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Little ladies need a lot of clothes growing up. From basic things like leggings and t-shirts to more elaborate outfits, children will need a new wardrobe every other season.
Lucky for you and them, at Sophia’s Style, we have an extensive collection of girls’ clothes suitable for special occasions and casual wearing.
Let’s explore this collection together and see what will be the new items you’ll be putting on the wish list for your little girl.

Casual Clothes

Now casual clothes can have a different meaning for an adult than for a child. Mainly because a child considers the long dress with a train that resembles an Elsa dress, casual. Whereas you don’t see an adult wearing a ball gown while shopping at the supermarket.
So what does casual mean for children?
We like to say that certain dresses, bottoms like leggings, jeans or shorts, and tops like t-shirts, knit tops, blouses, or sweaters are considered casual.
Therefore, we have a special category for all of them from which to choose attires fit for going to school, on holidays, and at the playground.

Bottoms are sometimes underestimated when part of an outfit. Girls would likely choose to wear dresses, but when the weather is not as warm as you’d like, you need to complete the attire with something appropriate.
This category of clothes for girls includes the famous tutu skirts all girls love.
We also have amazing jeggings with glitter and sequins that will make your daughter sparkle on the playground.
For teenagers, regular skirts will replace the tutus they loved as a child, so we’ll do well to remember that.
Jeans, pants, and shorts will complete the wardrobe whenever you are shopping for bottoms.
Now let’s talk a bit about all those bottoms.


Tutus are also skirts, so we’ve included those in our skirts category, but we know how volatile a girl’s preference is about what she wears so our selection is accordingly.
Long tulle skirts will be loved by a teen daughter searching for something fancier to wear.
An A-line skirt is better suited for church or even to school.
There are, also, the hi-low skirts that your girl will prefer to take on a dance lesson for example.
The good news is there’s something here for every taste.

If your daughter loves a Boho chic skirt, a crochet one, or a tassel-adorned skirt, perhaps she’s an artist undercover. Let her express her style and allow her to choose the skirt she loves.
Little girls’ clothes are sometimes tricky to find because there are many criteria for what a little girl will accept. Luckily for you, our skirts are both comfortable and beautiful.

Let’s talk about tutus for a little bit. These kinds of skirts are amazing looking and can make a girl feel like a princess with our without wearing a sparkly top and a tiara. Our collection of tutus is impressive, to say the least.
There are many types of skirts, some of their fuller, some with chiffon, others with beautiful adornments on them.
One thing is for certain, when it comes to tutus, we know that the puffier the better.
Check our selection and see what’s the best-looking skirt out there.


Pants seem to be the boring part of the attire, but with our selection of whatever they mean, it will be anything but boring.
Sequin pants in all colors will look great on your little one. Whether she’s going to a party, to a dance contest, or to a friend’s house to play, these sparkling pants are amazing.
For teenagers joining the cheerleader squad, we have some great microfiber pants perfect to follow the ample moves. Whatever you like in terms of pants, just know we have cute clothes for girls regardless of their age.

Leggings are another category of pants widely popular with toddlers and preschoolers. Their versatility is something every parent appreciates. When they are with sparkles and glitter they can replace the classic stockings beneath a skirt or a dress.
Made from microfiber with different designs and patterns, leggings can be used as fitness attire for teenagers. See for yourself what we chose to present you, especially in this category of clothes for teenage girls.

Shorts are great for summer and even for late spring with some leggings beneath them. It’s no wonder they remain one of the favorite types of bottoms for girls. The girls can wear them at the playground, at the sea or the pool. We love shorts and how adaptable they are.
We have a great collection of shorts both for little girls and teenagers. Check them out.


When it comes to summer clothes for girls, sparkly tops with lots of cartoon characters and blouses ready to see adventures are what you’re looking for.
T-shirts and knit tops are great when your daughter asks for something casual to wear. With a Mickey Mouse on the front of your shirt, there’s no way you are not in fashion.
Shirts and blouses are great whenever the chill of autumn sends your girl home earlier from the playground.
Fashion hoodies are always an excellent choice as a day-to-day attire and as sportswear with a little bit of fashion sprinkle.
Sweaters will keep your daughter warm and cozy throughout the cold days of spring.
Now you know what an extensive collection of tops we have on Sophia’s Style and you are ready for shopping girls’ clothes online.


This special category of clothes in Sophia’s Style is placed within the casual clothes type. When picking clothes for children seems to be an impossible task, we decided to make things easier. Pairing tops with bottoms to match and presenting you with those choices is an easy way of shopping. From toddlers to teenagers outfits we have a great assortment of beautiful clothes that are beautiful and comfortable. Not to mention budget-friendly.
So whether you want birthday outfits, Christmas outfits, or rompers and jumpers, check our category and see what we can offer.


This special section holds, besides jackets and coats, a good part of accessories. And what is a girl without her accessories?
So behold the outerwear category of Sophia’s Style. Both casual and fancy jackets and coats with faux fur and denim will hold your daughter’s attention. Besides the coats, we have the great pleasure of presenting you with hats, gloves, scarves and also girls' rain gear.
Now more than ever you have cute girls’ clothes for the outside and accessories in one single place.

Fancy Clothes

When there’s a special occasion that involves our child, such as a party, a wedding, a holiday, or even a family photo shoot, the attire needs to be at its best.
For little girls and not only, but special occasions also equal dresses.
For that reason, we have a whole category dedicated to dresses.
From the casual ones that could pass as fancy if paired with the right shoes or leggings, to the most amazing dresses of all, at Sophia’s Style you’ll find that we don’t play around when it comes to dresses.

First Communion or Christening, Easter, Christmas or Thanksgiving, Flower girl dresses or Formal dresses, and all the special occasions in between requiring a certain kind of dress.
Make sure you check with your daughter when choosing the best dress of all.
Our collection is wide and we made things easier with the filters and the search bar at the top of the website. So, happy shopping for DRESSES.

Now you know we have everything your girl might need in terms of clothing, but just to be sure, remember to check our section for girls' clothes.

If you need cute swimwear for your toddler or your preschooler, we have them.

And if you need plus-size clothes or undergarments we are here for you.
Don’t forget about special events clothes such as dancewearfigure skatingcheerleading, and school uniforms.
At Sophia’s Style, we are not shy with the options. It’s so easy to shop with style at Sophia’s Style!


What clothes are popular for girls?

Girls fashion recently began very close to adult fashion, also the combination of the teenage girls clothes with the ideas of a charming children’s stylistic direction, getting successful styles and models of clothes for every taste. Since girls’ clothes need to be comfortable, fashion trends suggest the most comfortable closet for different occasions, like sporty, casual, informal, letting kids feel comfy and beautiful.
Girls’ clothing moving away from intricate textures, stopping at simpler clothing models that do not constrain movement. Girls' fashions should not depart from children’s themes, offering girls sweet and charming prints and patterns on clothes.

How many clothes do girls wear?

One thing that costs many families a lot of extra money and causes lots of stress is having too many clothes, but many people never ask, how many clothes do I need? Besides the cost of buying more clothes than you need, storing clothes, caring for them and trying not to constantly trip over them can be overwhelming. When you have more clothes than you need, it takes longer to find something to wear because you have so many options. The laundry seems more daunting because you are more likely to wait until there is a huge pile to get to it. Storage spaces can easily fill up and if you are like many people, it is hard to ever sort through everything you have. Save yourself time and trouble – Make sure your wardrobe fits your needs!
3-4 pairs of jeans or school pants
7-9 school shirts
1-2 pairs dress pants
3-4 dress shirts
1-2 casual dressy outfits
2-3 pajamas 1 pair school shoes
1 pair casual shoes
1 pair of shoes for dirty work
1 pair dress shoes

What clothes are popular in middle school?

You can never go wrong with this simple, timeless look! Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and match them with a T-shirt of your choice. Light wash jeans usually go best with darker tops, and they’re more casual. Dark wash jeans work well with light tops, and they’re a little more formal. Finish off your look with a pair of sneakers before you head out the door.

What do middle schoolers wear this year?

Going to middle school is like entering a whole new world. You go from being the top of the food chain in elementary school to suddenly being surrounded by cool older kids with a killer fashion sense. If you’re a boy in middle school, you can dress cooler by finding your own personal style and adding pieces to your wardrobe until you get the look you want.