We all love to be well dressed and it’s known that our fashion style defines us and puts our qualities in a good light. The same applies even to the youngest members of the family, especially for girls who like to bring their signature on style from very young ages.

As the winter holiday approaches at a fast pace, we can only make plans and think about our outfits, but also our children's outfits. At the same time, we must not ignore the specificity and significance of this period, and all the outfits must be consistent in this respect.

If you want your toddler girl to be a little princess this Christmas, there are many options to choose from, including designer dresses that you don’t have to spend a fortune on. Sophia’s Style has plenty of gowns and you can go for with dazzling looks in velvet, tulle, sequin and a wide range of colors to pick from.

Whether you like a fairy appearance or a glamorous one, this period is the perfect one to make the best out of it and to go for a look that suits your girl and her personality.

All toddler articles are available in festive colors like red, green, or black velvet, white, gold, navy blue, green, in all sizes, from 2t, 3t or 4t. Best of all, our affordable discount prices will make you very happy. 

Take a  look at all these fashionable gowns and decide for the perfect one. 


Designer Christmas Dresses


Even though designer dresses are often associated with high prices, Sophia’s Style has assembled for you a big variety of well-known brands to choose from at affordable prices.

On Sophia's Style, you will find dresses that please even the most refined tastes and that will be appreciated by the whole family, which will help you to remember the wonderful moments with your loved ones during the winter holidays.

Kids Dream Opera Mauve Floral Dress - get it here!

Biscotti Pink Shimmery Cap Sleeved Dress - get it here!

Kids Dream Navy Velvet Metallic Print Dress - get it here!

Classic Red Christmas Dresses

Red, a bold and a classic color for this season is often associated with bravery and a strong personality. Moreover, Santa will surely be delighted with this option and all your family will admire and adore your girl’s fancy dress.

Find here a selection of cute red dresses for the holidays:

Red Christmas Dress - get it here!

Lace Covered Dress - git it here!

Red Sequin Dress - get it here

Beautiful Blue Holiday Dresses

Whenever you don’t have inspiration, but you also want to make a good impression, you can go for a royal blue dress with a princess touch. Blue represents wisdom, confidence and stability, all it needs that your toddler to be the heart of the party.

Besides, if there will be other kids in the room, she will definitely eclipse them all.

Discover here the inspiration for the blue Christmas dresses:

Cinderella Couture Blue Dress - get it here!

Blue Sequence Dress - get it here!

Angel Garment Dress - get it here!

Gold Dresses for the Christmas Party

Glitter and gold, the perfect match for a party to remember. If your toddler has a strong personality and likes to be admired, then a gold dress is more than excellent.

Your little one will be flawless and will melt everyone’s hearts instantly.

Gold Sparkle Sequin Dress- get it here!


Gold Sparkle Sequin Short Sleeve - get it here!

Gold Cap Sleeve Satin Dress - get it here!

Dazzling Silver Holiday Dresses

The color of illumination and reflection, silver is for the daring girls who don’t shy away. It’s for sure a sophisticated color related to energy, prosperity and modernity. So why not go for a silver dress for your toddler girl? You can choose from a wide variety of materials and patterns.

Find your inspiration here:

Silver Sparkle Sequin Organza Dress - get it here!

Silver Velvet Bow Dress - get it here!

Silver Polka Dot Tulle Dress - get it here!

Pretty Emerald Green Christmas Dresses

Dress to impress could not be better suited for another period of the year. Green is another favorite color for Christmas. A velvet emerald green dress will amaze everybody, and your toddler will feel safe despite the harsh weather outside. Nothing says more about Christmas than the Christmas tree, so be traditional and choose green.

Here are some of the prettiest green Christmas dresses:

Emerald Velvet Lace - get it here!

Emerald Lace Tulle - get it here!

Taffeta Mesh Sequin Dress -get it here!

Two Coloured Party Dresses

If you are not decided what color to choose, then why not go for two or more colors? It has never been easier to find them and to stand out in the crowd. Just play with your imagination and go for blue and red or red and white, or anything else, why not?

Find your inspiration here:

Brown Gold Velvet Dress - get it here!

Red Velvet Satin Ribbon - get it here!

Multi Color Floral Dress - get it here!

Ivory and Diaphanous Looks

Natural beauty has always been appreciated and putting it in value would be more appropriate using diaphanous and subtle colors to define the traits and bring more of the tenderness.

As the weather is very harsh, your girl could compensate with her cuteness and her abilities to make all your family be filled with joy and content.

Pick champagne or peachy colors and you will not regret it:

Aqua Ivory Satin Ribbon Dress - get it here!

Peach Flower Angled Dress - get it here!

Ivory Flower Laced Dress - get it here!


White Stunning Winter Dresses

Whether you choose your little girl to radiate or to blend in with the white of snow and the feast of holidays, the white color induces the idea of purity and innocence. Sophia’s Style has been preparing for you a wide variety of white dresses.

White it’s a very versatile color and it blends with all the colors of the hair. Check some of our best white dresses here:

Lace Sleeve Ballerina Dress - get it here!

White Gold Embroidered Christmas Dress - get it here!

White Starlight Sequin Mesh Dress - get it here!

This is just a short list of the most beautiful dresses that can be worn during the holidays and which varnishes the beauty of your little toddler, but you can also find other equally versatile dresses that would amaze everyone.

Celebrate with style and make sure everyone, from the youngest to the eldest, is appreciated and respected.