How to Choose the Best Toddler Pajamas

“Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are…”


If you are a parent, that song is a great way to end a full day. And, let’s face it, it is a full day with even one child, especially these days. When you can hardly wait for it to be over, put your little angel to sleep and have at least an hour to yourself, you know without a doubt it’s bedtime.


And what better way to end the day than snuggling your angel in a comfy pair of babies’ pajamas and waiting for sleep to come. Even though you would think a pair of pajamas are not something to ponder for too long, they are tricky to choose, especially when you have to pick the best pajamas for kids.


If a newborn will need onesies and footed pajamas, toddlers will require different kinds of sleepwear. Preschoolers and older children might get fussy over what to wear to bed and will want to pick alone each nightly outfit.


So not only do you have to keep up with the preferences and likings of older children, but you need to take into account the fact that they will outgrow quickly the clothes and pick the right material.


Let’s see what kids’ pajamas seem to be the better choice according to an important criterion: age.


Newborn Pajamas


Newborn babies have different needs than toddlers and older children. They wake up often and need to be changed without any unnecessary fuss, especially during the night. So when choosing their sleepwear take into account that fact.


We recommend you go for footie pajamas with zipper, snap, or staple closing.


The materials are also something to think about since a newborn has delicate skin. Organic cotton is best, but as they grow older you can always switch to simple cotton or even other fabrics.


American Pediatrics Association recommends that infants sleep without any cover due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), so think about the room temperature when buying pajamas.


If you give birth during summer, you can let the newborn sleep in their diaper or choose a onesie pajama for kids to sleep in. Even if you love to see your baby in cute sleepwear with all kinds of colors and patterns, take into consideration the fact that they grow really fast so your newborn will outgrow a baby footie pajamas in no time.


Pajamas for Toddlers



Toddlers are no longer as still as newborns and tend to be all over the place, even when sleeping. Along with growing they also start to roll from one place to another, crawl, sit up and eventually walk. Even if you want your toddler pajamas to fit snuggly, remember it shouldn’t restrict movement.


The good news is that toddlers still wear footed pajamas so you don’t need to start looking for other kinds of sleepwear even if the little one is not so little anymore.


When you get to the point where they crawl or try to walk, a onesie for toddlers is what will save you. The footie will slip on the ground and it may cause your explorer to fall, but if you pair a onesie with pants then the child should be just fine.


The law says that children's pajamas and even kids’ pajamas sets need to be flammable and not to pose a fire hazard. That means you should always check the tags to see what materials are used to make the pajamas for kids.


Besides the practical aspects of choosing a girls’ or a toddler boy pajamas,’ there are also other things to consider. Such as events you have in your family, photoshoots for certain occasions that have themes that will need a certain type of clothing. So, if that is the case, you could also pick pajamas sets for boys or girls to match your own for a family photo shoot.


Pajamas for Preschoolers



Once the toddlers grow and become older kids their needs change. If up until then, the children slept at least twice during the day, now kids don’t need so much sleep. They will, though, sleep after lunch until a few more years and keep in mind that they will also need to take pajamas with them in daycare.


So what to look for in pajamas kids wear at that age?


They will no longer use onesies for toddlers or kids footed pajamas but sets of pants and blouses. The material still needs to be a quality one since you will need to wash the pajamas often especially if the child takes a few pairs to kindergarten with them.


The design will start to count and the child might want to choose themselves what to wear to bed. Girls tend to choose favorite characters, princess nightgowns, and cute pajamas that have all kinds of trendy prints. Boys will get their favorite superheroes, dinosaurs, and cartoon characters on top of the list.


So what will you choose and will they like it?


That is a question that remains to be answered.


But let’s talk more about what should the best baby pajama look like.






Comfort is something that all parents think about when buying children’s clothing and even more for sleepwear. So what dictates comfort?

First of all, fabric. Seasonal temperature variations, potential allergies, and how easy will be to wash and dry the fabric is something to keep in mind when looking at the tag.


Cotton and nowadays bamboo seem to be the most sought out fabrics for kids’ pajamas. And you can easily see why. Those two are natural fibers that absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe. Soft and durable, the two fabrics will take their place in the spotlight as the winners when talking about natural materials.


Linen is another great fabric, non-allergenic and cooling to the skin used mostly in the summer. Kids' onesies pajamas and baby-footed pajama temperature are higher will mostly be made of linen. Eco-friendly and even insect repellent, n takes second place in the race for the best fabric in kids’ pajamas.

Kids' fleece pajamas will be cozy and soft, lightweight, and also great at warming a body in the winter. It is a great choice when talking about cheap kids’ pajamas.


Flannel tends to be cozier and warmer than fleece and a better option for the softest kids’ pajamas. Also amazing for the children that tend to be in a war with their blankets. The best part about flannel is that it gets softer with every wash.

A cheaper and more durable fabric, polyester is recommended in pajamas for older kids since they will wear them longer and you will need to wash them often. The good news is that it will not shrink or lose its shape after washing and drying, but it’s also not as skin and eco-friendly as natural materials.



Take into account the temperature of the room the baby or child will sleep in when picking a pajama. If it’s cold outside and your toddler is not sleeping with a blanket or in a sleeping bag, then a footie pajama will be more than welcome.


If there are more than 80 degrees outside and you’re sweating just by breathing, know your baby is also uncomfortable. The best pajamas for when it’s hot outside is a onesie made from natural, breathable fabric.




Newborn, toddler, or older, kids have dirty accidents. A nappy that is out of control, crawling into something they shouldn’t, or playing outside into their sleepwear could be just a few of those “accidents”. Knowing this, you’ll also know that pajamas need to be washed often.


Natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, or wool will shrink (if not mentioned otherwise on the label). Also, after a while, the fiber could unweave in certain parts.


Cloth strength is something to look for when buying kids pajamas.






Although we left this one last, let’s be honest here, children love to pick cute kids pajamas. They want color, patterns, sparkle, and shapes. And if that’s not enough, they want and need to choose for themselves what they’ll wear.


Keep in mind the important things when choosing, but adjust to whatever your kid will want to buy. Sometimes it will be the cheapest pajama with the horrible material but with his favorite character on it. What can you do? Smile and buy it, go with it, and make sure you also have a few other choices that are healthier for his skin.


Whatever you do just, don’t neglect that aspect of design.


Now you know what to look for when browsing for the best pajama for your kid. Even if you are buying kids’ onesies pajamas, baby footed pajamas, soft pajamas for babies, or little boy pajamas, remember, he’ll be the one to sleep in it.

Your only part in this story is to choose wisely, take into account all the criteria we mentioned, and allow yourself and your child the best sleep ever.


And they lived, happily, snuggly in pajamas ever after.


The end.