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DanzNmotion Girls Multi Color Heart Dance Tank Top 4-14



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Show your love for dance with our "Heart Dance" tee! The soft tee features a crew neck, heart graphic on front and an overlap back with our "d" branded logo at back of neck. Polyester/Rayon.


Cheerleading started as an all-male sport but today has 83.4% females participating in the game. While the game is about athletic abilities and finesse, it is also about looks, outfits, and colors. 

If you are looking for the perfect cheerleading costumes for girls to wear for their next outing, you are at the right place.

Welcome to Sophia. Style, where we love cheering and cheerleading girls’ costumes, is what we do best. 

When it comes to choosing your girls' cheerleading shoes or cheerleading costumes, there are factors that you must consider.

The flips and acrobats might look easy, but without the right cheerleading uniforms, it is inconvenient.

Cheerleading Basics

Cheerleading has evolved over the years, and today the styles are cleaner, more colorful, and exciting. 

Furthermore, cheerleading materials are similar to leotards. They are close to the skin but allow for dynamic movement and freedom.

Leotards can be sleeveless or sleeved tops worn like a second skin on the cheerleader. Check out these turquoise mermaid scale pattern leotard tops that look like the classic cheerleading scale tops worn by many squads. 

Cheerleaders love to wear clothes that flow when cheerleading practice or during a warm up session, and leotards is the choice for many.

However, if your girls or squad is having a practice session, a beautiful tie-back tank top with an embellished front is a perfect choice. 

Even though cheerleading costumes can be anything, a good tank top with a loud message makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Additionally, practice costumes are boy-cut shimmer and shine shorts fitted like a second skin but not tight. They allow for easy movement while covering the cheerleading up.

These shorts will give you the cheerleading appearance and are perfect as underwear when the proper cheerleading costume is put on for special occasions like a competition or a school try-out.


These pant-like outfits are perfect as practice cheerleading outfits girls can use for easy movements and comfort. They are sleek like a second skin and would make cheerleading practice a breeze.

Now leotards cannot be worn with a top. At SophiaStyle, we have beautiful black tank tops for children of all ages. Furthermore, it should be close to the body and not hanging freely anywhere to avoid accidents.

Cheerleading outfits’ girls' styles can be any design, but the best is a thin strap top with a short. These are especially great cheerleading uniforms for little girls and come in elegant colors too.

They are also perfect as undergarments for girls because girls' cheerleading skirts are skimpy, and you do not want to expose anything to the audience.

Speaking of skirts, they are a significant piece in any cheerleader’s wardrobe and must be matched with a top to create a synchronized flow with teammates. 

The length of skirts has a standard length – it must reach mid-thigh, and the cheerleading uniform girls wear must cover their midriff when the arms are down.

So choose wisely.

Cheerleading Shoes for Girls

No cheerleading outfit is complete without a pair of cheer shoes. 

Cheerleaders are always on their feet, so they must be comfortable, cushioned, lightweight, and durable to handle the flips, acrobats, and stunts. 

Furthermore, the rule is for the shoes to be white and allow for a full range of flexibility.

Pom Pom

No cheerleading uniform is complete with a pom-pom. It is the most notable accessory for cheerleading because it adds flair to their performance and elaborates the beauty of their dance.

For little cheerleading dancers, the pom-pom is a fun way to cheer before getting the routine right. Other cheerleading accessories are armbands, tights, headwear, hair ruffle, and jewelry.

Remember, the idea is to look good without obstructing the fluidity of the performance.

Size and Age

When choosing a girls' cheerleading outfit, you must pick an age-appropriate size to fit the girls. 

For example, if a cheerleading squad consists of young ladies, opt for full-length tops with spandex briefs. You must ensure the material is comfortable and not clingy to their bodies.

If they are going for a competition, choose cheerleading uniforms that won’t distract one another or send the wrong message to the audience.

Our store carries cheerleading outfits from sizes 2 to 24 for kids. We also have cheerleaders’ outfits for ages as young as 3 months to 24 months.


Most cheerleading outfits girls wear are customized but you must follow the regulations. It states that underwear should not show. 

So be careful that pant lines and bra straps do not show during performances. Remember, all body parts must be in place and not giggly.


If you are a cheerleading coach, your squad can afford to wear any color for practice. However, if you are choosing outfits for a team, you must consider skin tone and appearance. 

What looks good on one might not be the best for another. Neutral colors are perfect for all skin types and bring out the beauty in a cheerleader.

Bright colors like whites, blues, greens, and red are popular colors seen in cheerleading uniforms girls wear, but the choice is yours. Whatever color you decide, ensure it is suitable for the event.


We carry four brand names in our store; they are 3Pearlskids, DanzNmotion, Pizzazz, and ReflectionZ. is known for high-quality and affordability. 

And these brands push our mission statement of providing only the best without breaking the bank for our customer base.

Summary on choosing cheerleading girls' costumes

  • List the objectives and the strategies for achieving them; remember that part of your objective is the right color, design, style, cost, and intended style look your squad wants to portray.
  • Keep the school/college color and mascot in mind when choosing a cheerleading outfit.
  • Keep the calendar in mind and the season or event.
  • Learn to customize the uniforms to give your team a distinguished look during the competition
  • Think budget and always work with it. Many schools seek out sponsors to cater to the uniforms.
  • Never compromise on quality and design, no matter what
  • Cheerleading is a sport that boosts the confidence of many young girls and jolts them into the limelight of stardom. 

So it is only essential that you choose the right design, color, and style to make you stand out in the crowd.

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What is a cheerleader outfit called?

A cheerleader's outfit is called a cheerleading uniform.

What shoes do you wear for cheerleading?

For cheerleading, you should wear cheer shoes that are as light as possible, comfortable, and that provide smooth athletic movement when jumping or stunting.

What every cheerleader needs?

Every cheerleader at least needs a cheer uniform, make-up, extra socks, cheers shoes, sweat towel, and a body spray.

How do you make a cheerleader outfit?

To master a perfect cheerleader outfit, go for a tank top or shell, or a liner and pair it with a shiny stretchy shorts or a skirt, comfortable athletic shoes, and a pair of pom pom. Cheerleader outfits have different designs and themes and are manufactured accordingly. You can simply find an ideal cheerleading outfit from SophiasStyle.

How do you make a cheerleading skirt?

To make a cheerleading skirt, you can purchase some fabric from a design or craft store, mark it properly according to size, cut out the skirt pattern pieces, and sew the seam. You can also find a perfect cheerleading skirt from SophiasStyle.