Baby Boy Valentines Day Outfits

Dresses that are designed to steal heart! Dress your little man to impress on his first Valentine. Available in a huge selection of shades including black, black and red, white, or navy - colors that are just so pretty you can't help but choose one for your little sunshine.

The suit consists of a comfortable shirt, a jacquard vest, pants, and a bow. You can also pick a tie instead. Or rather go for a complete fabulous evening look with a dinner jacket, shirt, vest, bow, or tie. A memorable valentine for sure!

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Lito Baby Boys Black Red Vest Shirt Bowtie Velvet Knickers Hat 5 Pc Set 0-24M


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Cute and dapper vest set by Lito for the Christmas holiday for boys festive wear. The set includes a red jacquard vest, black velvet knickers and hat. Team these three items with shirt and bow tie included for a Christmas...

Baby Boys Black Coral Shirt Vest Pants Neck Tie Pocket Hanky 5 pcs Suit 3-24M
Rafael Collection


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BRAND: Rafael Collection

Baby boys 5 pcs outfit set from Rafael for a stylish smart look. The set includes everything necessary for a complete look: dress shirt, pants, vest, a wonderfully made neck tie and a pocket hanky. Perfect choice ideal for any...

Lito Baby Boys Red Black Jacquard Vest Shirt Tie Pant Festive 4 Pc Outfit 6-24M


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Cute and dapper vest set by Lito for the Christmas holiday for boys festive wear. The set includes a red jacquard vest and black polyester pants. Team these two items with shirt and tie included for a Christmas time style....


Valentine’s Day is a way of manifesting love toward another person, be it a spouse, a friend, a parent, or a child.

Dressing up, creating the setting for a romantic evening, planning something special for the entire family, or just spoiling yourself, is what people usually do for this specific celebration.

The one thing particular for this day is the love and gratitude you feel towards your dear ones.

But where did this come from and how did Valentine become the patron of love?

A brief history of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day is somehow shrouded in mystery. While some think that it came to be thanks to the Roman celebration of Lupercalia held in the mid of February, others believe it came from a priest named Valentine who sacrificed himself for a loved one.

Lupercalia was a Roman Festival that celebrated rebirth and spring, and where unmarried women were paired with unwed men, by chance.

The other mythical fact related to the origin of Sf. Valentine is the name itself. History can’t tell why Valentine was the sharer of love and which Valentine was the one that got to be this famous. But there are a few Saints that became a legend associated with Valentine’s Day.

The first one was a priest who, allegedly, refused to convert to paganism during Emperor Claudius the 2nd and was killed for it. Before his death, he managed to heal the daughter of his jailer, and after he died the entire family converted to Christianity.

The second one was related to Saint Valentine of Terni, a bishop who also was executed o for his love and faith.

The third legend says that this holiday is named after a priest who went against an Emperor's edict and performed weddings for soldiers and their spouses. He wore a special ring with a Cupid symbol so that they could recognize him and handed out paper hearts to remind all the Christians about their love for God.

This is one of the most popular holidays, both a religious and a commercial one. So you are the only one who can decide how to celebrate it.

Fun fact about Valentine’s Day

History says that the first valentine was sent in the year 1415 from a Duke to his wife. He wrote this love letter when he was imprisoned at just 21. A tragic love story if we may say so.

The tradition of giving roses and other flowers for Valentine’s Day goes back to the 17th century when King Charles the 2nd of Sweden traveled to Persia and learned the meaning of different kinds of flowers.

The most common gifts for Valentine’s Day are jewelry, cards, flowers, and chocolate. And as a random fact, while 59% of couples get gifts for one another, there’s 85% of parents will buy something special for their children on this special day.

How about clothing?

Among all the other things to do and plan on Valentine’s Day, clothing is one of the most important ones. Whether the clothes are for you or your spouse, or your children, the reality is that outfits can make you feel as special as the day itself.

If girls will always adore a beautiful red or pink dress with heart motifs, outfits for boys are a little trickier to put together.

For that reason, we decided to make a list of Valentine’s day outfits baby boys will look adorable in.

Baby outfits

While little ones don’t know what this celebration is all about, the parents do. So you could entertain yourself during this special day by dressing up and buying something cute for your baby boy also.

The activities that involve your baby are somehow limited when they are young, but there are a few that go well at any age.

Plan a nice, quiet dinner with your family, dress up in something comfy, order some take out and put some music on. The ambiance will be the thing that completes the evening.

Dress yourself and your little one in one of our Valentine’s Day outfits for baby boy and schedule a photoshoot. It will be something to remember over the years if you also print those photos and put them in an album.

Get yourself ready and go for a nice stroll. Spending time together is what matters the most.

For more outfits for baby boys check out our special Valentine’s Day category.

Toddler outfits

When your little one is starting to sit up, crawl or walk, fun and dynamic activities will be something to look forward to. Even if romance is in the air on this special day, don’t forget that your little one needs to feel involved in the family celebration.

We suggest you take him out on a late lunch date along with your other half.

Dressing him in cute Valentine’s Day outfits for baby boy and taking him out on a restaurant date will surely make his day. Children love to get out and have fun, be it on a playground or in a child-friendly location. Make sure to get some toys and paper and pens and let him discover what this holiday is about.

We suggest a few cute attires, perfect for this date:

A three-piece outfit, velvety and elegant with just the right accessories to give it a little class. The shirt is both comfortable as well as cute looking, while the cap and the bowtie will get this outfit stand out.

Perfect for an elegant restaurant, this next Valentine’s Day baby boy outfit is a great addition to your son’s wardrobe. It is perfect for a formal celebration with cute dress pants, a white shirt, and black vest, and an adorable necktie. He will look dashing wearing this outfit on Valentine’s Day.

Choosing the right clothes depends on many factors, but whatever you decide to buy be sure Sophia’s Style can provide. Check out our latest collection of clothes for your little one.

Older boy outfits

Preschoolers and older boys will have a great time during this holiday. They can do activities that involve their kindergarten colleagues, or their best friends.

Help them make thoughtful gifts with just a touch of personality. For example, design together a beautiful Valentine’s Day card decorated with whatever they like, or paint their hand inside a heart-shaped card.

Dress him up in one of our baby boy Valentine’s Day outfits and buy together flowers for his special best friends.

Record him singing his favorite song and send it to his best friends as a musical Valentine’s Day card.

In the end, don’t forget that this holiday means being there for your loved ones in whatever shape and form you can.

Teaching your child about the meaning of this celebration should include the true emotion of giving and receiving something from the heart. It’s never too early to start telling them that holidays are more than gifts and presents.

For all these special moments, we have just the right Valentine’s Day outfits for boys.

Check out the latest trends and choose whatever you feel is right.

From the beautiful formal wear with a red shirt or vest as a symbol for this celebration to the cute casual outfits with cute heart prints and comfy fabrics, you can find an outfit for every taste.

How to choose an outfit

Whenever you need to choose an outfit for your baby, on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, keep in mind the following:

  • The fabric needs to be comfortable and from natural fibers, as much as possible. The organic materials will make sure to keep your baby’s skin safe from any rashes, especially if he has sensitive skin or he is still under one year old.
  • Buy the clothes with fewer decorations and embellishments since children tend to put things in their mouths.
  • Check out the sizing chart at every purchase and make sure you buy just the right one. Bigger size doesn’t look good and a smaller one will not feel good.
  • Since the children grow up pretty quickly invest in quality pieces, but with affordable prices.

Remember that Valentine’s day can come and go, but the memories will last a lifetime. Make sure to create amazing memories on your baby’s first Valentine’s Day.


What do you get babies for Valentine’s Day?

Holidays are symbols of happy times and good feelings, therefore Valentine’s day is no exception. It’s no wonder that this celebration of love extends to our most precious gifts, the children. So, when it comes to presents for babies on Valentine’s Day we have some suggestions: get them a nice blanket with little hearts on it, a new toy and a short storybook, and even a nice handmade card that your baby can read when he grows older.
One of the more classical gifts could be a set of clothes with this celebration’s theme. A cute red dress with accessories for girls and fancy pants, a red shirt, and a bowtie for boys can be a good present.
We can help you with our newest collection of Valentine’s Day outfits for boys.

What should I do with my newborn on Valentine’s Day?

It’s no secret that life changes when a baby comes along. For them, and for the entire family, every first holiday is something to be celebrated. So we want to give you a few ideas of what you can do with your newborn on Valentine’s Day:
- You don’t have to go out on this holiday to feel good, just order something tasty, dress up, and have a nice family dinner together.
- Take your baby and your spouse on a walk and take some pictures, you can always print them and remember this day
- Bake a Valentine’s Day treat for your other half and dress up your baby in a surprise outfit
- Decorate his room with heart lights
- Get your newborn a Valentine’s gift and make it a tradition, you can save all of them in a special box and give it to him when he’s older
- Write a letter from both of you, his parents, and save them for when he turns 18, it could be a very special gift.

What are Valentine’s babies called?

Babies born on this special day are given names that are related to this day’s significance. Some of the most popular names are Valentin (Valentino) and Valentina, Ruby (the meaning being “red” like the jewel), Rose (the symbol of love), David (its meaning in Hebrew is “beloved”), Annabel (“loving” in Scottish), Esme (meaning “to love” in French), Romeo and Juliette (this one is self-explanatory).

What should you wear on Valentine’s Day?

Red is the color most associated with love and passion. So if you choose to wear something red, be it a dress, a nice shirt, or an entire outfit, you should be just in style for this Valentine’s Day.
There is a shade of red fit for any type of skin tone, so don’t worry if red is not your favorite color.
For children, red is usually reserved for holidays like this, for Christmas, or when they want to stand out. Girls will love their red dresses and boys will look dashing in their fancy suits with a red accessory like a bowtie or a necktie. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it has the right cut.
Make sure to check out the latest trends for your boy’s Valentine’s Day clothes.