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Going figure skating in the right outfit makes the experience better as you are safer at figure skating or learning how to do it in the right girls figure skating clothes. 

Girls can start figure skating from the age of three, even though they may not really pay attention to the classes. A great way to get them fully involved in the figure skating classes is to get them the right figure skating dress. If you want to get the right figure skating dress for girls, the best place to shop is at

What kind of girl figure skating outfits does Sophia style offer? 

The only reasons your daughter will need a figure skating outfit are if she is figure skating, learning how to figure skate, or interested in the sport. However, it does not matter her reasons, Sophia style has all the best figure skating outfits that a little girl could love. 

If your girl loves Queen Elsa from Frozen and she loves figure skating, then it just might be time to get her the Ice Princess Glitter Skate Lace Tank. She would go across the ice feeling untouchable in this set. 

If your girl is getting into a figure skating competition and you want her to stand out, Sophia style has the best girls figure skating competition dress. The Big girls coral lace set for occasions is the perfect girls skating outfit to make your girl stand out in that competition. This set comes in different colors: blue, mint, orange, and green. 

For seasons like Christmas, the multicolor metallic crystal halter skater Christmas set is the best figure skating girls dress for your daughter.

If your girl is just learning how to skate, not to worry, Sophia style has all the best girls figure skating practice dresses for your girl. You can take the girls black sequined figure skating flower long sleeve cotton shirt, and pair it with the best girls figure skating tights still from the Sophia style collection. 

The tights you need are not far from you as you can look through the Sophia style collection for girls figure skating pants for your girl. We recommend going for the girls black blue star ice skating figure spandex stretchy leggings. It is stretchy, comfortable, and easy on the skin. 

If you are trying to make your girl love figure skating, the easiest way to do it is by getting her all the best figure skating apparel for girls. It is not enough to get girls figure skating helmets for safety or figure skating bags for girls. The figure skating dresses you get can get her very interested in the sport as well. 

Sophia style does not just give the best figure skating dresses, we give the most stylish, most comfortable, and colorful girls figure skating dresses that you can find. It does not matter the occasion and the reason you need that dress; we have it. Sophia style has figure skating dresses for practice and for occasions. 

Tips for choosing the right figure skating clothes for girls 

When choosing figure skating clothes for girls, you cannot just stumble into stores and pick whatever works. You want your girl to feel good about the sport and everything related to it, so here are some tips that you just consider when getting a figure skating dress for girls: 

Design and color 

If she is going to wear it, she must love the design and the color. There are so many designs and colors of skating dresses available to pick from, but the first goal is finding out what she loves.

For example, if your girl loves mint green, and you get her the blue, she may not totally love it. We understand that girls love to have a variety of colors to choose from, and that is why we have stocked figure skating clothes for girls in many different colors. 

We also have designs for the girls who like queen Elsa and the one who likes glitters. No matter what designs your child likes, we have it all for her. Ensure that she decides what color she likes and check our catalog; you will find it. 


We have sizes from 4 to 16 for kids of all ages. Figure skating dresses are made to fit, so if you are getting a figure skating dress for girls, you must be sure of their size. If you get one that is too big, it will be difficult for them to move comfortably, and they can trip on their clothes. If you get the one that is so small, it will be difficult for them to move, and they will feel restricted. Just like the story of Goldilocks, the dress must fit just right. 

If you want the nicest, most comfortable, and most elegant figure skating girl dresses for your daughter, you are in the right place. Scroll through our collections on and see which ones your girl will fall in love with. 

You can also look out for our girl figure skating dress sale, which we hold occasionally. You can get as much as 20% off on some of our best designs. Alternatively, you can check out our social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


What do kids wear for figure skating?

For figure skating, kids can choose from lots of figure skating outfits, such as long-sleeved T-shirts, stretchy leggings, jackets, leotards, skate pants, and dresses with sequins.

Do figure skaters have a dress code?

In accordance with ISU dress code, figure skaters must avoid dresses that display nudity of any kind. To facilitate this, many figure skaters wear outfits that have illusion panels. Men should wear tapered pants and women must wear skirts, unless they are wearing a full-on bodysuit.

Do female figure skaters have to wear skirts?

The skirt is in reality the competition uniform based on cultural belief and tradition in figure skating, not a mandatory rule.

Should kids wear snow pants ice skating?

Kids should wear long polyester pants for ice skating. The pants should be lightweight and easy to move around. They can also wear snow pants, sweat pants, and yoga pants.

What should I wear for first ice skating?

For your first ice skating, wear clothes that are easy to move around in such as a T-shirt, tank top, and loose fitting pants. You should also carry a light fleece jacket, cardigan, or a sweatshirt. You can always shed a layer when you feel the need.