Another valentine's day is around the corner. What do you have planned for this special day? Most parents want to make this day as memorable as possible, especially if it's the first with their baby. You don't have to worry. We'll tell you how you can make the best out of this day, including putting your little one in the best toddler valentine's day outfits you can find. So, stay tuned for our special selection of baby boy valentine's day outfits and cute baby girl valentine's day outfits.

What's so special about Valentine's day?

If it's your baby's first valentine's day, then it's super special! And even if it isn't, you should make this day as memorable as possible. The little ones grow up so fast, and you want to save as many memories as you can. So, why not valentine's day, the modern-day of love? Every year, February 14 is celebrated as a day to show affection to a loved one through flowers, cards, chocolates, or any other message of love. For your baby boy and girl, it could be how you spend that special day with them. So, how can you make it a day to remember? Here are some ideas.

1.Send cards from your baby to others

This is a great day to share some love from your baby to family and friends. Wouldn't it be super cute to receive love notes from your adorable little one? You can check out design ideas online or create a unique card. Then send them to your baby's sweeties like their tiny baby friends, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. This card can include pictures of your baby dressed in the colours of the day. Yes, red and some white. There are lot of options for toddler girl valentine’s day outfits. If you don't have these outfits ready in your baby's drawer, then it's time to go shopping. We'll give you some fantastic ideas later.

2.Go on a lunch date

How about a family lunch date with your baby as a special guest? Valentine's day is a great time to get off work a little early or finish up with tasks at home if you spend more time indoors. Put your baby in toddler valentine’s day outfits. Then, the rest of the day is to brighten up your baby's face with laugher as you make it extra special for everyone.

3.Preserve the memory of that day

You can create a symbol of the love you have for your baby boy or girl using something memorable. A good idea is to start a seedling in a small pot. Keep this indoors for a while and relocate outdoors when the time is right. If you don't want to grow from scratch, you can buy a sweet potted plant to nurture as much as you love your baby. Another great way to preserve the memory of valentine's day with your baby is through handprint art. It doesn't have to be something extravagant. A plaster print and painted print are good options.

4.Visit a special location

The modern-day of love is also a great time to visit somewhere special, like a conservatory. Get your toddler girl valentine’s day outfits. Then, let them admire all the brightly colored flowers and even fall in love with a few of them. It also helps that these cozy greenhouses are nice and warm during cold winter days. Then crown it all with an adorable love letter to your baby. You can read this to them in the future on another valentine's day. It's definitely a gift to cherish forever.

5.A special photoshoot

This is actually one of the most popular ideas for valentine's day with your baby. It's not hard to see why. You can capture your baby's first valentine's day with a portrait of them at their cutest. Even if it's not their first valentine's, it's still a lovely time for pictures. You can play dress up with various toddler valentine’s day outfits. Everyone else in the family can join in as well; no one is left out. You could go simple with your phone camera or ask someone to take a full picture for you. Or you could go all out with a professional photographer if you're willing to splurge. Before the D-day, get your phone or camera battery fully charged up.

Since baby's moods are unpredictable, it's better to have the photographer come to you rather than going to a photography studio. A good one will be able to set up your home, just like the studio. Feel free to take lots of pictures as your babies will cherish them when they are older. It doesn't have to be perfect, but the love behind this action makes it all worth it. Use pictures to remember this moment for a long time.

6.Throw a party

When we say party, we're not talking about an overcrowded event where the baby is completely ignored. Keep it as simple and lowkey as possible. It could even be with friends from your local mom and baby group. Get out some cool valentine's day decorations, party favors, toddler girl valentine’s day outfits and of course, treats. You will be the superstar of the day! For treats, you don't have to go all out. Whip out your favorite cookie recipe, and your guests will love them.

7.Redecorate the nursery

For valentine's day, you can brighten up your baby's room with valentine's décor. This is where your baby spends a lot of time, so feel free to go all-out. You can always find the cutest valentine's day home décor online in great stores like eBay and Etsy. Add a pop of color to the nursery. You can even make this a yearly tradition, putting as many hearts as possible on the walls every 14th.

No doubt about it, valentine's day is one of the sweetest holidays in existence. Even better, there are so many themed clothing options that are too adorable to ignore. Remember where we said that photoshoots are usually the go-to option for celebrating your baby's valentine's day? Well, you also need the best outfits to go with it. The good news is that we have picked some of the best we could find. But first, let's find out what makes a great valentine's day outfit for baby boys and girls.

What to look out for when buying valentine's outfits

It can be overwhelming choosing from the numerous fabrics, brands, and styles for your baby's valentine's day outfits. Here are some important things to look out for when buying baby boy valentine's day outfits to make this an enjoyable process. Of course, this also applies to your valentine's day outfits for baby girls.


While you may be more concerned about dressing your precious baby girl or baby boy in bright, trendy, and even expensive clothes, this should be the least of your worries. Sometimes, these cute outfits come at a higher price. The wrong fabric could give your baby rashes and other terrible skin irritations. You don't want your baby having any form of discomfort on valentine's day. The little love of your life shouldn't have to go through that on any other day either. So, you have to think about their sensitive skin and choose valentine's day outfits that are gentle on their body. The top choice is usually cotton as these are soft and light enough for baby clothing. Poly-cotton blend is also a great option. However, avoid super bright colors that may contain fluorescent agents. Also, don't buy clothes that can't take up moisture.

2.Check for safety

Yes, it's adorable, but does it present any choking hazard? Your baby may love to put things in his mouth. Therefore, you shouldn't put your baby's safety at risk with clothes that have small items on them like hooks. Pick clothes that have firmly attached decorations. It's quite common for baby clothes to be recalled for not meeting safety standards. So, be sure to conduct your little check before clicking add to cart.

3.Pick the right size

Buying the right size of clothes is not just for saving yourself from wasting money and time. It's also to keep your baby comfortable as the right size will help them move freely. When buying clothes, account for the growth rate of your baby. The saying that they grow up really fast is valid. When shopping, you'll be able to compare with the standard measurements on the size charts. If you're unsure of your baby's size, it's best to go with bigger sizes. This will compensate for growth spurts and make them easy to handle. It shouldn't take you so much effort to put on and take off onesies between feeding, burping, and diaper changes. You should also pick practicality over fanciness. But with our selection, we have been able to add a clever mix of both.

4.Style and functionality

If your baby is a newborn who spends all day sleeping, you know your focus should be on something comfortable. If your baby boy or baby girl likes to move around a little, you want something that doesn't pull them back. Whether you're shopping for gowns, onesies, suits, hooded shirts, or pants, pick the style that's convenient for everyone. The goal here is to avoid spending on clothes that you know your baby won't wear. Our valentine's day outfits are also great as regular wears and can even be worn to parties. Then, of course, your valentine's day outfits for baby boys and girls should be able to withstand many washes. Your baby would go through several outfits in a day. So, don't buy clothes that need extra TLC during laundry. These could be overwhelming.

5.Affordable pricing

Finally, here is one of the essential factors in buying valentine's day outfits for your baby. It would be best if you never compromised on quality because it's cheaper. Instead, purchase well-designed and quality clothes that will remain useful as your baby grows. The right clothes will also give you a lot of ooh and aah moments when you look at the photographic memories. So, any time any day, it's always quality over price. Still, you wouldn't want to spend beyond your budget. That's why these thoughtfully made valentine's day outfits are all affordable and high-quality. Dressing your precious bundle is a breeze when you shop with us for perfectly priced baby clothes and valentine's day outfits.

Onesies for baby boys and girls

Let's start with what is considered a really comfortable set of clothes for baby boys and girls. The onesies are a cute way to adorn your baby without going all out on valentine’s day toddler outfits. It's also great that most of these allow easy diaper changes, which can be a relief. Now that you're searching for the perfect valentine's day outfits for baby boys and girls, we have got some adorable ones you should definitely add to your list.


This Carter's bodysuit is largely unisex, but it has a blend of simple boyish designs that your baby boys will enjoy. This comes with no sleeve, and the orange-striped bodysuit has a beautiful jungle trail embroidery at the chest region. To finish it off, you have the snap button closure that comes in handy during diaper changes. All in all, this color and design on one of the best valentine’s day toddler outfits tell your baby in no uncertain terms that you love them very much.


This white bodysuit set has a hooded zippered vest with matching pants. It's a lovely pink color that at first thought would be the choice of valentine's day outfits for your baby girl. This three-piece set is just right for your sweet baby girl, along with the love-styled pockets, that stands out from other valentine’s day toddler outfits.


Made from quality cotton, the first thing you would notice about this baby boy's onesie is how soft and comfortable it is. Then, the solid color combined with a white bodysuit provides a lovely finishing touch. You will also adore the hooded vest with cute animal prints.


Here's another onesie that deserves a chance in your baby's valentine's outfit closet. Perfect for baby boys, this quality cotton material offers excellent comfort and has the adorable cute reindeer embroidery on the hooded vest. The deep blue color will brighten up your baby's eyes.


Yes, this may be a Christmas outfit, but it also works as a beautiful valentine's day outfit for baby girls as well. This cloth is all about details, from the little bows to the long-sleeved knit coverall design. Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go, and this would really pop in a valentine's day photoshoot with your baby.


This valentine's day outfit comes in a lovely white color with a touch of red that shows how much you love them. It works for both baby boys and girls. So, what are you waiting for? Get a long-sleeved footed pajama romper decorated with icicles and Minnie mouse prints for your little one. It's a lovely Disney wear, great example of valentine’s day toddler outfits.


This full-body bodysuit with polka dot print joins our list solely for its cuteness. Tell us you wouldn't stare with dreamy eyes at a baby putting this on. They are that pretty. Also, you can get this in the perfect size for both baby boys and girls. This is a great valentine's day outfit to check out.

Valentine's day outfits for baby boy

The mission is to make them look as adorable as possible, even on valentine's day. We have an impressive selection of baby boy valentines day outfits that can do just that. You will definitely see more than a few that give you butterflies. And of course, get you to go shopping for your little bundle of joy.


First, there are the matching twill olive pants cool enough to handle playtime all day. These have two back pockets as well but what your baby boy would love the most is the baby tiger print on the shirt. This long sleeve hooded shirt is a pretty cream color that looks simple but sweet. Paired with the red vest, you have got yourself a little cupid who will melt hearts even more.


Reward all those hours your toddlers spend watching the Incredibles with their very own outfit showing this off. Of course, it is quite lovely that this toddler boy valentine’s day outfit comes in the traditional red color for celebrating valentine. This is one of the many ways you can show your little ones how much you love them.


Make things a little more formal without compromising the comfort of your baby boy. This valentine's day outfit for baby boys is the classic shirt, vest, hat, tie, and knickers set that would give your child that gentleman look. Also helps that it is as comfy as it looks.


This is another formal wear similar to the velvet three-piece we talked about earlier. The difference is that this is just a simple all-red vest with a red bowtie. Then, the cap has a mix of both black and red. Can you already imagine your baby boy in one of our favorite toddler boy valentine’s day outfits? Then you know what to do.


Are you planning a little get-together for valentine? Then your baby boy valentine's day outfits should stand out. Here is an excellent place to start. Check out this absolutely adorable set.


Get your baby boy this great outfit from DC comics. If he spends more than a few minutes enjoying the antics of superman, then they will definitely fall in love with this hooded top complete with superman-inspired print. Even better, the matching black and red pants add more flair to the overall look of one of our cute toddler boy valentine’s day outfits.


What's the first word that came into your mind when you saw this valentine's day outfit? The word is cute! There is so much to love about this cartoon-inspired print that will turn your baby boy into a little superhero. From the zippered red sleeveless vest to the matching pants and white long-sleeved shirt. Get your little one on the Marvels train.


Your baby boy's valentine can be a special one with this red striped pattern outfit. Get them all dressed up in this cloth with the matching navy pants, and have a lovely time enjoying this special day of love.

Valentine’s day outfits for baby girl


We start our list with this beautiful Sophie Catalou raspberry amber dress. It's elegant and everything you would want in a valentine's day outfit for your baby girl. This dress has a tulle skirt overlay and lace bodice. Everything comes together with the sash and center back button closure. Simply adorable.


This cute knee-length dress is a great one from Bonnie Jean, which your baby girl would love. It comes with a beautiful plaid skirt with patch pockets and buttons. The red color on this screams valentine love. You should definitely get this valentine's day outfit.


Did we hear you say perfect? Exactly! This stunning dress from Cinderella Couture will have your baby girl looking like the princess that she is. Adorned with gold coil lace, this elegant dress has gorgeous AB rhinestones and everything you need for a lovely fit.


Pink is a lovely color for valentine's day outfits, and your baby girl will look amazing in it. This is a unique dress by Kids Dream, which will pop. You can already imagine your baby girl in the elegant sequin bodice paired with flower petals. It's a pretty picture.


Take the glamor up a notch with this gorgeous Tip Top Kids dress. This is the perfect chance to go all out on valentine's day outfits for your baby girl. This dress is designed to captivate anyone that looks at it. It's so easy to fall in love with the delicate tulle skirt and gold embroidered lace. Crown it all with the matching bow, and it's all smiles.


There is a hundred percent chance that your baby girl will fall in love with this valentine's day outfit for toddlers. Not only is it completely comfortable, but the adorable dress from Bonnie Jean will also make her shine. It comes with a matching panty and is adorned with a mixed print paneled skirt. Absolutely beautiful.


Who says red is the only color of love? All you have to do is check out this lovely rainbow tulle dress, and you'll see one more way to make valentine's day beautiful. This colorful dress with cute bow applique and wire trim will fit nicely on your baby girl and make you glow with pride.


This beautiful pink dress is a lovely choice for making your baby girl look glamourous on valentine's day. Everything on this dress from Huncho is designed to be high quality. You will absolutely fall in love with the glitter tulle skirt, rhinestone ribbon on the waist, and sequin lace top. Create your Cinderella with this valentine’s day outfits for toddler.


If you're planning on holding a little valentine's day event, then this dress is perfect for giving your little girl a grand entrance. You will get a very stylish look with this beautiful sleeveless dress with a tulle skirt. This flawless red dress is intricately designed from top to bottom and great for a baby girl photoshoot.


Here is another beautiful sleeveless dress with a deeper red color. Get this cute baby girl valentine's day outfit with the zippered closure and horsehair hem. That may seem like a lot of grammar, but there is so much to love about this dress.

This brings us to the end of our list of valentine's day outfits for baby boys and girls. Now, you have a better idea of what to do to make every valentine's day one to remember. Give your baby an extra dose of cuteness with these valentine's day outfits for baby girls and watch her love you all the more. Of course, everyone won't stop staring at the baby boy valentine's day outfits you have picked out for your little one. They are that good. Don't leave your shopping until the last minute. It's always best to be a hundred percent prepared long before the day you would want to dress your baby in these clothes. These will help you avoid any last-minute show stoppers.

However, the chances of this are very low when you shop at the right store. It would be best if you only trusted online stores that have a track record of fast delivery of valentine’s day outfits for baby girl and baby boy. Sophiesstyle is one reputable store where you can shop for everything your baby needs this valentine. You will love how the delivered items look exactly like the pictures. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get shopping.