you'll love them, and your princess will be happy to wear them to her special tea party! 

Pretty Tea Party Dresses for Little Girls

Fit and Flare Dress

A timeless beauty, the fit, and flare dresses are something every little girl adores. If you haven't added it to your princess' wardrobe yet, you now have a reason to go for it. A fitted bodice with either simple patterns or lace applique inverts with a flared skirt is simple yet elegant. Usually, this dress comes in light fabric, making it comfortable for little ones to spend hours wearing it. You can choose to go with any color of your daughter's choice or go for a lovely print. To charm it up a bit more, accessorize it with a matching hair scrunchie or hairband.

Tea Party Theme Print Strappy Dress

It's her tea party, so why not let her dress reflect the excitement. Cute tea party-inspired prints look adorable as a dress for the event. You can choose one that has pretty cupcakes, teapot, cups, or sandwiches printed overall the dress. Strappy designs make it a perfect girl tea party dress for the backyard get-together. You can pick one that has a flower accent on the center of the waist with ribbons hanging. A-line or pleated flowy styles look great. 

Deep Back Tiny Floral Dress

Another pretty addition to the tea party dress collection is a deep-back tiny floral sleeveless dress. It is one of the favorite of parents for summertime tea parties. Crew neck with deep zippered or buttoned back makes this dress look unique and one of its kind. Tiny flowers of dark shades say burgundy or navy, will look just so adorable with the sleeveless cut. You can choose one with a back-tied belt and pleats flowing from the waist. The dress can be knee-length or tea-length; either way, she will look charming. You can also choose to keep the sleeves half-length. Tie her hair upward in a loose messy bun to bring on the complete look. 

Soft Boho Styled Tulle Tiered Dress

You can never go wrong with a boho dress when it comes to comfort and style. If you are shifting from the traditional format or tea party and look forward to a party where your kid enjoys with her friends, a boho tulle tiered dress is a great choice. Pick a soft tulle dress with scoop neck with pleats or smocked bodice all gathered to the waist and ensemble the dress with several tiered detailing. Trimmed hem at the bottom of the dress makes it look even prettier. Find one that has loose sleeves with sheer detailing and a hooked back. Choose from pastels such as soft pink, light azure, pale minty, or pale yellow. Complete her look with pretty dress shoes.

Checkered Applique Matilda Dress

Give it a modern with retro touch with a checkered Matilda dress that is a simple yet elegant girls tea party dress. A pretty shirt dress with an A-line cut, drop shoulders, pleated bodice with pockets at the skirt. Discover a wide variety of Matilda dress that has adorable collars or simple necklines. You may pick one that has buttons from top to bottom to the hem. You'll find dresses that have curled hem that brings in a fresh touch to the retro look. 

Matilda dresses are available in solids, pretty patterns, and floral too. It is the style that makes it unique. The dress has a sophisticated shirt style that looks and feels comfortable. Some Matilda dresses also have pockets attached to the bodice. Whichever type you pick, it is going to look fabulous in your little girl.

All Vintage Tea Party Dresses

Full Sleeve Lace Tea Party Dress

When it comes to style with a hint of sophistication, vintage dresses win the bet. If you are a vintage fashion fan, you'll love this elegant loose full sleeve lace dress with a mid-high turtle neckline—a flowy cut dress with uniform pleats that starts from the waistline to the hem. The sleeves have elastic for a more vintage look to the dress. To add more charm to the overall dress, you can add a thin dark-colored satin around the neck, with its ribbon falling easy on the bodice. 

The lace dress has soft cotton linen underneath dress to keep it all comfortable for your little girl. Find them in pretty shades of white or ivory. However, you can choose to go with any colors of your choice.

Pinafore Apron Retro Little Girl Tea Party Dress

Even though this style carries the vintage era fashion, it is stylish enough to match time's modernity. Dress your little girl on a cute pinafore apron retro dress that will stand out. Whether your little one is hosting the party or attending a party, this beautiful dress serves the purpose. An adorable printed apron shirt with a Peter Pan neck and elastic short sleeve – makes it look simple and graceful. The smock will be of cotton blend and have lace details on it. You may pick one that has a flower or any cute applique on the smock. The hem is decorated with the same fabric as that of the shirt. You'll find many materials for this dress; however, cotton works great if the party is set for a summer evening. It is another vintage style that makes it an ideal tea party dress for little girls.

Pinafore apron dresses are a classic thing for little girls to wear at a tea party. Not just they are graceful but ideal for some fun time together. You'll find a wide variety to choose from.

Flower Twirl Dresses

Little girls love to twirl, so why not add this to their tea party dress? Cheerful designs with flower prints on the clothing make it look so adorable and a perfect playtime dress. Simple scoop neck with a deep back, this twirl dress is something your child can wear on any other special occasion. A plain bodice with gathered pleats on the waistline and pockets on the front makes this dress unique and suitable for the age group. Go with bright and refreshing summer colors such as yellow, mustard, coral pink, orange, grape, mint, or any color of your choice. 

Twirl dresses come in several prints and embellishments such as sequined, glittery gold, velvet, polka dots, and more. You are free to use your creativity to make it a dress your little one will always cherish.

Midi Dress

Midis just work their magic and make anyone who wears them look gorgeous. Make her tea party look unique with a beautiful midi dress that is comfortable and ideal for little girls' get-together. Buttoned down dress with quarter sleeves and collared neckline bring a fresh approach to vintage dresses. The calf-length dress has a front-tied fabric belt and loose pleats at the waistline. Complete the look with a cute pair of dress shoes or mules in dark shades. 

Midis look great in floral, solids, stripes, or checks. Whichever you think will look great on your little girl, go with that.

Fabulous Pink Tea Party Dresses for Little Girls

Pink Satin and Tulle Dress

If your little darling loves pink and has a lot of pinks in her wardrobe, well, you can add this variant to the collection. A smooth satin bodice with a cute tulle skirt with bouncy detailing makes it a pretty thing to wear. If you like it all simple and plain, you can go with an elegant yet simple bodice. Scoop neckline with zippered back, this type of dress is just so perfect for a tea party dress, no matter whether your little one is attending or hosting the party. 

To bring in more adornment, you like it a bit glittery; you can choose a dress with beads and glitters on the bodice. You may go without sleeves or pick one with a half sleeve; both look stunning. Lengthwise, the dress looks gorgeous when worn in knee-length, but you may also go with an ankle-length dress as this will also serve as a princess theme tea party dress if that's what you are looking for.

Pink Floral and Ruffled Dress

If pink is your little girl's party color, then you can go ahead with this pink floral and ruffled dress. Bright flower on the bodice with pink ruffled detailing on the skirt makes it look stunning. Find one with too many ruffled from waistline to hem and give your daughter a fairy tale vibe. Zippered back with a sash to tie on the back gives it a unique look. Sleeveless design usually looks gorgeous in this dress type; however, you may choose a short-sleeve or cape sleeve to match the trend. The color can be pale pink or dark pink, or any hue of pink to blend in with the party's theme.

3D Flowers with Multilayered Tulle Pink Dress

This one-of-a-kind 3D flowers multilayered tulle dress is ideal if your little one is hosting a tea party. Pretty 3D flowers on the bodice with several layers of tulle skirt make it unique and highly gorgeous. The bodice is made of satin with an illusionary neckline, and the flowers spreading throughout the bodice to the waistline. The zippered back has a hidden inert to keep the dress looking seamless. 

Strappy White and Pink Satin Sash Dress

Another charming combination of pink and shades of white makes this strappy sash dress one of the stunning girls tea party dresses. Broad straps with a smocked bodice and ruffled tulle skirt are a beautiful dress to hone. The dress has simple features and a zippered back. Choose from a wide variety of pink and white dress that makes it perfect to the cute event. A detachable magnificent satin sash on the waist can be tied at the front or the back, or if you want, you can secure a knot at the side of the dress. The uneven trimmed hem gives it an exotic look perfect for a tea party or any special occasion.

Elegant Flared Girls Tea Party Dresses

Floral Chambray Fit and Flare Dress

Take a shift from the tea party's traditional dress code to a more comfy and casual setting with a stunning floral chambray fit and flare dress. Pretty high scoop neck with ruffled flutter sleeves and elastic waist with a tiny bow fitted at the center. A-line skirt with flared feature reaching to knee-length, this dress is comfortable with its pure cotton fabric and looks lovely with floral print overall. The dress seems ideal with tiny floral prints. However, the intent is to come up with a beautiful gown that is comfy and attractive. If larger floral are your thing, go ahead with it. 

Lace Flare Dress

The delicate lace works on a flared dress makes every occasion extra special. Prep up your little girl for a perfect tea party with this stunning lace flare girl tea party dress with lacework overall with flared detailing—knee-length dress with sheer broad elbow-length sleeves. The dress has soft cotton linen underneath, preventing it from being transparent and comfortable to the skin. These dresses come with a zippered back and a pretty satin bow attached to the waistline at the front.

Usually, pastels such as pale pink, soft blue, light yellow, or soft corals look great in these dresses, but you can choose any color of your little girl's choice. Team it up with some cute hair accessories and a pair of dress shoes.

Little Girl Polka Dot Ruffled Flare Trim Dress

Polka dots never fades out of fashion, and it pretty much suits any kid's function and events. A white dress with dark polka dots overall and short ruffled sleeves makes it adorable. The dress is above knee length and has several creases gathered at the waistline. The flared feature of the skirt has a clean sewn hem and a zippered back. However, the back is deep cut making it ideal for summer tea parties. Based on the color preference, you can choose the color of the polka dots to be anything from pink, burgundy, green, red, mauve, or any pretty shades of your choice. Match this up with lovely white strappy bellies.

Ruffled Trim Front Buttoned Dress

A ruffled solid front buttoned dress is a pretty addition to a fancy tea party for little girls. Not floral, not stripes, let solids take charge – choose your pick with the color of your choice. This variant has ruffled short sleeves with buttoned-down at the front from neckline to the hem. The length of the dress is knee-length and has a flare feature at the skirt. Solids of darker shades look great in this style. If the tea party is set for the afternoon, you can choose to go with shades like mustard, yellow, coral, etc., and for the evening party, colors such as burgundy, navy, grey look great. Complete the look with pretty sandals.

Gorgeous Princesses Long Dresses for Little Girl Tea Party

Pretty Sleeveless Satin and Net Layered Long Dress

Every little girl wants to be dressed as a princess or a fairy. If your theme for the party is princesses dress up, then this dress is just the thing you want to have for your little girl. Explore a wide variety of princesses dresses that are elegant and fun to wear at the same time. An adorable sleeveless satin dress with net detailing on the waist and flowing towards the hem. The dress is floor length and gives a chambray look with the lighter fabric of the dress covered with the net. The neckline is V-shaped both on the back and front and has zippered back. This dress will look stunning in white, ivory, or cream with a darker net covering, say, dark blue or burgundy. 

High Low off the Shoulder Glittery Tulle Gown

This is yet another beautiful princess gown for your little one to wear at her tea party. The high low style with soft tulle fabric and glittery effects overall the dress makes it even more desirable and just a perfect fairy tale tea party dress for little girls. The off the shoulder feature with soft elastic straps and a bow accent on the waistline makes it prettier. Your girl will surely love this dress. The glitters look gorgeous when in gold making tiny patterns all over the clothing.

Although this variant of the dress looks incredible when long, short, or tea-length will look equally gorgeous. 

Tassel Tulle Backless Sequined Princess Gown

This pretty addition to the princesses gown dresses are unique picks for little girls' tea parties. A sequined bodice with all glittery effect, multilayered tulle skirt with trimmed hem and backless feature with a tassel hanging at the back makes this dress stand out from the rest. The sleeves are short, with feathery tassels adorning the sleeves. The dress is ankle length and looks good with a matching pair of glittery Mary Jane shoes. Whether your girl is hosting the tea party or attending it, she will rock it for sure! 

Long Lace and Embroidered Gown with Lace Gloves

If embroidery is your thing, you'll love this dress. A detailed lace bodice with embroidered patterns all over the A-line skirt makes it a unique girl tea party dress. The dress has an illusionary neckline with lace flowers all over the bodice and a bow accent on the waistline. Zippered back and floor-length flare gown are what your little girl will twirl wearing.

You can go for one that comes with delicate lace gloves to complete the look for a sophisticated tea party with a hint of vintage hospitality. You can either go for a lighter shade such as white or ivory or go with darker shades such as burgundy or cherry. Pair it up with shoes of matching colors. 

Pretty Accessories for Little Girls Tea Party

Flower Mesh Feather Headband 

Now that you've decided on her dress for the party, it's time to choose some pretty accessories to go with the dress. A flower mesh feather headband is one unique accessory to have in a little girl's closet. This headpiece will add a vintage glam to the overall look. This sassy fascinator with mesh ribbons and feathers is timeless and goes well with a vintage dress if your darling is wearing one. You can find these in a variety of colors matching the dress your girl is wearing.

A Lace Umbrella

Drive on the vintage wagon with a pretty lace umbrella to compliment your little girl's lace dress. Lace umbrellas have always been a style and sophistication statement. Available in lovely patterns and designs, a lace umbrella is something special that your girl will love. Complete her look with this cute umbrella for a backyard tea party.

Besides lace, you can choose an umbrella that matches your daughter's dress, provided she is willing to carry one with her. 


Table etiquettes are an essential part of a tea party, and a handkerchief is a crucial accessory to carry. Give your little girl a beautifully embroidered handkerchief that is soft and matches her dress. Make sure you choose one that is soft and absorbent. There are a lot of designs and patterns to choose from. However, the white handkerchief looks elegant. Find one that has a lace hemline to complete the look.


A tea party without hats would be so incomplete. If you are dressing your child in a floral dress, a hat will look so beautiful on her. Discover pretty hats that are practical and beautiful. You can go with crochet hats, sun hats, or straw hats. Whether the tea party is traditional, vintage, modern, or Boho-themed, a hat will add elegance to her look. 


Give your little lady the dose of elegance with a fancy little purse for her tea party. No matter which girls tea party dress she is wearing, a bag is something that girls of all age groups adore. You can choose one with button closure, zipped, crochet, or cute patterns that she loves. Let her keep her small belongings in it while she sips over a cup of hot chocolate or lemonade at the party. 

Pretty Matching Shoes for Little Girl Tea Party


Once you have decided on her dress and accessories, you'll need a lovely pair of shoes to match her stunning look. 

Elegant pair of classic Mary Jane shoes look stunning when it comes to pairing with a beautiful dress. You can choose a plain flat pair of dress shoes in white, ivory, brown, black, silver, or golden matching her dress.

If your little one is wearing a glittery or sequined dress, choose rhinestone or glitter embellished shoes to go with the dress. You can either select a slip-on variant or a strappy one. There are pretty shades available to choose from. 

A pair of light-colored sandals go well with a casual outfit if that's what your little girl is wearing. Summer dress types go well with sandals as they are comfortable and stylish. 

No matter what kind of shoes or sandals you choose, make sure they are comfortable and have enough space for her toes to move comfortably.

A tea party along with your child is a fun event for you as well. Whether you are hosting the party on behalf of your kid or your little girl is being invited to one, shopping for it should be fun. These dress ideas with the accessories and shoes should serve you as a guide in finding the best tea party dress for little girls.