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Hair is the crowning glory for every girl, and most of us like to decorate it with pretty hair accessories. Long, short, straight, or curly, no matter what hair type you have, it’s fun and sometimes a favorite routine for girls to decorate their hair to complement their entire look.

While we consider taking the best care of our locks, how often do we take time to experiment with different hair accessories? Some girls may stick to their regular hairbands, while others may leave them as is. 

Girls hair accessories not only go with the trend and add glam to your look, but they also hold the hair in place, preventing it from getting messy and damaged. Choosing the right accessories that match the dress you sport makes you look confident and attractive. No matter what age group a girl falls in, there are never-ending options for hair accessories for girls that generally come in plastic, metal, rubber, fabric, and other materials.

If you are looking for the latest trend in girl hair accessories, this article is for you. Whether you are shopping for yourself, for your little girl, or want to gift it to a special girl in your life, you will find extensive hair accessories ideas that you can choose from.

Pretty Hair Accessories for Girls

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are one of those classy hair accessories that you'll find it in almost all women's beauty boxes. This variety of hairpins are usually black and a classic thing to own. Possibly you must have been using bobby pins for years now – have you ever thought of upgrading them in pretty glittery ones? Glittery, rhinestone embellished bobby pins are the new editions of hairpins that look gorgeous with any dress. You can choose to pin one or two small-sized glittery bobby pins at the side of your hair to pep up any everyday outfit or for a casual day out with friends. If you plan to add bobby pins to your hair for any formal or special event, pick one that has pearl adornments or any glittery decorative, say, metal flowers or bow accents that will add glitz to your overall look. While dressing for any event, a big dazzling bobby pin looks significant enough to complete the entire party look. Best suited for teens, big girls, and women.

Knotted Headbands

Headbands have always been there and have developed in looks and designs over the years. Given that they never fail to impress, you can choose a fabric knotted headband that is so much in demand these days. There are multiple varieties of headbands that you can sport with your attire. They have knots at the front that rests on the middle of your head, and its elastic band covered with fabric will go at the back of your head, letting it stay fixed. These are available in a single knot, double or triple in some. A solid headband goes well, matching a solid shade of summer dress that you wear for a day out. If you like stripes, you have plenty of options there, with a single-colored line or several shades of stripes together. Floral prints are again a beautiful variant of knotted headbands that goes almost with every outfit - day dresses, shorts and tees, jeans and tanks, or boho skirts and tops.  


Scrunchies have become a fashion statement today. It is not a new fashion concept but a remnant of what hair accessories were in the 80s – stylish and now retro. Today scrunchies have become more practical and have a fresh look to them. They come in various materials such as rubber, metal, silk, velvet, or satin. While you may use any scrunchie that goes with your fashion taste, fashion influencers, and hair care experts swear by the satin scrunchie as they are believed to help maintain a healthy hair routine. Scrunchies are available in pretty shades and prints. Besides maintaining its old flavor, you can choose one available in various variations, such as the shiny and glossy one, mostly made of silk. If you want to keep it low-key and elegant, go with a gradient or pebbled texture. You can also find georgette and jacquard types to match your attire and the kind of occasion you are attending. Scrunchies made of velvet, organza, or chiffon, with some adornment of tiny pearls or sequin is ideal for any party or special occasion.  


Bows are timeless hair accessories for girls and will remain so. No matter what hairstyle you wear, a bow can pull it off like a pro. Whether you prefer doing your hair big or keep it open, a bow will add that extra grace to your look. You may also use a bow when doing a half updo. Bows come in pretty styles and colors. They come in big, small and medium sizes go with almost any attire. Keep it classy with a big cotton bow either in solid or floral or polka dots. Mix and match it with a jumper or dress with a velvet variant. You may also try some small bows, usually in two shades, say, black and white or two pastels together, to make it a formal look – perfect for any formal occasion or maybe a meeting.  


There was a time when floral accessories were limited to decorate a bride's bun or hair. With time, every girl that likes to decorate her hair will have floral accessories in her kit. Bring on a natural springtime feeling; the pretty floral things will not only make your hair look beautiful but will also enhance your overall appearance. Floral hair accessories are available as hair clips with several flowers and pips together and can be pinned to a side of the hair while you either tie a bun or leave your hair down. Another variant is tiny flowers placed on individual bobby pins where you can put the pins here and there in the hair and make a springtime look. It's a high trend now, so if you haven't tried it yet, you have all the reasons now to try.   

Cute and Stylish Hair Accessories for Newborn Girl

Flower Headband

Soft, cute, and beautiful flower headbands are popular newborn girl hair accessories among parents. These hairbands have a pretty flower attached to a smooth elastic band. It is usually made from soft fabric such as cotton, silk, or satin and is found in different styles and colors. Some of these floral headbands may come with simple features of several flower petals sewn together, while others may come with rhinestone embellished.

If crochet is something you adore, you'll find crochet floral headbands that suit perfectly with any crochet outfit that your baby girl may flaunt during winters. These fancy floral headbands are available in pretty colors such as white, beige, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, or any pretty colors. Best suited for formal occasions such as baptism or weddings. You may also dress your little girl with a floral headband on her birthday, Christmas, or Easter.  

Tiara Headband

Tiaras are favorites among little girls. But if you want to dress your newborn with one, you can go with a tiara headband. This tiara headbands are available with rhinestone embellishments, mainly like a crown that comes attached with an elastic band so that the band remains in one place.

Bow Accent Headbands

Another pretty variant to go with a lovely dress is a bow accent headband. These headbands come with a soft elastic band that remains fitted on the child's head and doesn't create discomfort. Match it with a cute little outfit for the perfect attire for a party or a photoshoot. Available in pretty tones.  

Ruffled Sheer Stretch Headband

This variety of headband comes with ruffled edges and some complicated patterns, either made of lace or embroidered detailing. The cool thing about such a headband is the sheer look that makes it unique. A stretchable elastic band that is soft to the head and fits all sizes. It goes well with any formal dress.  

Pretty Toddler Girl Hair Accessories

If you are looking for some trendy ideas about decorating your toddler girl hair, you'll love these ideas of toddler girl hair accessories that we've shared.

Grosgrain Toddler Girl Hair Clip

Spark up her look with pretty and stunning grosgrain clips. This type of hair clip is perfect for toddler girls as you can safely pin them to their hair. If your toddler has shoulder-length or long hair, you can choose this variety of hair clips. These are available in pretty solids or multicolor, so whichever goes with your little one's favorite outfit, you can pick accordingly.

Glossy Rhinestone Hair Clip

If you are looking for a hair clip to team up for the special event, the glossy rhinestone embellished hair clip is one you can pick. The shiny effect and bright rhinestone adornment make this kind of clip ideal for parties as they stand shimmering. If you want to add some glitz to her overall look, this type of hair clip makes fantastic baby girl hair accessories

Speaking of embellished hair clips, you can also pick those with pearls or crystals attached to them. You may also find ones with crown shapes, star shapes, or any other exciting shapes and designs that compliment your little one's party look.

Flower Metal Hairband

Hairbands are classy and can be found in a wide range of varieties you can think of. Dazzle up her look with a pretty flower metal body hairband. Several small flowers stocked together with tiny pearls at the middle of the flowers make unique toddler girls hair accessories. Feed the fashion diva in your baby girl with a flower hairband while she rocks every look. It is available in lovely shades of pink, fuchsia, champagne, red, orange, and other stunning hues.

Chiffon Tic Tac Hair Clips

For a gorgeous and stunning look, decorate your toddler girl hair with a pair of chiffon tic tac hair clips. These hair clips are just a transition of early versions of tic tac clips but with chiffon flowers attached to them makes fantastic toddler girl hair accessories. The soft and lightweight flowers look lovely, and the clips withhold your little one's hair, making her ready for a casual outing or a special occasion. These are usually available in a set of two, but you can also, purchase them in sets with different hues.

Beautiful Little Girl Hair Accessories

There are an array of beautiful little girl hair accessories out there that you might want to try on your little princess.

Sequined Bow Hair Clippie

Are you looking for an embellished hair accessory for your girl? The sequined bow hair clippie is one of its kind and is designed to shimmer. Pair it with your daughters' dazzling outfit, and she is ready for any party or event. The tiny sequins all over the clippie make it desirable and perfect for a pageant or any other special occasion. These clippies come in various shapes and designs, so you can choose which one matches well with your little ones' favorite dress.  

Glittery Ponytail Holder

Ponytails are most little girl favorites, and if your little girl does a pony almost every day, this glittery ponytail holder is a must-have in her hairdo kit. Glitters over the hair bow's fabric give a dazzling effect, while the bow holds the hair in place, giving a cleaner and furnished look to your child.

She can wear this ponytail holder for everyday use or any special occasion like birthdays, Valentine's, family gatherings, anniversaries, etc. Available in multicolor to match her every outfit.  

Crystal Initial Hair Pins

Make her hairdo unique and let it stand out from all with the initial of her name. Discover cute and trendy initial hairpins that can be used as bobby pins on the hair side. This excellent range of little girl hair accessories with the initial alphabet of your child's name is a unique and fabulous addition to your girl's hair jewels. Choose to go with an impressive look by placing the crystal beaded initial hairpins on a neat hair parting. Your child will love the look for sure.  

Printed Hairclips

Printed hairclips are many early concepts of hair accessories and are still rocking. When it comes to a quick arrangement of hair, printed hairpins are a sort of lifesaver. Whether your child crowns straight hair or has afro curls, these printed hairclips will compliment every hairstyle and match with every casual outfit. You'll love how effortlessly is does it work, adding charm to her overall look. Available in animal and floral prints.  

Hair Accessories for Special Occasions

Dressing up for a special occasion and without hair accessories somewhat keep the look incomplete. Irrespective of the hair length, hair type, and style a girl sports, hair accessories for any special event make her look stunning and keep her from experiencing bad hair day. Below we have shared some lovely hair accessories for girls to wear on special occasions.

Hair Accessories for Flower Girl

Flower Elastic Headband

A pretty flower elastic headband will complete her look for the occasion with a flower basket and beautiful dress. An excellent hair accessory, the headband comes with exquisite craftsmanship and perfect detailing of the flower with a soft elastic band. Available in stunning colors to match any dress for the occasion. Your kid can wear it for weddings, junior bridesmaids, or photoshoots.

You can find one with a single large flower or choose one with multiple flowers, tiny buds, and small leaves, making it a perfect bouquet. Suitable for infants up to 4 years of age. Make your pretty look stunning with a white floral headband. The floral headbands are made with delicate detail of flowers branched together with tiny pips and buds. The white color and the pearl embellishment of these headbands make them great flower girl hair accessories for the event. If your daughter is wearing a white dress for the occasion, this headband will add grace to the look.
However, if you decide to go with a different color of the headpiece, you can choose from pretty shades and flower work for the piece.

If you are attending a Bohemian-style wedding, there is a fabulous collection of flower halo designed in boho trend that makes an excellent choice for the purpose. These floral wreaths are popular among all age groups.  

Cute Hair Accessories for Christmas

Warm up the festive season and prepare her for happy holidays with the latest Christmas hair accessories collection. Whether you want to keep it simple or dazzle it up, every hairdo articles are worth the try.

Red and Green Christmas Bow

It's Christmas; why not decorate her hair with some colors of the season? The red and green hair bows come in different shapes and patterns and are ideal for the holidays. You may choose to keep the look simple and go with an elegant and simple red and green hair bow or pep it up with a big crystal styled just between the petals of a red and green flower. Clip it up on her crown, and she is ready for the Christmas party. Best suited with a Christmas-themed dress.

Reindeer Headbands

Lovely reindeer-themed headbands are an ideal and fun way to dress up for Christmas. Available in pretty shades and embellishments, choose one that has red and gold blended perfectly. These headbands are easy to wear and will make your child adorable. Should you want to try out other styles in this variant, experiment with Santa Clause-themed headbands, Christmas tree headbands, star-shaped glittery headbands, and more.

Leaf Hair Pins

Hairpins are anyways essential and trendy. These stylish leaf hairpins are pretty and made of metal gold leaves, fixed to hair slides. They are lovely and easy to glide on to hair. The stunning gold color makes it ideal for Christmas hair accessories and perfect for toddlers and little girls.

Christmas Themed Hair Bands

Pretty elastic and Christmas-themed fabric hairbands are a unique way to decorate her hair for a special occasion. The hairband has adorable Christmas items printed on it, say, Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake, Santa Clause, or anything inspired by the event. Tie her hair in a bun with this or do a simple ponytail; this pretty hair accessory will glam up her look.

Easter Hair Accessories for Girls

Bunny Hair Clips

Pretty bunny felt hair clips make beautiful toddler girls hair accessories for Easter. These white and pale pink hair clips are adorable and will look gorgeous on your little one's hair. The cute Easter bunny patterns are nicely attached to double-pronged clips, adding a flair to her attire. The face of the bunny is embroidered using red or pink threads to make it stand out.

Easter Egg Tic Tac Clips

Tic tac clips are cute and easy to ensemble on hair. The Easter egg tic tac clips are the newest addition to the hair accessories for the occasion. You'll love its look on your toddler or little girl's hair. Just clip them on while you leave her hair down or tie two piggy tails and clip them side by side.  

Hair Accessories for Junior Bridesmaid

Flower Crown Headpiece

A junior bridesmaid has a special role in a wedding. Make your little princess feels unique with a flower crown headpiece. These flower crowns make hair accessories for little girls for any kind of wedding, such as traditional, modern, or boho, available in pretty shades.

Vintage Style Rhinestone Barrette

If chunky headpieces are not your thing, this trendy variant of vintage rhinestone barrette will look perfect on your little one's hair. No matter what hair type or hairstyle she sports, this barrette is one she'll love. The sparkling rhinestone finish makes it is a dazzling hair accessories for baby girl, matching her junior bridesmaid dress.

Flower and Crystal Comb Hair Piece

A junior bridesmaid needs to look pretty amidst her duty in a wedding. The stunning flower and crystal comb hair accessory is one of its kind and looks lovely. Small flowers of varied colors with crystals are placed neatly on a comb-shaped large clip that holds the hair. You can either push back the hair with the comb clip or gently place it on a high bun – either way, and it will look stunning.

First Communion Hair Accessories

First Communions are a crucial and special occasion in a little girl's life. Accessorize her look with an elegant piece of hair accessories.

White Flower Crystal Hair Wealth

Pretty white little flowers decorated with crystals and satin ribbons make beautiful hair wreaths for the First Communion. These wreaths come with several white flowers with an elastic band tied to the hair and the veil. It brings in a princessy look while your little girl looks charming in her communion attire.

Long Bow Tiara Ribbon Crown

Another fantastic addition to the First Communion hair accessories. These longbow tiaras have pretty flowers and ribbons attached to it on a hair comb. You simply place it on her hair, and she's ready for the event. The ribbons and tiny flower buds keep dangling to the top and sides to give it a more elegant and natural look.

Ruffled Star Bow Ribbon Wreath

This sheer variety of ruffled star bow ribbon wreaths is lovely and works excellent as First Communion hair accessories. The wreath's ruffled fabric is decorated with tiny stars and has a ribbon to tie to the hair. However, some also come with hair combs to affix the hairpiece to the hair.

First Communion Veils

Sophisticated and elegant-looking veils are a must-have for little girls on their First Communion. These veils come in different patterns and fabrics such as cotton, organza, tulle, or lace. If you like it elegant and trendy, go for a simple lace version, or choose a sequined or embellished one for a more decorative look.  


Birthdays are unique and have every reason to make your little girl feel special. Find the best hair accessories for her day.

Birthday Hat Hair Piece

Cute little hats with age numbered printed on them on a headband must-have on any little girl's birthday. These come in pretty colors and have glitters on them. Silver or gold variants look amazing.

Sequined Dazzling Hair Bow Clips

A cute little sequined hair bow clip makes it complete the birthday girl look. A fabulous birthday dress and pretty dazzling hair accessories, what else can a little one ask for more? These bow clips have sequin all over them and have age numbered printed on them to make them more personal. You'll love the look of it on her hair. You may also find some with the detailed embellishment of birthday items attached, such as a crown or a butterfly or maybe a tiny unicorn.  

Vibrant and fancy hair accessories are every girl's essential tools for a perfect day. Whether you are attending a special occasion or a casual day out, these above-mentioned hair accessories will save your day and will add elegance and grace to your girls' overall look.