Best Baby Socks In 2021

Tiny little feet walking up and down the house will definitely make you think about…socks. 

Yeah, we never thought this could be a good topic for an article, but as we entered the world of "socks-research", we realized there are sooo many things you should be aware of.

So, let’s see, what are the best baby socks this year, presented to you by Sophia's Style!

Of course, the Batman socks and the unicorn ones will always be the top choice for preschoolers, while the colourful ones will draw a toddler’s attention, but there are more factors involved than just design when we choose the socks for toddlers. We need to consider many things: how comfortable they are, what material they are made of, are they slippery or not, if they have reinforced toes and heels, and last but not least price. (and when your kid is an independent one who loves walking without his shoes…you’ll find out socks’ price IS something to worry about).

So, as you can see, it’s kind of a challenge to even pick the right pair of socks. But don’t worry, we are here to shed light and neat your path towards the shopping cart.

Let us start with the main characteristics.


As we all know, tiny little humans tend to grow up quicker than we'd like, so it’s not a surprise that your baby will too. When choosing baby girl socks or baby boy socks keep in mind they will have to be the right size.

Always look at the sizing chart the manufacturer provides because some of the socks are according to age, while others are sized according to the foot length. 

For babies, newborns, and toddlers the way the heel fits or not shouldn’t matter, but for preschoolers and older children, this design issue could be a big one. The thing you should care about when choosing socks for newborns is comfort because they cannot say what bothers them. So, pay attention to the size and buy accordingly.

If the size fits, the sock should sit snugly on the feet and not bunch or inconvenience the child in any way.


While cotton and polyester seem to be the most used fibers for infant socks, you should take into account a few variables. 

First, if you are looking for baby winter socks perhaps the best fabric would be wool. It will keep the little feet dry and warm even if said baby is a running toddler or an immobile baby.

If they will use the socks inside and in summer or when it’s not so cold, cotton and polyester blend will be the better choice. If there are organic baby socks, even better. Polyester has the property to dry fast and not keep moisture inside the shoe or on your baby’s feet.

Why there are no 100% cotton socks you might wonder? Well, for once, cotton absorbs humidity and remains wet. 

Another amazing fiber is bamboo and also acrylic. They absorb a good amount of moisture and keep your baby’s feet dry. Also, during the warmer periods, when the child will wear the socks with sports shoes or even sandals, bamboo socks will make sure the foot doesn’t get too hot.


If you are a new parent or you are parenting for quite a while, you must know that children, even babies, are not very good at taking care of things. So, they will slide on stairs and shiny flooring, play catch with their clothes and walk outside in just their socks. 

It’s no surprise that when looking for the best baby socks, you must take into consideration that the fabric and cut should be durable. 


If you have a little lady who loves her pinks and unicorns or a little fashionista who will never leave the house with ordinary socks and bland-looking clothes, then you are in for a challenge. 

Not only do socks have different styles, but you should take into account your kids’ lifestyle. 

Is he a newborn baby who only has to sleep and get bigger, or a toddler ready to explore the world? Is he or she a sporty kind of kid or a bookworm?

Keeping all that in mind will determine what style of socks you’ll need to buy.

 Let’s see: 

Crew cut socks 

They seem to be the most common type of socks there is. Their length is up to the half of the baby calf and it fits almost every need. They are day-to-day wear because of their comfortable length.

Knee-high socks 

They are appropriate for little princesses and also football players who need to make a statement. Don’t forget baby knee-high socks are an inconvenience if the baby tends to be more active and the sock doesn’t have a quality built-in elastic.

Boot socks 

When winter is coming, boot socks will take the lead into a sock-winning race. They are warm, made from fabric that will keep your kids’ toes dry, and with elastic that will ensure your baby socks stay on.

No-show socks

They are great with clothes that don’t need the socks protruding from the shoe and ruining all the fashion statement your child makes. They are great with sports equipment and are frequently used by preschoolers or older children.

You now know what style of socks you can find out there for your baby. 

But what about types. And yes, there are several types of newborn baby socks, toddler socks, and socks for every age.


Dress socks 

There are socks made from finer fabric, thinner than normal socks, and offer a great visual paired with a nice dress. Short or long socks for kids, dress socks manage somewhat to still provide coverage for the kids’ feet.

Sports socks 

For a child who is always active and moves a lot, athletic socks are the perfect accessory. They are made from thicker material, lastly and easy to dry, to resist great usage. Look for the best cotton socks that will absorb moisture and bad odor.

No-slip socks 

This is an entire category of socks dedicated to little humans that are starting to walk. Toddler socks with grips are ideal for little boys and girls taking their first steps. The best non-slip socks will have rubber on the bottom for good stability and traction. Recommendations are that they should be worn only inside because it can leave an indentation when using them with the shoes on.

Seasonal socks

While socks of every kind should take into consideration the characteristics mentioned above, seasonal socks are great for the entire family. Winter baby socks with snow motifs and baby Christmas socks could make amazing gifts and also be useful. Toddler fuzzy socks with a theme like Easter, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas and New Year will look great in your family photos. The good thing about these socks is that they are also great to look at.

Design socks 

While seasonal socks are great, they make sense only on holiday. That is what design socks are made for. Fun colors and designs, cartoon characters, and prints will make your kids’ socks stand out and be wanted.

As you can see there are many things to consider when buying socks. It could seem like no big deal, but if you have a fussy child, seamless socks for toddlers or older children might just be the solution. 

When having trouble picking the socks, just remember all kids love colors and cartoon characters, book characters, and great design. It’s no trouble to let them wear a Rudolph design sock all summer long as long as you have more pairs.

And if your child manages to make holes in them or just lose them in whatever sock paradise there is, just remember there are always affordable packs of socks. They usually come in many colors and designs and are at a great price.

While barefoot walking is recommended while the toddler takes its first steps, outside and when the child is bigger The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recommends wearing socks  with any type of shoes to keep the feet healthy. 

Beware of the activity type the child is involved in and choose the right socks. If he is playing sports, choose seamless socks if possible to prevent blisters. Also, the material should be a blend of cotton and synthetic fiber that needs to keep the foot dry and prevent bad odors. 

For newborns make sure the socks stay on by checking the elastic on them and even buy newborn knee-high socks. They will definitely remain on foot.

When they start walking their needs change and toddlers' socks with grips are highly advised. Although they are not always enough; they could prevent them from falling.

Always check the size chart and make sure they are the right size. 

Now you know what to look for when shopping for baby socks. 

Check for every little imperfection and choose only the best for your baby, because they deserve nothing less.