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Valentine’s Day is always lovely and invokes countless feelings of butterflies in our tummies. However, as we scramble to make last minutes preparations to enjoy and create memories, let’s not forget our adorable kids too.

Show them some love this season as another Valentine’s Day gradually breezes in. Do you have a plan? Or you are waiting to finish packing all the ornaments for the holidays.

Either way, we have a beautiful collection of cute Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls and boys that will make them stand out in a crowd. Whether they are going on a play date, dancing in the snow, or having caramel popcorn in front of the fireplace, they should look good.

Mums and dads, are you looking for something truly unique, elegant, and comfortable for your kids? Check out We have carefully curated a collection of Valentine’s Day outfits for baby boys and girls that everyone will marvel at.

Whether you are a fan of the traditional red and hearts or want something different, we have your back. Our cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfits idea has just the right touch of romance, fun, and love to complete the day.

For girls or boys, you cannot wrong with a SophiasStyle signature piece on them. Well, as you prepare, hopefully, you find what you are looking for and how to dress them appropriately for the season of love.

Valentine’s Day Outfit for baby girl

How do you want her to look? Your little girl will always be a baby to you. To ensure she rocks choose from a whole range of outfits, SophiasStyle has it all.

Personalized Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girl

Parents will gladly add that personal touch to their baby Valentine’s Day outfit to show how much they love them. Personalized Valentine's Day outfits for baby girls are a great way to show people how much they mean to you.

Personalized Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls are easily printed on any material of choice and will last a long time. It can also be worn after Valentine’s Day if you choose the message well.

However, you can make them anyhow you like as they are memorabilia that will tell a good story when they grow up.

Some examples of personalized Valentine’s Day outfits are:


Furthermore, personalized Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls can also be done by choosing the material and style (customization). These are really pretty, like the onesie in the bottom right corner in the table above.

Each of these onesies is easily matched with complementary pants, socks, leggings, and stockings in all colors, shades, and hues. It does not really take that much to make your little girl the love of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day two-piece outfits for baby girls

If this is your baby’s first valentine, then treat them like a baby. The clothes must be cute and comfortable. Remember, babies can get really distressed in too many clothes. You do not want their first valentine’s picture to turn out awful.


The image above consists of rompers with long sleeves to keep them warm and long pants to cover their legs.

Each Valentine’s Day outfit is available for babies to toddlers and will keep them protected and comfortable.

Additionally, they come in the usual red and white with heart imprints for parents looking for this design. However, these cute baby girls' Valentine’s Day outfits come in darker colors and skirt-pant bottoms too.

Finish up with a cute message and elastic band to ensure they do not snitch on the waist too much.

3-piece outfit for baby girls (with accessories)

Get a complete look for your little princess in these elegant outfits. So that you do not miss or forget anything, this cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfit comes with accessories.


There is something fun and exciting about the simplicity of these pieces. As they say, less is more, and these pieces definitely prove it. These simple cotton pants with red hearts scream valentine but the large red bow at the waist is cute. It is also the perfect complement to the elastic headband. Thinking of their first picture, this will make a stunning Valentine’s Day outfit at home or at the studio.

Additionally, if your little girl loves animals, especially elephants, it has enough love to share too. The outfit is cozy, comfortable and will keep them warm.

Ramp up the style with a multi-layered tutu skirt


Do you want to show off their cute legs in a soft tutu-like skirt? Get them this 4-piece cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfit that even dad will envy. It consists of a light layered chiffon tutu skirt with a soft elastic waistband to hold it in place.

The skirt material is, especially awesome as it will not scratch or irritate their skin. The top is a sparkling white long sleeve onesie with ruffled should design to add volume. It is accessorized with a red elastic headband with a sparkling bow to match the skits and a pair of socks.

If the weather is cold, you could swap the sock for leggings or stockings to keep them safe and protected.

Let her shine on Valentine’s Day

This is another stunning and elegant piece that will definitely make your baby girl stand out on Valentine’s Day. It is all shimmer and shines with a bold ruffle heart shape in the middle that looks like rosettes.

So if you are not a fan of tutu skirts but want her on one, this is a stunning option too. This one-piece is a simple top and sequence skirt with ruffled edges.

To complete the look is an elegant sequence of baby shoes and a red knitted headband with a red bow and white button.

It is all red and white that screams Valentine and your baby girl will look absolutely gorgeous in them.


Tutu her up for Valentine’s Day

Take tutu to another level this Valentine’s Day; we assure you that your baby girl will look adorable in them.

Black and red are the perfect color, and they match explicitly well to give you that unique look for an outdoor Valentine’s Day event. You certainly do not want your baby to appear underdressed while you look smashing.

The first is a chiffon sequin skirt with a ribbon bow with a black short sleeve onesie. It is simple and just enough to get her noticed in a crowd of reds and whites Valentine’s Day babies. It is finished with a red and gold headband ready for pictures.

The second dress is cotton tulle of black material with a shimmering bow to contrast and adds flair to the skirt. It is paired with a white onesie with a bold heart shape in the middle. This valentine’s day outfits for baby girls will not be complete without the cute polka dot sock and headband.

If you are picking a shoe, go with black or red to add more brightness to the overall outfit.

These outfits are great for baby girls of all ages and can be paired with a jacket or suit top, in case the weather is cold.

Valentine’s Day Jumpsuits for girls

This inspiration was taken from the numerous pictures posted by actress Kate Hudson about her beautiful baby.


Whether you like them with accessories like the image above or plain like the image below, they make a stunningly cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfit for your little princess.


Both jumpsuits have been accessorized according to the needs. If you like the first one, then add more rosettes diagonally to match the ruffles around the wrist and ankle. Baby girls can never be too pretty; a red bowed headband completes the look. You can add shoes or socks or something to cover the feet if you are heading out for a Valentine’s Day night out, it is cute.

The second is a beautiful silky white ribbon tie and will pair with s white sequin shoe for a family night out, picture session or just sitting at home.

If your baby girl is chubby and bubbly, then a romper that will fit her personality is just what you need.


This stunning cute baby girl’s Valentine’s Day outfit has a ruffled neckline that cascades down the one side of the romper with some more around the ankle. It does come with a baby cap decorated with the rosettes too.

The silky red outfit is soft on the baby’s skin and super comfortable. Remember that they will be wearing their outfit throughout the day, so choose wisely.

However, if the length is not your ideal jumpsuit or the weather is warm where you are, choose short and stunning ones as the pieces below.


The above rompers are excellent for hot Valentine's days, especially if red is not your color. These are just perfect for warm weather, and the lace adds a touch of sophistication to the rather plain fabric.

However, it is comfortable, breathable, and encourages ventilation to keep the baby cool. Well, every Valentine’s Day dress needs some accessories; a simple bow headband or a knitted shoe will do just fine.

If you want more, go for more lace bodice and more ruffles around the edges but breathable, soft, and delicate on baby’s skin.


Want a little more Gatsby look! Do lace in more intricate details for baby girl. Lace is a beautiful material that adds a punch to the overall appearance. It could present well as an elegant piece for their first Valentine’s Day picture.

The romper is full-on lace with a soft elastic bodice and ruffled arm. Add a touch of grandma’s pearls, a cute headband, and we are photoshoot ready.


Quite frankly, with this cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfit, you do not need too many accessories; just let your baby shine through.

Prints and patterns

The choices for Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls are limitless, and prints and patterns are a unique way to add dimension and finesse to Valentine’s Day for your baby girl.


XOXO – Hearts Romper

You can never love them too much, and this piece can be worn if you whether it is Valentine’s Day or want to remind yourself how much you love her.

If your baby girl is attending Valentine’s Day outing with you, she will need something to cover her legs. Yes, we know she is a baby, but she must be dressed for the occasion.


A mix of patterns and stripes is a beautiful way to step out. Wouldn’t you say so?

This simple but cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfit makes her look like a big girl. The long sleeves keep her warm and comfortable from excessive cold.

Hey, just add a headband, and you are good to go.

Prints, whether it is animals, floral, or otherwise, will look stunning on your little girl and will take you away from the norm.


The onesie and animal print pants pairs excellently well for a non-traditional cute baby girl valentine’s Day outfit. They are comfortable, and if the weather gets hot, you can take off the pants, and the day goes on.

Or you could choose plaid, do not worry, they are not as boring, like the ones you grew up with.

Plaids make elegant Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls and boys.


Pair this beautiful plaid-like suspender skirt with a long sleeve romper with ruffles on the shoulders. The bottom has little hearts that symbolize Valentine’s Day. If you do not like the suspender across the body, remove them for a cleaner and more mature look.

Print & Polka dot with Onesie

If you prefer a removable belt, then the choice below will do just right. This is an uncomplicated elastic band skirt with a heart print ruffle at the edge and middle alternating with polka dots.


To complete the look, it comes with a plain white long-sleeve romper, socks, and headband.

Cute Valentine’s Day Dresses for Baby Girls

A baby girl can never have too many clothes, and dresses are a must. Furthermore, Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls are versatile and multi-functional.


Awww, doesn’t she look cute in that dress? Yes, she does.

This cute baby girl Valentine’s Day outfit is perfect for her first photoshoot. Whether it is Valentine’s Day or not, a girl needs a dress to make her stand out.

It is simple, elegant, and all you need is a pair of stockings or leggings to keep her warm and comfortable.

Stepping away from the usual

This 100 percent cotton love print dress is the perfect fit for that baby girl that deserves all the love. It has an elastic neckline and ruffled long sleeve edge. It is complemented with a large ribbon bow to make it more Valentine’s.


Strips, Heart and Tulle Valentine’s Day Baby Girl Dress


If your baby girl's first Valentine’s Day falls when she is 3 to 6 months old, this is the perfect dress to grace the day. The colors are soft and delicate to touch as it is on her skin.

So what is your choice for Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls? Regardless of your needs, visit for fashionable and stunning designs.

Valentine’s Day Outfits For Baby Boy

Valentine’s Day outfits for baby boys

Whether you want a gentlemanly countenance or a playful one, there is Valentine’s Day outfit for baby boys at


Contrary to common misconceptions, boys have an abundance of outfits for any occasion, and it's more than just tees and shorts.

Prepping for a Valentine’s Day event with your little man, this is the time to show him that he stole your heart.

At, we have a collection of personalized, customized outfits to suit that softly depict that special message in your heart.

If your little man has grown past 3 months old, check out our cute baby boy Valentine’s Day outfits that will make any lady jealous.

Give him some personal/Customized love

Dressing your baby boy on Valentine’s Day is as simple as choosing a cute baby boy Valentine’s Day outfit from They deserve all the love and look to make the day special.

Remember to take lots of pictures as telling a story 6 years later will not matters without one. When choosing a personalized or customized outfit for your baby boy, you must ensure that it fits the event.

You certainly do not want to have a nasty comment that would raise eyebrows, be careful. However, you can go all out on colors, style, material, prints, and whatever you like.

Hey moms, you can also choose to wear something similar if this is your little prince’s first valentine.

Remember to dress them in comfortable outfits, so do choose tight clothes that will restrict movement.

Below are 4 different Valentine’s Day outfits for baby boys to give you an idea of how you can choose yours.


Personalized baby boy Onesies

Onesies are a preferred choice for many parents, asides from the effortless way to dress up; they are great for babies from birth to 18 months. However, Valentine’s Day accords you the right to send a personalized message on an onesie to make them feel loved and cherished.

After all, boys need loving too, and onesies are the best way for babies. Whether you are buying one with a personalized message you like or customizing one, it is a great outfit to celebrate Valentine’s Day in.

Character Rompers for Valentine’s Day

Rompers may look too ordinary, but if your baby loves cartoons, you can buy one in that character.


The above are just examples of character rompers to add a little flair to Valentine’s Day outfits for baby boys. If the weather is cold, add pants, leggings, or stockings to keep them warm and comfortable.

Besides, these are great if he’s just sitting at home with no special outing on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Denim


Denim is not for adults alone; babies feel comfortable in them. Yeah, we know denim is blue, but they pair well with a good shirt, tees, or rompers. Add suspenders or not, and your little man will be looking fly.


If pants and suspenders are not an option, or if your baby boy is maybe 6 to 9 months, you could do a denim jacket as part of a baby boy Valentine’s Day outfit. It is a great idea and will keep them warm at any event.

Red Shirt and Tees

No young man’s wardrobe is complete without shirts and tees, especially babies.


Tee shirts pair well with any bottom just makes sure it is good for the purpose of the day.


If you are looking for something unique and really expressive, this tic-tac-toe tee is fun and will have people playing the game to win his heart.

Formal tie outfits for baby

Even babies deserve to look the part at any event, especially a Valentine’s Day party. Get a simple 3-piece black-tie outfit or a romper with an imaginary tie on it.


This is really cute and will definitely make your baby boy stand out in the crowd. You could swap the shirt for a red one with a black heart or something more in tune with the event.


The next image is a casual romper, pants with suspenders, a knitted cap, and a bow tie. It is not overly bright, but the touches of red make it valentine. The crochet beanie is perfect for the cold or hot season and matches well with any outfit.

2-Piece Baby Boy Outfits


Two pieces are casual and simple baby boy outfits for Valentine.

These are fun and cozy pieces, and you do not need any more to complete the look. Whether they are bought together or separately, your little man will look lovely and loved in them.

These are cotton pants and rompers shirts – long sleeve or short sleeve choice depend on the weather. Add accessories like a sock, papa’s cap, or beanie in red colors to complete the baby boy Valentine’s Day outfit look.

Baby Boy Tuxedo


What could be more gentlemanly than a handsome young man in a tuxedo? Tuxes are not for adults anymore; your baby boy can also share in the maturity. Dress them in the regular clack and white with a red bow tie or red pants to make Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Tuxedos also make an amazing Valentine’s Day picture with the family.

Suspend the suspenders

Suspenders look great on adults and kids alike. If you are choosing a suspender outfit for your baby boy, there are options for you.


This is a pant with suspenders attached that goes over the shirt, but if you are scared your son might pull on it, choose below.


They are overalls and similar to suspenders. Add a touch of red tees or shirt, and baby boy Valentine’s Day outfit is as perfect as can be for your baby boy.

Dressing up your baby boy or baby girl for Valentine’s Day

You can choose to go extreme, but that is something beautiful and elegant in simplicity. Besides, babies tire easily, and piling layers of clothes aren’t exactly the right approach to a busy day.

Valentine’s Day allows parents to show more love to their children. Are you looking for unique Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls or Valentine’s Day outfits for baby boys? This article has provided you with incredible ideas you can utilize.

Furthermore, it does not have to be red or white. Step away from the norm and go for subtle colors like pink, cream, sky blue, browns, and other earthy tones. Additionally, you can go for colors that make your baby shine.

If you decide to add a DIY touch, there are plenty of stores to buy shimmers, heart cut-outs, and other design factors to make their outfit adorable.

Accessorizing their Valentine’s Day outfits

Accessorizing is a must to complete the look. It does not matter if it is a boy or girl. They will look adorable, especially for a photo shoot. You should pair Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls with suitable Valentine’s Day hair accessories like sashes, cute headbands, or even a tiara.

Do not forget that your baby boys need accessorizing too. Choose hats, bow ties, suspenders. Browse throughout boy accessories to pick one that will compliment his look.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and despite the current situation, love is more than enough. If this is your baby’s first Valentine’s Day, it can be overwhelming choosing the right and appropriate outfit for them.

Go for a high-quality but affordable piece that will look comfortable and adorable on them.

Remember, comfort is the key to dressing a baby for any event. So go for delicate fabric, non-irritant and well-ventilated if they will wear it throughout.

Some tips to remember-

  • It does not have to be all red and white; pick out colors that complement their skin.

  • It should be free but form-fitting.

  • It should allow you to change them if outdoors.

  • Accessorize for added finesse

Choosing the best Valentine’s Day outfits for baby girls or boys should be easy now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!