The Cutest Christmas Dresses and Outfits for Tweens [Inspiring Collection] | Sophias Style

The magical period of the year is approaching and we all are on the last hundred meters with shopping and holiday arrangements. As Christmas is coming, then it's high time for fashionable tweens to show their desired outfits.

If you and your daughter are shopping together, then you’ll just love what Sophia's Style has prepared for you. We all know how much girls like to dress up and that they're making time to find the best clothes.

We have put together 20 fashionable and colorful outfits for tweens that are suitable for Chrismas family dinners, for parties and even for school celebrations. There are many styles you can choose from, but also plenty of materials and patterns.

Here’s a list of adorable Christmas outfits and dresses ideas for tween girls:

1. Cute Outfits for the Christmas Dinner

All the little ladies will be in the center of attention at the Christmas celebration so why not making them shine and have their moment of joy around the loved ones? They can be rock stars, princesses or whatever they want. Cuteness is guaranteed.

Red Black Velvet Jacquard Dress - get it here

2. Trendy Looks for the School Christmas Party

School celebrations have always been and will be very important, so choosing the right outfit for your teenage girl it’s a big thing. We’ve prepared five cute looks, depending if it’s a festive or a more relaxed atmosphere.

Green Satin Velvet Dress - get it here

3. Let Her Shine in Pretty Dance Dresses

Your girl is now discovering her own style and maybe she likes to experiment and see what suits her better. She shouldn't shy away from trying various colors and patterns. We suggest you choose comfortable but also trendy looks because will give her the ability to move freely.

Red Velvet Lace Smock Magnolia Dress - find it here

Red Lace Cuff Knee-Lenght Dress - find it here

4. Dresses with Trendy Prints

Prints are for fashion what sugar is for cakes. If you want your little one to be at the center of attention, you may take a look at these dresses with hot trendy prints. Plus, prints will never go out of style and you can choose from a wide variety.

Black Houndstooth Rose Print Dress- get it here

5. Church, Modest Outfits for Christmas

Get ready with the entire family for the time you'll attend the church service. Sophia's Style has many dresses that are modest and natural and will fit just her perfect for the moment your family goes to the church.

Red Black Plaid Bolero Christmas Dress - get it here!

Khaki Velvet Dress with Bag - get it here

6. Funny Outfits for Happy Tween Girls

If you are looking for something funny but also fashionable, then you might want to take a look at Sophia's Style outfits that will highlight your child's strong and playful personality. We've prepared three looks, but you can find more of them HERE.


Red Lace Ruffle Dress - get it here

7. Fancy Dresses for Teen Girls

If you are shopping with your daughter, then you should keep in mind her fashion preferences. You'll find here the most suitable outfits for your vacation. We've put together some ideas that you might like:

Red Lace Tulle Smock Tea-Lenght Magnolia Dress - get it here

Velvet Lace Christmas Dress - get ithere

8. Perfect Christmas Eve Outfits

Christmas Eve is a magical awaited by all children. This is the most precious and anticipated moment, so the outfits must live up to expectations and be in tune with the moment. Here's a list of the beloved outfits for the Christmas Eve:

Navy Glitter Overlaid Tulle Dress - get it here.

9. Glamorous Sequins Dresses

Sequins and Glamor could not work without the other. The most appreciated tweeds for this Christmas are the sequins that match their eagerness and enthusiasm.

Burgundy Champagne Sequin Dress - get it here

10. Dressy Jumpers for Fun Girls

Go winter ready and choose fashionable and warm jumpers to protect your tween girl from cold while doing what she likes the most during the holiday season.
You can match them with trendy scarves.

Jumper For Tweens - get it here

Jumper For Tweens - get it here

11. The Elegant Little Black Dress

When we think of elegance, we can't overlook the fancy yet subtle little black dress. Your girl will shine in a black dress. Go on and choose one of the selected dresses, or look for others HERE.

Gold Coiled Lace Studded Dress - get it here

Satin Bow Rhinestone Flower Dress - get it here

Sequin Lace Sparkly Mesh Dress for Tweens - get it here

Red Dull Satin Tulle Dress for 2-6 girls - get it here

13. Matching Outfits for Mom and Daughter

Christmas is about celebrating and family, about moments around the tree, photos, and trips. Why not wear a matching outfit with your daughter? Here are some ideas for you:

Lace Satin Camellia Dress - get it here

Print Sleeve V-Neck Dress - get it here

14. Royal Blue Dresses for a Touch of Elegance

Choose blue and you will not fail. The royal blue is a vivid color that represents elegance, intelligence, and faithfulness.

Royal Blue Dress For Tweens - get it here!

Royal Blue Dress For Tweens - get it here!

Royal Blue Dress For Tweens - get it here!

15. A Red Dress to Impress

Red is always associated with joy and Christmas period, so it's natural for you to wear this color. Whether you want velvet or tulle dresses or more comfy ones, you can choose from our list.

Red Dress for Tweens - get it here!

Red Dress for Tweens - get it here

16. Tutu Dresses

Dress to impress is definitely specially created for tutu dresses. Available in a variety of colors, these dresses will make your girl stand out in the crowd. These pretty tutu dresses will make her enjoy twirling around and having fun.

Tutu Dress for Tweens - get it here

Tutu Dress for Tweens - get it here

Tutu Dress for Tweens - get it here

17. Two piece suits with leggings

Comfy has never been so stylish. If you want your girl to be able to play and enjoy time to the fullest, then consider a cute two-piece costume with leggings.

You can also take a look at our winter hats and gloves.

Reindeer Tunic for Christmas for Tweens - get it here

Reindeer Plaid Christmas Set for Tweens - get it here!

Deer Print Outfit for Tweens - get it here!

18. Fancy Plus Size Dresses

Special occasions require special outfits. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the most glamorous dresses for plus size girls. From black to red, colorful or patterned ones, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Red Black Jacquard Dress - get it here!

19. Casual Outfits with Jeans and Sweaters for Caroling

Keep it casual if you want your juniors to do all their favorite activities, to go caroling and to play with the snow and enjoy winter at its fullest.

Black Cashmere Sweater - get it here!

White Cashmere Sweater - get it here!

Pink Sweater - get it here!

If you’re planning a holiday in a warm place where the sun is still shining at its fullest, then we’re also having a solution for you.

Winter Holiday is one that includes many enjoyable and cozy moments around Christmas Tree with family and friends, but also one in which you have to take part in wider formats for celebrating Christmas. Make sure the holy season finds you prepared and all the looks are ready for your girls. You'll find what you need at Sophia's Style. Plus, if you're on a budget we've also got you covered. Don't forget to mix and match and to be creative.