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A pair of glass slippers and a fairy blue gown has been the iconic Cinderella dress that every little girl love. Cinderella is one of the most famous fairy tales ever written and enjoyed, unfazed by times. How she taught us to have courage and be kind is what every parent looks forward to imbibing in their child's life.

If you are a little girl's parent, you must have heard your little one say how she dreams to become Cinderella when she grows up. Children grow fast, so why not celebrate the golden moments of their childhood when they are still little? If your toddler girl is a fairy tale freak, sure, she will love to dress in Cinderella outfits that are so elegant and princessy. Whether it's her birthday, attending a party, or participating in a fancy dress competition, a little girl Cinderella dress is an all-time favorite for toddler girls. Watch your little one twirl and sing with joy as she dresses in a beautiful fairy attire. 

Here in this article, we have brought together some of the amazing designed Cinderella dress for little girls for your sunshine that are perfect for birthdays, parties, glitz competition, and Halloween dress-up. By the end of the article, you'll also find some matching cute accessories and shoe ideas.

Beautiful Cinderella Dresses for Girls

Blue Satin and Tulle Long Girls Cinderella Dress

Create unique magic with blue satin and tulle Cinderella dress that is soft to the skin and matches your little girl's taste. Boat neckline with fluffed cape length sleeves and a satin bodice. You may choose to go with a plain satin bodice or select one with crystal adornment below the neckline. The gown is fluffy with several fabric layers sewn together to give it a fuller look, just like an actual fairy tale gown. On the waistline, there is a cotton layering that would rest atop the gown. To add more spark to the tale, you can also accessorize the dress with a cape – some come with faux fur on the edges of the cape. Complete the look with a pair of glittery shoes.

Sequined and Satin Short Sleeve Cinderella Dress

It is another gorgeous dress for your little girl, perfect for birthdays and costume competitions. This dress has a shimmering sequined bodice with satin and crystal tulle gown, specially designed for toddler girls and little girls. Find one with a satin or cotton lining on the body to prevent any irritation on your child's soft body. The sleeves are made of satin fabric flocked together to give the dress a traditional look—a zippered back with a satin layer on the waistline resting over the gown. Choose from gowns that have glittery or crystalized patterns all over. To add more volume to the gown, you can add a petticoat to the dress.

Blue and White Short Cinderella Princess Dress

Short is sweet, isn't it, and when your little princess is dressed into a short princessy dress, there's nothing more adorable. Shift from the conventional long form Cinderella dress and drape your toddler and little girl into a short girls Cinderella dress that is as cute as your little sunshine. An off-the-shoulder dress with an elastic strap to support the dress. Sequined bodice with pretty patterns of rhinestones and net fabric short white sleeve hanging loose. A white satin covering on the waistline gives the dress its unique yet elegant look. The gown is of knee length made of satin curled up at the hem with soft net material as an outer layer, giving it a fuller look, Cinderella's signature appearance. 

Satin and Jacquard Cinderella Dress With Gloves

A beautiful Cinderella dress made up of satin and a jacquard blue fluffy gown is a pleasure to watch and joy for the little girl to wear. You can experiment and bring up your creativity when dressing your child in a princesses' dress. A satin bodice with beautiful crystal work on with crisscross ribbon work on the back with zip closure is one unique style to flaunt. You can choose one that has a soft sheer white net fabric sleeve that adorns a boat neckline. The gown is made of jacquard fabric with tiny floral patterns overall. If you want to add more glitter, choose one that has glittery work done on the dress. This variety would look great at a glitz show or party. 

Some dresses come with a magnificent bow accent tied at the back of the dress. The dress is found in floor-length, and should you like it, you can find it in knee-length or tea-length. The dress comes with a pair of soft satin gloves that just complete Cinderella's look – fresh from the fairytale.

Tutu Style Cinderella Dress

Rhinestone Embellished Tutu Cinderella Dress for Little Girls

A bit of creativity added to the traditional look of a beautiful Cinderella-themed tutu dress. Tutus are anyways adorable, and when it comes to dressing your child in one, you can mix the idea with a princess dress. Discover gorgeous ballroom tutu dress with stunning sequined and rhinestone embellished gown with glitters all over. The aqua-colored bodice is made of intricate crochet style with off-the-shoulder tulle loose sleeves. Choose one with a crystal brooch attached below the neckline, giving the dress a more elegant and luxurious look. The gown has several layers of glittery fabric with trimmed edges. You can make it fluffier by adding a petticoat to the dress. This outfit will go well with a pair of glittery blue shoes. 

Cinderella Inspired Tutu Dress with Matching Headband

Cute blue and white trimmed tutu dress is the newest addition to the Cinderella collection. Dress up your little lady for a special occasion in a light blue crochet top and trimmed white and blue tulle tutu skirt. Bring in more cuteness with a large chiffon flower attached to the top just below the neckline. You may choose to go with a square neckline or straight across the neckline. These dresses come with a matching elastic headband made of lace and pearl adornment. You'll love the look of this dress on your little girl, and they will love the comfort of the dress. 

You can replace the headband with a matching light blue scarf to be tied at the head or tie back your little girl's long hair.

3D Flower Lace and Embroidered Cinderella Tutu Dress

The timeless beauty of lace and embroidery's craftsmanship blended to make a stunning Cinderella girls dress. V-neck elegant dress with exquisite 3D flowers all over the bodice makes it stand out. The bodice has vibrant embroidery work and is perfect if you are looking for something heavily embellished. The bodice also has lacework patterns created at the side with crystals attached, making it more desirable. The sleeves are kept short at length with elastic opening for perfect fitting. The gown is made of multilayer fabric sewn together and an embroidered covering making it a stunning dress. There is lacework at the hemline of the dress, which you'll surely love. 

These dresses are available in long and short length. Based on your feasibility and the need for the occasion, you can choose whichever length goes well for your child. 

High-Low Satin and Tulle Cinderella Dresses for Girls

Have you ever imagined how Cinderella would dress in a modern-day setting? This one variant is what she must have chosen. Pick a high-low satin and tulle Cinderella dress for your little princess and see her happily twirl. Square neckline with lace cape-sleeves. The bodice is made of glossy satin with a bit of rhinestone adornment on the top. The tulle gown has rhinestone applique with the rhinestone scattered overall the gown. The main attraction of the dress is the high-low feature which makes it stand out. The design has both modern touches with the traditional concept. In case you are looking for something similar, this is one you need.

Cute Cinderella Dress for Little Girls

Off the Shoulder Beaded Cinderella Butterfly Dress

Style up her look like a beautiful Disney princess with this elegant and creative approach to the evergreen Cinderella dress. Soft satin fabric bodice with exquisite wavy kinds of pleats made below the neckline and above the bodice. The pleats have small 3D floating butterflies sewn to the bodice, giving it a magic-like appearance. The gown is made of a genuine fabric of polyester and satin with several layers sewn together with a petticoat that gives extra fluff and fullness to the dress. These outfits are ideal girls Cinderella dresses and can be wear for a birthday party or any special occasion. 

Sparkly Tutu Pearl Embellished Cinderella Dress

Give a modern spin to the traditional Cinderella dress with embellished pearls for a more elegant look. This simple yet stylish dress is made of sparkling organza fabric with several panels of fabric flocked just below the neckline is just so beautiful. The bodice has embellished pearls and crystals decorated on the top of the dress to maintain the glitz look. The tutu gown is equally stunning, with several tulle layers to create the skirt with an outer layer of sparkling sequined tulle. 

You'll find some dresses come with layers of organza overlay skirts completing the unique look. If you want to keep the dress more bright and party-fit, choose this vibrant. This dress is available in ankle length and short, making it a perfect Cinderella dresses for girls.

Cinderella Inspired Sleeveless Velvet Dress

Velvets are classy and can make any dress look gorgeous. Explore a wide variety of velvety Cinderella dress that has a silk peplum over-skirt. The dress is sleeveless with a velvet bodice decorated with small lace patterns at the neckline and the chest area. The waistline comes with a tie ribbon for the perfect fitting of the dress. Dress her up this with a soft cotton undershirt for maximum comfort. You can also add pantalets underneath to give the dress a complete back-to-the-times look. The gown is also made of velvet with a lace overskirt. Scoop neck and zippered back make the dress look simple yet elegant at the same time – perfect for birthdays and wedding parties. 

Around the Chest Soft Tulle and Crochet Dress

The very idea of the Cinderella dress can be mixed and matched with so many ideas. Be a creative momma and choose a crochet lined top and a full fluffy soft tulle dress. Find a dress with a soft lining underneath and a crochet material with a soft fabric. It will help your child remains comfortable throughout the day. These variants of Cinderella dress for little girls are made keeping in mind the fashion taste and sensitive skin of your little princess.

Cinderella Dresses for Toddler and Baby Girl

Full Sleeve Cotton and Silk Cinderella Dress

Choose from a fantastic range of full sleeve cotton and silk Cinderella dresses that are perfect for any special event like birthdays, pageants, or wedding parties. Fairy-touched design with lovely style makes this full sleeve dress a unique princess dress. The top of the dress is made of cotton with elastic sleeves till the wrist. Illusionary neckline and embroidery work on the bodice. The gown is made of satin with lace, an outer skirt covering the dress, giving it a royal look. Zippered back with bow accent tie ribbon at the back is an addition to the gorgeous outfit.

Cinderella Printed T-shirt with Tutu Skirt

If you are looking for a cool and casual version of a Cinderella outfit that is not just pretty but comfy too, this Cinderella printed T-shirt with tutu skirt is one that you should include in your child's wardrobe. Some kids like to carry outfits casually, and they look pretty stunning in what they wear. If your little darling likes to dress up in trendy and laidback attire, this one is just the perfect pick. The top is made of soft cotton fabric with Cinderella printed on it. The skirt is made of ruffled tulle fabric styled into a tutu skirt, inspired by the traditional tulle gown.

Choose the top to be short-sleeved or full-sleeved as per your requirement. Team it up with a legging of matching color or white to make it a wonderful attire for your little girl's birthday.

Lace and Sequined Cinderella Dress with Hooded Cape

Let your baby girl experience the fairytale's real magic with lovely lace and sequined dress inspired by Cinderella. The dress has a delicately worked-on lace bodice that you can find with rhinestone embellished or without. Both the styles look stunning, and you'll love the look. The dress has a scoop neck with lacework done at the neckline and from the chest to the waistline. Elastic half sleeves make it cuter. However, you can go with long sleeves with a sheer see-through feature making one of the most elegant Cinderella dress for baby girl.

You can find the gown in an A-line design or fluffy, full length, and you can accessorize it with a long hooded cape. The cape has a satin outer layer with a soft fleece-like material on the inside. You can prefer to add this to the dress for a winter party. Not just it will keep your child warm but stylish too – perfect for the evening recital, birthdays, wedding party, or simply to play around in the house. Pair them with matching glittery shoes.

Jacquard Ruffled Short Cinderella Dress for Baby Girl

A pretty jacquard blue dress with a ruffled skirt makes a cute little Cinderella dress for your baby girl. Scoop neck with pretty glittery lace strap to tie at the shoulders to fit the dress. The dress's top is decorated with rhinestone, and the gown has ruffled edges on the hem. You'll find varieties of dresses with satin bow attached to the waistline while some dress comes with satin sash to tie at the back of the dress. The dress has a zipper closure and is knee-length, perfect for your little girl to wear on her birthday or attend any special event. Pair up the dress with cute blue or white walking shoes and a pretty little crown headband.

Besides these stunning dress ideas, you can also go with a Cinderella dress set that comes with a complete selection of accessories. These variants are available with a crown, a wand, earrings, a necklace, a hooded bolero.

Cinderella Accessories for Girls


The iconic blue headband adds to the Cinderella dress to complete the look of your little princess. Discover a wide range of blue headbands with decorative stones and ribbons to give it a luxurious look. You can go with one that has shining diamonds or crystals placed on it. You'll also find sequined varieties if your child is wearing a sequined dress to match up to her attire.

A blue scarf is another way to use it as a headband – it just ties the ends at the head's back. Should you like it glitterier, you may choose a glittery crown headband or tiara that will look equally great with the outfit.


Chokers are fancy and look good with any dress. It is not just unique to the Cinderella dress but also has a minimalistic appearance. To replicate the Cinderella look, go for a black choker – see if you can find a similar one like in the fairytale. Remember the one Cinderella wore? There is plenty of designer chokers available. However, a simple black choker will be a great accessory to adorn her with the attire. To add more glam, choose one with a crystal attached to the choker and replicate the Cinderella look.

If you want to have something that matches the color of the dress, you can choose a rhinestone imitation necklace with blue crystal or stones. If you plan to choose this, shop for matching earrings if your little girl has her ear pierced.


A pair of long satin gloves will add more elegance to her entire appearance. The gloves are not just fancy but comfortable too and are stretchy so that your child can easily hold things. Choose one that comes in plain satin without a complicated pattern as it will match your little girl Cinderella dress.

Hooded Cape

Capes have something magical about them, mainly when they are used to compliment princess' dresses. You may choose to dress up your girl with a beautiful hooded cloak or cape that will match pretty with her Cinderella dress. You can either choose one that is blue in color or one that is a combination of both blue and white; either way, it is lovely and will look great.


A princess is incomplete without her crown. Give your little princess her crown and make her feel special. You'll find a vast collection of crowns that looks fancy and has a traditional look. Choose one that is crystal-adorned and has exquisite tiny patterns made. 

You'll also find delicately designed crown-styled tiaras that are beautiful, and some also come handcrafted. Your child will love the sparkle and will happily wear it. Based on the kind of dress, you can choose the designs for the crown or tiara. If your little girl is wearing a blue crystal-embellished dress, go for a blue-stoned crown. To have something that goes with every kind of Cinderella dress, pick one with rhinestone adornment. Your little girl will look like a real princess.


If you want to add on jewelry to your girl's Cinderella attire, there are plenty of pretty options. You can choose lovely studs with white and blue stones that will look so cute on your child. These studs can be worn with any other dresses as well later on. 

You may also choose some dangling styles if you like. Pick some rhinestone and blue crystal-embellished ones that will match with her blue rhinestone necklace. Or you may also choose to go with rhinestone earring sets that are devoid of the blue stones and will likely go with any princess dress.


Although Cinderella didn't carry a wand herself, you can still accessories your little one's dress with a cute little wand to go with it. Kids love the idea of magic, and girls love to be fairies and princesses with magical powers. Add a wand to her attire to complete the magical look. From plastic to metal made, you will find a massive variety of wands. 

Matching Cinderella Shoes

Now that you have decided with the kind of girls Cinderella dresses you'd love to try out for your girl, here are some lovely matching shoe ideas-

Blue Buckled Glass Imitation Shoes

Explore beautiful and comfortable glass imitation shoes to go with your little girl's Cinderella dress. These shoes' variants are clear in style and imitate the glass's effect, just like the one you saw in Cinderella's movie or story. Round toe with a minimum heel or flats available. You can go with simple plain shoes or choose one that has decorative glitters. No matter what you choose, it will look stunning on your daughter's feet.

Glittery Bow Accent Strappy Shoes

Give a twist to the traditional Mary Jane shoes with some glitters sprinkled on them. If your child is wearing a glittery or heavily adorned dress, a glittery pair of shoes will look beautiful. A large bow at the upper of the shoes in blue color is just perfect. You may choose shoes that have crystals fixed on the bow for extra glitz. These shoes are available in heels and flats as per your taste.

Blue Shades Cinderella Mules

If you are more into keeping the look trendy and casual, you can go safely with the classy mules that are not just stunning but comfy too. These mules, later on, can be paired with anything your little one likes to wear.

Silver Glittery Shoes

If blue isn't your color for shoes, you can try some other exciting colors such as silver. Glittery silver shoes are an instant hit when pairing them with a princess dress, and they look stylish too. These shoes look great in a buckled or slip-on style. 

White Walking Shoes for Baby Girls

Besides the stylish and trendy heels and flats, you can pick walking soft sole shoes for your baby girl to compliment Cinderella's look. White or blue, both the colors look stunning. 

No matter what color or design you choose, it is essential to pick skin-friendly materials for your child and comfortable. 

Finding a princess dress for your little girl is an exciting job. Cinderella dress comes in a wide range of designs and color contrast. Whether you want to keep a simplistic look or go for an adorned look, it is important that you also be mindful of the fabric material used. These dress ideas are perfect for birthdays, wedding parties, pageants, and any other special occasion. Ensure you have the correct measurement before shopping for the dress to get the dress to fit your child well.