Christmas Guide for Mom

Christmas Guide for Mom | Sophias Style

Moms are all about everyone in the family! She has supported, loved and hugged you through it all. Moms deserve to feel spoiled all year long...especially this Christmas! Start the gift idea process today and decide on the perfect present for your sister, friend, mother-in-law & mom! You may be deciding on something thoughtful and practical (express coffee maker or a magazine subscription), or a fun treat mom wouldn’t splurge on for herself (a fancy necklace or fragrant perfume).Feeling creative? Bath spa essentials, skin care kit or cozy & comfy slippers may make her feel spoiled and pampered. Does she...

Stocking Stuffers from Santa

Stocking Stuffers from Santa | Sophias Style

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for your child, niece, nephew, grandchild?  Now is the time to start your search without any stress.  Sophia’s Style is here to help with gifts that will bring excitement and not end up getting tossed to the side or tossed to the trash. Stocking stuffers can be unique and fun!  Some not-so-usual stocking filler ideas can take some time selecting so get started today. Fun to funny, functional to zany… here are a few stocking stuffer ideas that kids, tweens and teens may love.   For Babies For Kids For Teens Fruit/veggie pouch Sidewalk...

Get a Jump Start on Christmas!

Get a Jump Start on Christmas! | Sophias Style

Say Cheese for Your Family Christmas Picture

Say Cheese for Your Family Christmas Picture | Sophias Style

It’s that time for holiday photos so cards can be ordered and greetings can be sent to your loved ones.  Can’t decide what your family should be wearing for your Christmas card?  If you are a small family or a large one deciding the perfect holiday picture layout can be trying.  Below are shopping option ideas to get you in the holiday photo spirit...


Matching plaid patterns provide a classic, traditional and timeless look.  Coordinating plaids is easier than what one might think.  Red plaids of similarity can be found at local clothing stores, discount stores and right here at  Browsing the internet for fun plaid ensembles for everyone in the family will certainly be fun.  A plain or neutral background, a brick wall of a building or Christmas tree farm will all work just perfectly for the ‘plaid’ picture.    

The Cutest Christmas Dresses and Outfits for Tweens [Inspiring Collection]

The Cutest Christmas Dresses and Outfits for Tweens [Inspiring Collection] | Sophias Style

The magical period of the year is approaching and we all are on the last hundred meters with shopping and holiday arrangements. As Christmas is coming, then it's high time for fashionable tweens to show their desired outfits.

If you and your daughter are shopping together, then you’ll just love what Sophia's Style has prepared for you. We all know how much girls like to dress up and that they're making time to find the best clothes.

We have put together 20 fashionable and colorful outfits for tweens that are suitable for Christmas family dinners, for parties and even for school celebrations. There are many styles you can choose from, but also plenty of materials and patterns.

Christmas Dresses & Outfits for Toddler Girls that Will Make Her Shine

Christmas Dresses & Outfits for Toddler Girls that Will Make Her Shine | Sophias Style

We all love to be well dressed and it’s known that our fashion style defines us and puts our qualities in a good light. The same applies even to the youngest members of the family, especially for girls who like to bring their signature on style from very young ages.

As the winter holiday approaches at a fast pace, we can only make plans and think about our outfits, but also our children's outfits. At the same time, we must not ignore the specificity and significance of this period, and all the outfits must be consistent in this respect.

If you want your toddler girl to be a little princess this Christmas, there are many options to choose from, including designer dresses that you don’t have to spend a fortune on. Sophia’s Style has plenty of gowns and you can go for with dazzling looks in velvet, tulle, sequin and a wide range of colors to pick from.

Whether you like a fairy appearance or a glamorous one, this period is the perfect one to make the best out of it and to go for a look that suits your girl and her personality.

All toddler articles are available in festive colors like red, green, or black velvet, white, gold, navy blue, green, in all sizes, from 2t, 3t or 4t. Best of all, our affordable discount prices will make you very happy. 

Take a  look at all these fashionable gowns and decide for the perfect one. 

Best Baby Girl Dresses & Outfits for Christmas

Best Baby Girl Dresses & Outfits for Christmas | Sophias Style

The first months with our little girls are precious because time passes quickly and every moment should be cherished to the maximum. The winter holiday season is one loaded with special occasions.

If this Christmas is the first one for your baby girl, then it’s going to be a special opportunity that shouldn't be missed and you should choose the clothes you love the most. There will be lots of photos and good vibes involved, along with her first present from Santa.

Whether you like a casual appearance or a glamorous one, this period is the perfect one to make the best out of it and to go for a look that suits your girl.

10 Ideas for Little Girls Christmas dresses & Outfits

10 Ideas for Little Girls Christmas dresses & Outfits | Sophias Style

Christmas, the magical time of the year, is all about being happy, grateful, and celebrating with family and friends. It is also about getting dressed in our best, especially for moms who would dress their little ones in the cutest and Christmas ready outfits. If you are a mommy, getting your kids dressed in their best and getting their adorable pictures- nothing better than that. There are so many different ideas that can work out for little girl Christmas dresses. If you wonder how and what to dress up your little girl this Christmas, we have got you covered. This article is everything you'd want to know about the creativity of how to find your little girl Christmas outfits

To complete your little princess' Christmas look, we have added some matching accessories ideas as well. Read on to discover!