Best Baby Socks In 2021

Best Baby Socks In 2021

Tiny little feet walking up and down the house will definitely make you think about…socks.  Yeah, we never thought this could be a good topic for an article, but as we entered the world of "socks-research", we realized there are sooo many things you should be aware of. So, let’s see, what are the best baby socks this year, presented to you by Sophia's Style! Of course, the Batman socks and the unicorn ones will always be the top choice for preschoolers, while the colourful ones will draw a toddler’s attention, but there are more factors involved than just design when we choose the...

Pretty Hair Accessories for Girls

Pretty Hair Accessories for Girls | Sophias Style

Hair is the crowning glory for every girl, and most of us like to decorate it with pretty hair accessories. Long, short, straight, or curly, no matter what hair type you have, it’s fun and sometimes a favorite routine for girls to decorate their hair to complement their entire look.
While we consider taking the best care of our locks, how often do we take time to experiment with different hair accessories? Some girls may stick to their regular hairbands, while others may leave them as is.